Post-game Reactions

The Celtics and Clippers, perhaps being a bit too distracted by an entertaining Bruins-Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals, have appeared to call it quits early tonight on their revived trade talks, according to reports.



That second tweet from Bulpett remains puzzling. What exactly could he mean by it?

There are a couple reasons the C’s could be back negotiating with the Clippers, even though the demands for a trade according to Marc Stein of  ESPN.com remain similar (and quite lackluster) from Boston in the form of two first round picks and DeAndre Jordan for KG and Doc Rivers.

One source close to the process expressed optimism the sides would reach an agreement in principle by Thursday on the two deals involving Garnett and Rivers, which the Clippers believe will all but cement the signature of star guard Chris Paul when Paul becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Although sources stressed that final details were still being worked out, one trade would be a straight player swap sending Clippers center DeAndre Jordan for Garnett, with the second move calling for Boston to receive two first-round draft picks as compensation for freeing Rivers from his Celtics contract.

However, ESPN.com has learned the teams will have at least one more hurdle to clear even if they finally agree to a trade framework after days of talks and multiple breakdowns in discussions.

Sources say the Clippers and Celtics, to push the trade through, will have to convince the league office that the deals were not contingent upon each other. According to NBA rules, side agreements or contingencies are prohibited in any trade or free-agent signing. Rules also prohibit coaches from being traded; teams can convey cash or draft picks as compensation to get a coach under contract released from those obligations.

For some additional analysis on the latest events, and what it will take to get the job done, Rich Keefe and I got together for another podcast this evening to sort out our thoughts.


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • michaelmarlow

    The Bulpett tweet means "This is the last thing I heard. I'm watching the hockey game. Bulpett out."

    I hope this trade gets done soon; this whole situation is ridiculous. I hope "convince the league" means "wait until the Finals are over," otherwise I can't think of a credible lie to tell Stern.

  • elroz

    Why not keep Doc and KG and ride out this last season for KG? Pierce's contract will be pretty much done after 2013-2014. I hoped to see KG retire in Celtics uniform. He would have been great for Sully; Bass's D has improved too.

    • Lantrell Walker

      I'm fully with you on that, the idea that DA could send these guys off for Jordan and picks is one I don't like. I'd love to just have Doc, Pierce and KG back, get healthy, maybe make a deadline deal in 2014 for a small boost and then see what happens provided we stay healthy.

    • The Cardinal

      I'm guessing (with absolutely no real knowledge) the result of the Doc/Danny meeting was that Doc expressed he would not return to coach Boston regardless of whether he was released from his contract. If that was the case, then Danny and the owners have decided to work with Doc (and KG) to make this happen for them, which is not only unbelievably gracious, but also shows the team is both resigned and determined to move on.

      I'm also guessing that this just the beginning of a series of moves that will reshape the roster.

  • swissflix

    wow. swapping KG straight up for Jordan would be horrible. and those draft picks are worthless. This deal should only be made if the clips also take either Lee and / or Terry AND give Bledsoe. Even then we would have that horrible Jordan contract.
    Please Danny, run business the same brash way you used to play!

  • dasein

    Agree with pretty much everything in the podcast here. Doc/KG/PP/Terry for Bledsloe/2picks/Butler/Jordan (ugg, do we have to take jordan?) is kinda fair for both sides. The problem isn't only that the Clips bauked at the 2 picks though. The real problem is that Danny has already shown a willingness to deal for less. Hard to credibly up the price now. He needed to play hardball this whole time and roll the dice that CP3 would force the clippers hand.

    Will also be difficult to use these picks as sweetners to dump Jet and Lee because half the teams in this draft are trying to move their 1st round picks. Low demand/high supply = low value for Danny.

    It's looking like something is going to happen, and that something will resemble a turd sandwich on a silver plater for the Celtics. I'm depressed. Just waiting for Heat to win to really top off the week.

  • GymRat

    Have to agree with Swissflix that KG for DJ is a terrible deal and that would be if DJ was still on his rookie deal. With his current contract (he makes more than KG with the trade kicker) it's absurd.

    Garnett at 40 is still worth more than DJ in his prime. What is Ainge thinking? Oh that's right he's an idiot. And those pics are garbage filler.

    DeAndre Jordan's contract (with trade kicker):
    2013-14 $12,634.532
    2014 15 $13,156,141

    That's $200,000 more than our future HOF'er and defensive monster this year, and $1,156,141 more than KG is set to earn the final year of his deal (of which only $6 M is guaranteed – while all of DJ's is guaranteed).

    Huh? The guys a sub 7 ppg 7 rpg player for his career and shoots under 40% from the free throw line.

    KG has better stats at 37 than DJ put up his best season yet. Per 36 minutes he projects to be 13 ppg 10 rpg 2 bpg.

    You're taking more in salary than you're giving up. You're getting less production for it from a guy who season over season has shown next to no improvement and in rebounds, blocks and free throw shooting is actually in decline.

    What's the point? You're not building around him. He isn't a good trade piece with that horrible contract and he isn't giving you what you're paying for in production.

    Worst of all KG sells tickets and is the face and heart of Boston.

    Please Ainge, pull the trigger, so I can officially be right you are the worst GM in basketball.

    • check12check

      completely agree. basically, we are going to pay DJ more money than we were paying garnett to jump high.

      I wouldn't be completely opposed to the idea of trading with LAC. gives doc KG and PP (including Pierce because that was being talked about at first as well) a real shot at a title, and let's us rebuild, but right now danny is letting the clippers take us by the short and curlies and pull like they are trying to start a lawn mower

    • Josh_5

      This point was spot on. Preach brosef.

  • Paceman

    They’re only going because ainge told them pierce was not being brought back.

  • Morpheus

    Woj is reporting that it's a done deal, The deal is apparently Doc, KG for DeAndre and two firsts.

    • Mark

      Where because his twitter feed doesn't say that.

  • sightline

    Well DJ may not be in Beantown long. Did you think he might be packaged for someone else? Like PP and DJ for any number of players.

  • James Patrick

    So DA is basically ready to trade our coach for 2 1st round picks (with the clippers being good now, those will probably be at the bottom of th 1st round) and the heart and soul of our team for a mediocre Jordan. You can also count on Pierce leaving us after a buyout. Ok I’m happy we got one championship out of this but this has got to be the worst trade ever and DA can finally kiss his job goodbye come next year. Oh and we’ll be a lottery team for certain. Wow….

  • GMan

    Jordan straight up for Garnett is total joke. But I guess you have to look at it this way: If Rivers leaving (either to another Team or retirement from his contract) was a given, then KG would definately retire as well. And that's not even considering the Pierce uncertainty. So getting an average center/possible trade chip is better than nothing. At least that's the story I'm gonna try to talk myself into.

    This assumes that Rivers staying is not an option any more. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than Doc not willing to coach a rebuild. So I'm not making any judgement on who's to blame.

    This is really tough to swallow. There's still hope someone backs out last minute.

  • Ramon

    Heard CP3 made the Clipper get involved again..which is why it's back on.

  • Mark

    Glad this is coming to an end and assuming one of the picks is for next season I hope Doc's evil plan is a massive failure and they miss the playoffs altogether. Eh, that's a pipe dream.

    • dasein

      You aren't allowed to trade consecutive picks, so it'll be this year's and 2015.

  • Kafel

    This is just plain stupid… One person that needs to go is Ainge, since bringing in KG and Allen he made only bad decisions.

  • CG12

    People need to chill out on Ainge. I love how every fan is the world's greatest GM from the safety of their computer. Guess what – being an NBA GM is really challenging, and sometimes it is about making the best available deal, even if that deal isn't perfect. Danny Ainge doesn't get to just decide to get Eric Bledsoe and BOOM it happens. There is a small number of teams and players, and the C's are stuck with the hand they are currently holding, which may not look like what they thought they would be holding at this point. The only reason any of this is happening is that Doc is apparently experiencing wanderlust. It isn't like Ainge called the Clips looking to trade Garnett and let Doc out of his contract. This is his reality and he is just trying to make the best of it for the C's future. If Doc doesn't want to be here, then get him the eff out of here and move on.

  • Rolltide3332

    How is it that everyone was praising Danny when he was able to get the Jet AND Lee last year. They didn’t seem to mesh well, but everyone was happy that he had done such a great job getting them in the first place. I would love to retire Kg as a Celtic but to be able to get SOME value instead of nothing is ok with me

  • MontrossDad

    Danny ainge, as general manager, is ultimately responsible for personnel moves of this franchise. His decisions, not just limited to this deal, or the signings of terry and lee; created the the current situation for this team.
    Doc’s “wanderlust” is a direct result of ainges failed personnel moves, with or without pierce or Garnett this team is fatally flawed- no shot at a championship, not in a position for top lottery picks, and moving forward with money tied up in underachieving career-long role players. Doc should not be faulted for leaving a situation where his maximum capabilities are capped by the lack of capability from his gm.
    Ainge deserves a great deal of criticism, I would encourage some of you to go back and look at his past transactions and decide for yourself how effectively Danny has managed personnel in his time with the celtics.
    All that said, I hope that Danny has an outside the box plan designed around acquiring and dealing whatever assets come over from the clippers to maximize value on return in the long run.
    Danny’s track record is all that keeps me from being optimistic about what should be an exciting transition period.

  • James H

    The only way this works is if Ainge turns DJ and those two picks into somebody else worth having; otherwise the deal as rumored is crap for the Celts. It sounds to me like Doc is the sticking point; if he really wanted to return as Celtics coach would these conversations have ever taken place? So if the C's end up with Jordan and two relatively worthless picks then Ainge should be the next out the door.

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