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Round and round we go…will there be a trade? Nobody knows!

Earlier this morning, both the Clippers and Celtics appeared to be on the verge of finalizing separate transactions in which Kevin Garnett would be sent to LA for DeAndre Jordan, as well as two first round picks being sent to Boston for the rights to negotiate with Doc Rivers and have him released from his contract with Boston.

After a week’s worth of leaks in the media though, it’s been made pretty clear that KG/Doc are a package deal in any trade. And since the NBA doesn’t technically allow any side deals, well we have a bit of a problem as Marc Stein reports


So what does this all mean? Is the initial trade offer still in play? It’s unclear at this point, but Stein is of the mind that this deal is still far from done, if a deal happens at all.

Here’s my question. After all of this has been leaked in the last week, how can the Celtics and Clippers reasonably expect to convince the NBA these are two separate deals, when it’s pretty crystal clear to everyone involved that Doc won’t go to LA without Garnett and vice versa. That’s a very slippery slope, but perhaps some reworking of the compensation on both sides will let them argue that these are two separate transactions.

There’s at least some pessimism out there though that nothing will get done.

As always, this situation is incredibly fluid, so stay tuned to CelticsHub as a messy situation gets even more complicated by the hour.



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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • someguyinsac

    Take off hat, pull out what's left of hair from frustration this is taking too long to get done one way or the other. o.O

  • Josh_5

    I just listened to Colin Cowherd interview David Stern. Stern made it sound very clear that he will not allow the deal(s) to happen if they are indeed contingent on each other (which they are). This deal won't die, but I really don't see how it gets done.

    • swissflix

      i never thought david stern would be of use!

  • The Cardinal

    Honestly, one would think that the NBA front office lets this go through fairly quickly in the best interests of everyone (unless there is some underlying agenda here that begins to play out like a John Grisham novel). If the teams respond to the NBA the way that we all know they will, then it would seem the NBA would simply say "cool, good luck to you all, mates!"

    On an unrelated note, is it today that some small portion of Terrance Williams' contract becomes guaranteed?

  • High Rollers

    CP's "WoW" moment looks like small potatoes compared to this situation.

  • Mark

    Stern screwing with the C’s like he did the Lakers.

  • CG12

    So what do people think – can Doc come back to coach the C's after all of this craziness, or have things gone too far?

    • High Rollers

      Everybody knows that DA will dangle Doc and Ticket until he gets something in return and that he won't cut them loose for nothing. My guess is that has been Doc's impetus for exodus all along, ever since that "Are you okay?" moment with KG when the Knicks series ended (the thought of another round of this routine come trade deadline 2014 is understandably nauseating).

      My next guess is that if the Commish nixes things with the Clips, some folks are going to be leaving some serious money on the table in order to simply move on to something they feel a little more control over.

    • The Cardinal

      Nope…things have gone too far. Sure, Doc could suddenly insist he will honor his contract and financially, the C's would be in a bind. But I don't think that would happen – I think Doc would would walk away. and the Celtics would continue on with whatever pot-Doc plans they had.

      KG would still be a separate issue (as would Pierce), but I simply can't imagine Doc returning after this somewhat ugly situation he's helped create.

    • James H

      I think he can, but it's going to feel awwwkward for a while! Question is, does he want to? But whatever happens, it sounds like from Stern that the only way Doc and KG wind up in the same place is back in Boston. Sounds like if Doc really wants out, he's going to need to go on his own. I'm ok with that, as long KG is wlling to play for another coach here.

  • fabzzz

    I don't understand how the C's are willing to give up KG for only DeAndre Jordan and some pretty mediocre draft picks. Unless they are planning to package all of those for another deal, I don't understand it.

    What everyone is not talking about is how great KG will be for the Clippers and how suddenly it's them, the Spurs, and the Thunder in the west. And we get an overpaid center and two late-first round draft picks?

    Either a) we are stockpiling picks or b) we're gonna package Pierce and draft picks for some other young assets.

    Who the fuck knows.

    • Vincent

      Why keep KG to be a 7th seed and lose in the first round? Sure he's better than DeAndre Jordan but if KG wants to go to LA, why wouldn't Danny help him make that happen? Same with Doc. 2 first rounders are better than nothing. The Celts are not a contender next year with Doc, KG, and PP, so rather than finish at .500, why not start the rebuilding process now?

      • fabzzz

        I'm just saying we should be able to get more for KG and Doc. But I suppose his no-trade clause makes that harder.

        I'm all for rebuilding, I just don't think DeAndre Jordan is the answer. Why no wait until trade deadline when contending teams are more desperate?

  • Cornbread

    Sad day — it just appears a matter of time at this point. A wonderful run with KG, Doc, and Pierce. An unfortunate ending to it, however, with Doc especially. All the talk about Celtic pride and loyalty from Doc seems a little hollow now.

    It had to end at some point, but it's hard not to see this as a transition into a darker era of Celtics basketball. Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, and D. Jordan? That does not bring a lot of pride and passion to mind.

  • Josh_5

    Just read an update that this deal, as I mentioned earlier above, is very unlikely to happen because Lord Stern won't allow it.

    • James H

      Always knew that Stern fella might be handy to have around one day! Sir Ainge, can we please move onto things that actually help the Celtics?

  • I know that this trade has already gone down, but I think people are underestimating the true value of Doc. Hands-down the best coach in the league. When you bring in a guy like Doc, your culture automatically changes no matter how much talent you have on your team.