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Decision Day for Doc Rivers?

Will it all come down to this for Doc Rivers’ future in Boston? We should find out in mere hours, as Steve Bulpett of  The Boston Herald who has confirmed that Rivers will meet with Danny Ainge today to discuss his future.

According to a league source, Rivers hopes after that discussion to make his first public comments regarding his future since saying on May 3rd that he was uncertain if he would be on the Celtic bench for the 2013-14 season.

“I am meeting with Doc tomorrow,” Ainge confirmed to the Herald. “He’s coming to town. He was coming to town before the events of today, so we were planning on meeting tomorrow anyway.”

“I don’t know if anything will be decided tomorrow or if anything will be resolved,” said Ainge, the Celtics’ president of basketball operations. “I just know that I’m meeting with him.”

Ainge did speak with Rivers by phone today after the Clippers pulled away from the trade talks and both teams had proclaimed the negotiations done. “It went good,” Ainge said of that conversation.

He was less certain when asked where Rivers now stands on his career. “I don’t know,” Ainge said. “I don’t know. I’ll wait for him to decide that.”

So what can we take out of this report, as far as Rivers’ direct future is concerned. Less than you might think.

Part of me thinks on the small but still legitimate possibility that Rivers comes back here, if he has assurances Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will be back as well. I’m not sure if Ainge is willing to give into that declaration at this point, but perhaps after exploring the trade market for both players in the past couple weeks, he may be willing to be leaning towards holding onto them, with such lackluster returns out there.

Knowing Ainge, I just can’t see him taking anything off the table, and Rivers needs to be willing to live with that if he wants to pull a mea culpa and return to the team. Can he pull it off without having egg on his face? I think so, since his first choice was probably always to be in Boston with Pierce and Garnett and many C’s fans can respect that. If he wanted out no matter what happened to those guys (and still wants out), that’s an entirely different scenario and there’s no doubt he will be judged appropriately.

All in all, little has changed for the C’s. Big decisions still remain in place in the upcoming two weeks, but now time is running short to make them. There are no deadlines for today though. Doc may very well meet with Danny and still have to think about things again, as crazy as that sounds. He’s given no indication that a final decision will be reached today on his future, because there’s no way Ainge probably knows whether Pierce/KG are done in Boston or not. It’s all very fluid and that’s what makes it all very complicated.

However it pans out, we’ll probably get a sense of what direction things are heading in. A team usually wants to know who it’s head coach will be prior to an NBA Draft. We’re only eight days away from that.

Thus, the saga continues.

  • High Rollers

    Have to reiterate how fantastic that game was last night. It had absolutely everything. I totally wish the Spurs had pulled it out, but all the doubters who think they won't be ready Thursday night haven't been watching this series. If KG were a part of it, we'd be chanting "Bar Fight!" right now. San Antonio made Miami doubt themselves, and Miami returned the favor last night. Neither team has yet to win two games in a row. Wade's hurting. Parker's hurting. Duncan might have felt betrayed in those final moments last night, watching from the bench. LeBron now has to decide whether to wear his albatross headband. The Spurs shooters couldn't hit the ocean last night and are probably ticked about their performance. And who isn't tired? And who has the shortest memory? All will be revealed in less than forty-eight hours. It's a nice antidote to Doc and Danny's high noon today.

    • Anthony

      It certainly was a great game. Only point I like to add is I really hope Manu fights through and helps them win Game 7. The guy is a warrior and really shouldn't be remembered in such a negative light.

      Gotta love Pop's answer to "how do you get these guys to the game Thursday?"… "we get on the bus…get off the ramp…get on the court and play."

      It was pretty funny when the Miami fans were chanting "Referees suck"… really? First time in 3 seasons you don't get calls and you're upset? Lebron asking for a call seemingly after every single play? Especially after the superb Danny Green defensive strip which Lebron knocked out of bounds. It was an offensive foul if anything yet Lebron was pleading for a foul call.

      I hope Game 7 will be epic.

      • High Rollers

        Two things really hurt San Antonio in the second half. When Miami started doubling Duncan, the perimeter Spurs failed to get going. More importantly, they got impatient about it and lost composure, lost sight of the need to move the ball, make the extra-extra pass, make Miami pay for overplaying. It has happened all year against the Heat and it will surely happen again Thursday. Their defense (when it's awake) is all about frenzy. They're not growing any taller by Thursday. They're still the worst rebounding team in the league. San Antonio just needs to be stubbornly composed in the face of it. That probably means a shorter leash on Manu (who has all the markings of a guy who isn't adjusting to being 35) and a more vocally insistent Ol' Man Timmy. It's gotta be inside-outside work, regardless of who takes the shot.

        • High Rollers

          Both teams will return Thursday with some mixture of legit swagger and existential angst. Compelling stuff.

          • High Rollers

            The same could be said for Danny vs. Doc today. I don't care how much they get along. This is a face-off.

  • cos

    If there is no press conference today stating whichever way doc's going I think we can then say talks with the clippers are either ongoing quietly or are about to get going again.

    How else is anyone supposed to think differently.

    • Jamie

      Until the Clippers actually hire a coach, the talks could re open at any moment.

  • J . J EFF


  • Josh_5

    Doc will not make his decision until he knows KG is coming back. KG will not make his decision until he knows Pierce is coming back. So basically, this whole thing rides with Ainge and what he wants to do.

    • Josh_5

      My gut says all 3 return for one last hurrah.

  • james patrick

    Well who knew Lee and Terry would be a bust. And stupid Ray Allen. lucky shot last night. God I hate that guy (while he's in a Heat uniform).

    Doc will be back. KG will be back. Paul will be back. All will be well.


      Let's give Pop Lee and Terry, and let him give us back Bonner and Garry..let's see how it works out for us. LOL.

    • donna

      I hope they stay for one more year

  • Montrossdad

    Danny ainge should do due diligence and evaluate wether players like terry and lee could complement the team schemes in place…you don’t change what you do to better involve role players- you acquire role players and all personnel with an eye towards their value in your given system.
    Ainge can’t coast off the goodwill he earned in two deals forever…can he?

    • hydrofluoric

      You fit the team scheme when you have a good team scheme. This team's schemes sucked already. We added pieces that theoretically should be able to help any contender… whoops.

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