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You didn’t think it would end yet, did you? One day after declaring trade talks dead, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that trade talks between the C’s and Los Angeles Clippers are back on:


CH’s Analysis: A few things we can take out of this, on the same afternoon that Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge planned to meet to discuss Doc’s future with the C’s

First things first. Danny Ainge isn’t crawling back to the table here. That’s a good thing, because the Clippers final offer for KG and Doc was pathetic in the form of DeAndre Jordan and a 1st round pick. Ainge knows when all things are considered here, he is holding the most leverage, since the Clippers need to do everything they can do appease Chris Paul to get him to re-sign. Was he not happy with LAC coming up empty in the first round of trade talks, giving him cold feet about re-signing?Were Clippers executives less than thrilled after another round of coaching interviews today? We’ll likely find out soon.

On the C’s side of things, while there is still no word on what came out of the Ainge/Rivers meeting today yet, you know Ainge has his door open to listen to almost any trade. So if the Clippers come back to the table, it means he’s going to listen and try to get value. Still doesn’t mean he’s desperate to deal, or resigned to losing Doc for the season.

All we know, is Doc and KG heading to the Clippers is still an attractive scenario for the two of them, and if it becomes an attractive scenario for the C’s too in terms of assets received, it could still happen.

We’ll have plenty more on this over the course of the evening. In the meantime, here’s a refresher on the potential trade offers the two teams are likely going through as we speak.

You can check out all of those possible scenarios BY CLICKING HERE


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Brian Robb

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  • seeyadoc

    Good for DA! Got the Clips coming back. Called their bluff. Now let's rob them. They either give up Bledsoe, the two picks or take on either Terry or Lee (preferably both!) all of it.

  • Switcharoo

    Dont budge Danny, hang up the phone and forget they even called. This on and again off again is getting ridiculous.

  • g12

    Good if u like an overpaid chris wilcox, two scrub picks and lawrence frank as your coach. No free agents come because of danny. They will come only for doc. Welcome bk to the celtics whi suck and will suck for years to come.

    • Anthony

      Just curious, which FA came to the Celts in the past 9 years because of Doc exactly??

      • Nosebleeds

        Courtney Lee. So there's that.

  • Sophomore

    There's still an opportunity here. Clips should be in win-now mode. Getting KG and Doc and Pierce makes them a legit title threat in a way they are not right now. It won't be a big window, but they don't need a big window. Getting a real shot to win it all is worth giving us a real piece of their future. They're idiots if they don't do it.

    And sadly, because the Cs are not in win-now mode – we aren't just a piece away, with a way to get that piece – a trade could make sense.

  • hax

    Don't trade Pierce. If you thought our offense was disgusting last season, it'll be much worse without a top 20 scorer like Pierce. I want Rondo-Pierce-Green to be our starting PG-SG-SF next season.

  • Montrossdad

    It’s obvious that doc realizes how far off this team is from both a championship or a “quick reload” and has zero intention of coming back and dealing with the fallout from Danny’s mismanagement.
    Danny has to trade doc…or end up just having him walk away from his contract and get nothing in return.
    Danny created this situation, hopefully he’s got some kind idea how to extricate the franchise from this disaster.

  • NonBaised Opinion

    TBH the Clippers aren't giving up much for what they are getting. You can't always win everything, so Clips should prioritize now as opposed to later, meaning that KG and Doc for potential players like Eric Bledsoe and a role player in Jordan, plus two picks, is totally worth it. Now that they made a fool out of themselves, Celts should definitely raise the price, or at least make it even by giving them Pierce in return for them taking a bad contract (Terry).

    • Sophomore

      Love the idea of getting rid of Terry's contract. I expect he's looking into tattoo removal about now.

  • High Rollers

    So I guess today's "meeting" wasn't a face-off in the slightest. Sounds more like a confirmation by Doc to Danny that CP3 was on the other end of things ready to "exert muscle."

    On an equally sunny side note, apparently Ray said today that the 2010 C's took their Game 7 for all the marbles "too lightly." Keep it classy, Ray.


    • Mark

      He said that? If I remember correctly he played like junk that game.

    • Josh_5

      Ya well speak for yourself Ray. Your the one who played like trash. What a tool.

  • Brock

    Celts need a new identity scrap it start over get younger with a chance to be good for a players career than just a few years. If we keep Pierce we become repeat offenders of cap space and we dont want that.

    • hax

      If Terry/Lee/Garnett are gone, we have cap space to spend.

  • dasein


  • Mark

    I guess that interview with Bryon Scott was so great they came crawling back to Danny.

    I'd like to see more value acquired but it isn't happening. If its two firsts, hopefully unprotected and Danny can choose when to take them, it's time to sign off on the deal. Maybe KG will retire after the deal?

    • dasein

      Now that would be funny. Prolly something in the deal where KG agrees not to though.

  • g12

    What free agents? None because we had no money to offer. Now we will have money, but no chance to lure anyone here. Docs worth was in the hopes of luring in free agents next year and there after anthony. Did someone suggest making it even by giving up pierce to take on a bad terry contract? Wow wtf, why not.. this team gets worse by the day.

    • Anthony

      If Doc can't even lure any MLE free agents, what makes you think he can convince the Lebrons, Melos, and Dwights to play in Boston?

      Pop is IMO the best coach in the league but none of the stars were flocking to go to San Antonio. You're right in that most of the star FA are the "show me the money" types. The Celts are in a similar situation to Dallas, except that after the trade(s), we may no longer have a very good coach and the face of the franchise.

      It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out and what the Celts get back.

  • Jamiepaul

    After game 6 and all of this kg and doc talk I don’t even care about basketball.

  • CeltsFan in LA

    I would love to see KG and Pierce go together to LA clips and finish their season together. They deserve a legit shot together at a banner next year then ride off to the sunset of retirement. Its frankly more respectfult o grant Pierce that then another first round exit while we rebuild a promising young core.

    But DA, you HAVE to hold out for Bledsoe!!!! He's either going to be Great or a GREAT trade chip!

    I feel like if we don't get Bledsoe, we are getting the short end of the stick…

  • jpbl1976

    After all this, I really think Wyc should fire Danny and bring Larry Bird back to Boston. From all accounts, instead of trying to trade his young assets, he preached patience and actually worked with them.

    Brian Shaw may not be Doc but he's a former Celtic and I think we should give him a chance if this trade pushes through.

    For the Clippers, though this is buyer beware. Of all the teams that were in win-now mode over the years, I think it was only the 2006 Heat that really succeeded by grabbing past stars or "star" free agents who were past their primes but were touted as the "last piece." Remember the other teams? Nearly all of them failed:

    2002 Bucks added Anthony Mason
    2002 Raptors added Olajuwon and Antonio Davis
    2002 Magic added Patrick Ewing
    2003 Nets added Dikembe Mutombo
    2006 Rockets added Stromile Swift (I think Barkley even pegged them to win the West)
    2010 Cavs added Shaq
    2010 Magic added Vince Carter
    2012 Celtics added Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Leandro Barbosa
    2012 Lakers added Dwight and Nash

    It hardly ever works out when you add older guys to your team, even with a young core in place.

    Now, I wish KG and Doc well but I think history is against them and as Celtics fans, we should know better that to agree with the consensus that this would make the Clippers an instant contender: 10 months ago, we were all thinking about a re-match against Miami in the conference finals with a re-tooled line-up. Lakers fans have it even worse: they were favored over Miami in some cases.

    I love KG but Knicks fans know that Ewing also looked good in 2000 during that playoff series against Miami when he willed them to one last victory before the Pacers killed the Knicks in the next round. Of course, the Knicks arguably got back a better set of piece for Ewing than Ainge is purportedly looking for…

  • CelticsBIG3

    Who gives a crap anymore. Go Bruins… Gotta get that next game in Chicago