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Last night, we were told the Celtics and Clippers had reached another impasse in negotiations. Now, we know why. According to the latest report from Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports   the Celtics continue to give ground in the trade negotiations.

After pushing for the Clippers to take back long-term contracts, the Celtics relented and have shown willingness to complete the deal for DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks, sources said. The Clippers are willing to give the Celtics Jordan and one draft pick, but were resisting a second future pick, sources said.

The two teams are planning to talk again on Tuesday morning, and the fragile negotiations could climax over the draft pick compensation, sources said.

If the Clippers become the championship contenders that they expected this trade will make them, the additional draft pick would likely be near the end of the first round.

Boston had to move Courtney Lee (three years, $16.2 million left on his deal) or Jason Terry (two years, $10.6 million), for the expiring contracts of Caron Butler ($8 million) or Willie Green ($1.4 million), but the Clippers refused to take on the additional salary in any combination and the Celtics eventually moved back to the Jordan and two draft pick offer on Monday.

So let’s do a quick summation on these negotiations. At first, Ainge was looking for Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, draft picks, and dumping a contract. Clippers passed on that. Then, he tried again, removing Bledsoe from the deal. Clippers didn’t go for that either. Now we’re down to Jordan and late 1st round picks as the only potential returns from a trade of the team’s head coach and beloved star?

I believe we covered this kind of situation quite candidly yesterday in our trade evaluations column.


Garnett, Doc for Jordan and 1st round picks.

Analysis: The ultimate slap in the face for Celtics fans. Celtics gain no financial flexibility, take back a “questionable” asset in Jordan and a couple late first round picks and are also stuck with a bunch long-term mid-level deals that Ainge will be looking to dump in future moves.

Bottom line here, I worry that Ainge has painted himself into a corner here with no leverage. He’s decided he’s moving on from Paul Pierce without having a trade offer in hand for him. With Pierce gone, KG wants out to a location of his choice, or he retires. Without PP and KG, Doc doesn’t see the appeal of coming back. It’s an ugly situation.

Ideally, Ainge would not be fully set on walking away from these guys. He’d have the option of walking away from a subpar offer like this and actually be willing to run it back, with the possibility of trading KG/Pierce down the line this season for some value. He needed to be willing to do this to have a fair trade negotiation with the Clippers, but they’ve appeared to call his bluff on this.

We’re still awaiting the final verdict right now. Something has to give today. Talks could fall apart, Celtics could settle for a subpar offer, or Clippers could up their offer at the last minute. Whatever scenario arises, we’ll have full coverage here at CelticsHub.

You can also check out additional analysis of the proceeding in the CelticsHub podcast, where Rich Keefe and I broke down the negotiations thus far.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Mark

    If Danny takes that he needs to be fired.

  • High Rollers

    If this is true, how can ownership possibly accept this?

  • Kafel

    So now it looks like we will see if ainge is moron or f**king moron…
    Can't he trade PP if he wants it so badly and let kg retire? And then hunt in FA for REAL and GOOD center??

    • Josh_5

      If all this garbage goes down, I feel bad for Rondo.

  • Josh_5

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Hey Ainge, desperate much? Danny will be selling the franchise out if he accepts this deal. I'm more of a KG fan than Celtics fan per say, but how could this trade benefit the Celtics organization?! DeAndre Jordan is a glorified Javal McGee and pics in the late 1st round never guarantee much. Wow.


      How is Danny selling out the franchise? You rather KG retire and have nothing to show for it? I would rather get 2 picks and a young center than nothing. Seriously….

      • Josh_5

        If your willing to sell KG retiring in green and being a Celtic for Deandre Jordan than your desperate as hell. I'm old school and this would be the equivalent of hooking up with an ugly chick for the sake of getting laid. Its pathetic.

  • Celtic Fan

    Trade Pierce to Houston for Asik, Linn and Robinson – 20 Million Salary Transferred to Celtics and Pierce 15 Million Salary Transferred Back. Houston Dumps Pierce for the 5 million buyout and Houstons picks up enough Cap Space to sign Paul & Howard and Aigne clips the PiperClips lower vitals with Paul getting digusted over the Clips cheapness and signs with Houston. With the Clips now down to a soft Griffen the basketball World is back in balance and a Rebuilt Celtics with a center Asik , trade material Linn ( Maybe to Orlando) KG, PF Robinson. KG can stay or Go his choice. Doc stays with a decent roster.


      True, I am getting fed up with the Clippers. They have been baiting us for a season now and then playing catch me if you can. They desperately want KG and Doc, and their intentions are very clear. When they sit at the table to come to terms, they start pulling off pieces off one by one. This is getting absurd. Danny should just set an ultimatum and state this is what I want and if you can't agree, get lost. Who cares if they hire Hollins or Shaw? It won't mean a thing if CP3 decides to walk. We should low blow them for the amount of time they are wasting of ours. It would be awesome if McHale would hook it up again for us, lol.

  • Rob

    The idea is supposed to be: tank next season, get some serious talent to build on for the future. Here, Ainge attempts to get the worst of both worlds: tank next season, get nothing to build on. And Rondo as a one-man-team, without Doc, no Paul or KG, is a recipe for disaster. Ainge needs to tighten his belt, bring back PP, KG, Doc, Rondo, etc. If everyone's healthy, they're still a handful. Ainge's entire reputation is built on McHale gifting him a Hall-of-Famer.


      You must be a fool if you think when Doc comes back, everything will be fine and dandy again. Doc has tarnished his role here and I don't see him coming back here. He has no intention to coach a rebuild, and has lost the respect/trust of the players and fans alike. Do you want a coach to lead us in a rebuild who is not committed to the team? We have to rebuild sooner or later, and you obviously don't know what a rebuild is. We do get something to build on with 2 first round picks and a young, developing center. Would you rather get nothing after Doc/PP/KG retire/walk away next season and we are left with 0 in return? I am really wondering if fans are thinking before they write.

      • Ant

        Dude first off, relax yourself, these comments are merely opinions. Second off, you call a rebuild trading for an overpaid center who can't hit a free throw and a late draft pick that is going to turn into the next fab melo? Your the fool! Holding on to KG and the gang at least gives mgmt the ability to sell tickets for one more year, not to mention a well deserving fair well for us fans who have grown to admire the fight this group has shown. Stacking the salary cap and picking up an overpaid asset for the sake of getting nothing in return does not constitute a rebuild by any means. Doc hasn't spoken to the media for a reason, give the man a chance to explain his mind set beofre you start hollering he "tarnished his role here". There is no reason to blow ship when there is no other feasbile option to help rebuild the franchise. Overall, Ainge is to blame here for his lame duck pickups last year (Terry, Lee) and throughout the big 3 era. He did a terrible job of surronding the core veterans with players who could help shoulder the load. It didn't help the injuries sustained throughout as well.

  • Joe

    just make sure we sign OJ Mayo

  • Jeff

    If the Clips aren't willing to play legitimate ball in chasing Doc and KG, which this current deal seems like, then I say run it back. Would it be awkward to bring back Doc all by his lonesome (KG and PP traded/waived)? Absolutely. But bring it all back, and I think everyone (that means you too Danny) can be forgiven for this sh*t show.

    We have leverage!!!!! The Clips NEED Doc to keep Chris Paul from running away screaming from them. Honestly, if I'm CP, do I stick around for Shaw or Hollins – 2 guys who haven't won it as a coach or do I want to climb the mountain with a proven winner?

    It's pretty simple – Clips, play ball with us and give a reasonable deal or go f*ck yourselves and watch CP and Dwightmare leave LA together leaving you back in the stone age.

    • Mark

      Slight fix, the Clippers need KG to keep Paul not Doc. I think management is confused as to what they need to do in order to keep Paul happy.

      • Morpheus

        CP needs both KG and Doc.

      • Morpheus

        Or rather wants them both.

  • Pat

    Let's just tank next season and hope we can get either Wiggins or Parker, that'll speed up the rebuilding process instantly.


      Tanking and waiting for lottery never works. History is proof of that. If you are waiting foe the magic ball to land your way, you will waiting for a long time. Better to trade and acquire talent.

      • Danny

        The lottery is a joke and a terrible way to plan for the future. Its a crap shoot. Theres a reason that the same teams are in it year after year. 25% percent chance of winning means 75% chance of losing. Im not a fan. And even if you do win whose to say you don't pick the next Andrea Barnagni or Kwayme Brown. Or Darko?

  • Frank A

    If Ainge doesn’t have another trade set to happen after this he’s a fool. My only thought is Jordan is only part of the picture. Maybe there’s someone else coming like Milsap or Josh Smith. Then Jordan makes sense, green Jordan Milsap or Smith is decent for now. Otherwise it sucks

  • OlSKool1972

    Ainge has had nothing but strikeouts in trades/attempted trades since hitting the lottery on the KG and Allen deals of 2007. Perkins and Baby Davis trades for two forwards that don't rebound or defend post players left interior Defense too weak to compete for Championship. Multiple attempted trades of Allen led to him leaving and team not having consistent shooting from the 2 guard spot. Multiple attempted trades of Rondo have him always looking over his shoulder. Attempted trades of Pierce and KG at the last trade deadline became last straw for Doc and him now wanting out. Ainge is the problem not anybody else.

  • marc

    Celtics should walk away from this mess. Absolutely, no benefit in this trade. Let Doc and KG retire. Hire Lionel Hollins before the Clippers do. Trade Pierce and Bradley for Josh Smith. Try to work sign and trade with Utah for Al Jefferson can give up the 16th pick to facilitate that. The would have a starting five of;


    I'll take my chances with that lineup. It is not like they will get anything better by waiting till next year. Lebron or Carmelo are not coming to Boston.

  • CG12

    Man, people need to just chill out. Whatever the press reports is pretty reliably some blend of inaccurate and incomplete. It sounds cooler to say "Celtics mulling over Jordan and two picks" than it does to say "Clips offer Jordan and two picks, and the Celtics are still figuring out how they want to say no." Just accept that we know maybe 10% of what is happening and will need to wait and see.

    I have always given Danny the benefit of the doubt, as his long-term planning has thus far been pretty darn successful. I am confident that the C's are reviewing the short-term and long-term benefits of any proposed trades/deals, and will decide on what they perceive as offering the best combination of short- and long-term, with an emphasis on long-term. Their management is a very sophisticated operation that has undoubtedly taken into account any number of things about which we, as fans, are totally unaware. I, for one, am kind of excited to see how this plays out.

  • Ersatz

    Sterling can go fuck himself.

  • Russell

    I don’t believe that is all we will get in a trade Danny is not a back down type of guy. I think other teams are hearing Doc KG and Pierce are available and may jump into a deal we have not heard of yet. We’ll see…

  • Mark

    Tweets coming in from everywhere that the Clippers back out of the deal and are moving on. With Doc wanting out and KG retiring far sooner than later I've been on board with getting something for them but since the Clippers don't want to give multiple picks OR trade Bledsoe OR take on salary the wise move for Danny is to stay with what he has.

    Clippers don't realize they just lost Paul by blowing this and any remote chance at being relevant and contenders for another decade. LOL… and people actually thought the Clippers had all the leverage here.

    • High Rollers

      Dwight had to be the bigger goal for the Clips. They probably figure they'll need some of the things that would have been included in the Celtics deal to have a real shot at obtaining D12's services.

      The only thing that would have surprised me would be DA settling for DeJordan and two measly late firsts. That would have been criminal.

      • Mark

        The thing is the Clippers weren't even offering multiple firsts. One lousy back of the draft first for this coming draft. Danny was right. If Bledsoe was out then its either cap relief or multiple picks. Either or, fingers crossed you could get both, but to be told no to both? Clippers are insane.

        Short of Dwight taking the veteran minimum to sign with the Clippers there is no way in hell the Lakers do a sign and trade. The Clippers taking a hard line stance with Danny is beyond stupid.

    • Portceltic

      Couldn't agree more. Clips have way more to lose and are a lot closer to winning a title than we are. Its patently obvious the sources driving the key components of this story run through Doc's camp, the Clips, and CP3 who is no doubt holding Doc over managements' heads. IMHO Jordan (not a smart allocation of dollars with the new CBA) is the only player consistently dangled by the Clips. So this deal must include either Bledsoe and compensation for Doc, or staggered #1s and the contacts of Terry/Lee. Nothing less.

  • JStokes

    Sounds like this trade won't happen now. In which case, my guess is Doc "retires for a year", KG retires for good, and PP stays unless a wonderful offer comes our way.

    Which honestly, isn't all that bad. After this mess, I'm kind of ready to move one.

  • Portceltic

    If anyone would be able to mitigate these circumstances it would be Doc. So I think he comes back if the deal falls to pieces and all will be forgiven. Sure he's behaving like a hypocrite after preaching the virtues of loyalty, but everyone will be on the same page if the key ensemble remains intact. Despite the media overplaying the Clips' hand it is Danny who holds the winning cards. He has Doc in a non-compete contract and CP3 wants Doc. He has to okay KG waving his no trade clause and he will decide where PP plays next year. We have to hope he doesn't succumb to anything less than assets, picks, and the shedding of hard to move contracts just because it's palpable a new direction is on the horizon.