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Shelburne: Clippers Might Be Done Talking with Celtics

In the seemingly never-ending Doc Rivers trade saga, it appears as though the Clippers have ended talks without a deal in hand.

For now, anyway.

According to ESPN Los Angeles’ Ramona Shelburne:

The Los Angeles Clippers have once again walked away from the bargaining table and just might be done with the talks to acquire Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers from the Boston Celtics for good, sources said Tuesday morning.

The teams have no plans to speak again, the sources said, and the Clippers are preparing to move on and hire a coach this week.

The talks broke down Tuesday morning when the Clippers “refused to budge” on Boston’s latest proposal that asked for DeAndre Jordan, straight up for Garnett, and two first-round draft picks as compensation for allowing Rivers out of the final three-years and $21 million of his contract.

You and I both know how these things go.  Talks could just as easily resume again and a deal could still be struck at any time.  However, Danny Ainge deserves a hearty helping of kudos for not budging on the Clippers’ demands.

Hey Danny!  How about we give you an overpaid center you can’t play in the 4th quarter and two late first round picks for your franchise cornerstone and the best coach in the league?  I know you wanted our young, unproven point guard that everyone is overrating and some salary cap relief but you’ll settle for a turd sandwhich, right?

Okay, slight exaggeration but I’m still happy Ainge walked away.

  • High Rollers

    This whole situation is a turd sandwich. Absolutely no need to pick up the tab for it as well in the form of gifting them Doc and KG. Now go wash your hands, Danny. And where's Wyc to bring an end to this and say we're picking up PP's option? It's in your hands, Ownership.

  • someguyinsac

    According to sources, I'm fed up with the uncertainty of the Celtics future and all the drama surrounding it.

  • hax

    I'm surprised Danny offered KG & Doc for Just Jordan, 2 1st round picks. The old deals involved bledsoe and taking terry and/or lee. That's a huge slide. So now we have Celtics Last Ride for the 4th? season in a row.

  • Mark

    Brendan: Reports I've seen the Clippers were only offering one pick not two.

  • JStokes

    @Mark Yea, it was even worse, the Clippers were actually balking at the second pick. Overplaying their hand, much?

    At any rate, I can't see Doc coming back now. Yes he's a great coach, but he's basically told this current team "You're not good enough for me to contend with", and he can't even be an attractive option for free agents anymore with his wavering. Just don't see how it would work again.

  • Josh_5

    I feel great that this deal didn't go down, but I'm very curious to see what happens with Doc. KG controls his own destiny, but Doc still has 3 years left. Does Danny just let him walk? I don't see how he can make this marriage work after having an affair with the Clippers.

  • CelticsIndonesiaFan

    If this trade doesnt happen. The Celtics will get shit.

    Doc into television, KG retire, Pierce bought out.

    What we got on the team?

    The condition is already making him to continue the trade talk.

    I hope the trade does happen.

    • The Cardinal

      One overpriced center and one piddlin' ass draft pick for a coach who has won a championship and a future HOF'er that can take them to the next level immediately? The Clippers must have lost their f'cking minds! There is no way they were serious about making a deal happen.

      The Celtics are no worse off for not pulling the trigger on such an insulting deal and if Doc and/or KG doesn't return, then so be it – at least we weren't played for suckers!

  • OlSkool1972

    I commented yesterday that the Clippers are too inept to get anything like this done without getting help from the Commisioner. The Celtics and Doc will negotiate some sort of buyout eventually because there's no way they can bring him back now.

    • kg215

      There is no way they are buying out Doc, that would mean he gets free money AND gets a new huge contract to coach somewhere else? There is no reason for Wyc/Danny to do that. Even Doc being released from the contract for no money would be good for Doc, he would be signed by another team immediately for a lot of money. They can "trade" Doc for picks/young players now or hold on until some contender offers those things for Doc. Almost every team except the Spurs and Bulls would take Doc, granted not every team is just going to fire their coach for him but Doc would be in high demand.

  • Alan

    Well If this deal is dead I think both teams will suffer. On the Clippers part they will not make it to the finals.
    Who is going to control all the egos on that team. They will not be able to hire a coach who will be able to steer there ship. On the Celtics part they will have a long road to rebuild there team.To much money tied up in there players.

    • kg215

      They will not make it to the PLAYOFFS if Chris Paul is pissed off by the Clippers cheapness/hesitation. 2 First round picks would be the 25th pick this year and the 2015 draft pick (can't ask for 2 consecutive first rounders) and the Clippers would have been contending in 2015 if CP3 stays so could be worse than the 25th pick that year. There are morons out there who say KG is 37 so the Clippers shouldn't offer 2 picks+Jordan, but the 2 picks are so low they don't mean much.

  • tbunny

    That's fine. Once it got to just Jordan and 1-2 picks, the deal makes no sense. I think the 2 pick deal would have been garbage and the clippers wouldn't even do that. The Celtics would be better of just having KG retire and clearing cap space (not that I want him to do that).

  • High Rollers

    Just think. All this (possibly) because DA refuses to bring back PP. It's the Truth shall set you free, Danny, not set free the Truth.

  • High Rollers

    The new situation is fascinating. With Danny telling Doc he still wants him to coach the C's, obviously there will be a level of half-heartedness in play if Doc gives in to that desire and returns. Then it seems like the pressure is back on Danny to bring back Paul and restore the peace. It weirdly makes sense for Doc to make it seem like he's making a half-hearted return.

    • High Rollers

      It all sounds petty and ridiculous from the outside, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.

      • Anthony

        I think Pierce being bought out is NOT an option despite whatever is written. And if it does happen, I would seriously not be a Celts fan until there are major changes to management or ownership. Pierce deserve more respect than that.

        If this trade doesn't go through, I would still welcome KG back, assuming he doesn't want to retire. Doc, I'm not so sure. $7 mil to coach a 40 win team is just way too much.

  • hax

    Celtics should just stand pat. This team when healthy, and the underperforming bench playing to their potential is still top 4 in the East, that's one broken leg of LeBron and Durant away from winning a championship. The Clippers are the only team willing to give up a young player and a pick, and look what their final offer was. Jordan & late 1st round pick for KG & Doc. No other offers will come anywhere close to that; might as well just stay and play the next 1-2 years with the current team. Then we'll have lots of money to go spending on free agents.

  • james patrick

    In the end the best move Ainge made was for KG and Allen. After that though he's had a lot of bombs. This would've been no different. KG's skills may have diminished but his heart is as strong as ever! CELTIC PRIDE BABY!!!!

  • High Rollers

    I think Doc comes back. Otherwise it seems very likely KG retires. I think Doc would feel responsible.

    Anybody worried about the post-Clipper flirtation Celtic locker room hasn't heard about this fella KG.

  • Portceltic

    Doc won't be leaving 21m on the table. He'll be back, and ready for a charm offensive. If anyone can mitigate this scenario he can.

  • tbunny

    It's interesting, there is no overlap between DeAndre's skillset and KG's. KG plays team defense, rebounds, hits free throws, hits clutch jumpers. DeAndre has athletic dunking.

  • Bobby

    What did i say.

    Kg pp rondo n green will make another run at it

    Stop talking nonsense ppl. Kg and pp are finishing their careers as celtics

    • jman

      Let's hope. The only reason I even would accepted the trade was for the ability of Pierce and Kg to retire together. I can careless how the team does with or without those two. This is my entertainment and those two are my favorite players(actors) to watch. So to be able to watch them for a final year play here in Boston for another 80 something games then hell yeah. That's why Pierce is worth his 15 million. Without him and Kg, a lot of fans will not tune in as much as they did in the past. All of you can say we don't want the 90's again well regardless of trades unless people like James, Kobe, hibbert and others of their caliber are coming here, we're going to be 30-40 win team for a few years. So enjoy another year folks of these two for it's going to be a long time before another two like them walk on that court wearing green.

  • James H

    Yes, let us hope there is no more nonsencsical talk like this. That deal would have only marginally helped towards a rebuild, at most. Ainge contructed this current team for a two year window – let's see it through. Let them get a training camp together. Let's see if some better chemistry develops. I am eager to see a healthy Rondo and Bradley, along with Green and Sullinger take on larger roles, but still capably led and supported by Pierce and KG. I'd rather that then start watching a rebuild with DeAndre Jordan and late first round picks – yuck!

  • Sophomore

    DeAndre just made no sense. Terrible contract for a player with modest skills.

  • CG12

    Everyone is coming back for one final ride. Get used to it.

    As usual, the routine machinations of management have been inflated to universal scale – a battle of good vs. evil. Danny has and is just doing what any GM does. He is looking at his assets and his future plans and doing what he thinks offers the best chance of success. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • check12check

    It feels like i'm watching an episode of pawn stars. "hmmmm former mvp/future hall of famer and a highly coveted coach that together command about 18mil…..best i can give you is 65 bucks."

    I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if danny got a call back offering a water cooler and a coupon to DQ