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Searching For Answers on Celtics/Clippers Trade Talks


With the Celtics and Clippers trade talks still at a relative standstill tonight, a platform was needed to discuss the inordinate number of factors shaping any potential deal, as the Celtics are on the verge of revamping their franchise overnight.

In order to break it down, CelticsHub contributor and 98.5 The Sports Hub host Rich Keefe joined me for a special edition of the CelticsHub podcast. Over the action packed 30 minutes, we go back and forth about a number of tough questions facing both the Celtics and Clippers including:

-How much blame should Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge get for the trade talks?
-What does the future hold for the Clippers if they don’t do the deal?
-Which team has more leverage?
-What happens to Paul Pierce?
-If the deal does happen, could Doc Rivers come back and coach the Celtics?

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking the play button below, or download the mp3.

  • hax

    @ questions.
    1) Why are people blamed for doing their jobs?
    2) Irrelevant team again.
    3) Celtics. Paul wants KG, if they fail from their own greed, they deserve to have CP3 leave.
    4) Stays in Boston!
    5) Yes, but it would be weird.

  • Frank A

    KG would rather be in Boston with Pierce and Doc.

    • jpbl1976

      Then I wish he'd come out and say, "look, if y'all are thinking about trading me to Clips, forget it: I love Doc but I'd rather retire than let me get dragged into this insane trade."

  • dasein

    Rotoworld is reporting that the Celtics have given up on trying to pry away Bledsloe. If so, why hasn't Danny hung up the phone already? No Bledsloe = no deal. It's that simple. The other crap just isn't enough. Hell, we'd be doing them a favor by taking Jordan off their hands.

    • swissflix

      Deandre Jordan gets like 10 mill. a year. another bad contract by the clippers – of course they would be glad to get to trade him.

  • geo

    I know this is a fake story because Boston sports radio never ever ever ever talks about the Celtics, especially not 98.5…

  • jpbl1976

    It just occurred to me how similar Doc's situation is to what happened to Larry Brown.

    Remember, during Brown's heydey in Detroit, Brown led the Pistons to:

    1. An NBA Title
    2. 2 NBA Finals appearances
    3. Several ECF appearances

    That's a mirror of what Doc's done with the Celtics.

    Now, remember when Brown left Detroit for New York — even discussing moves during the NBA Finals as he was coaching them against the Spurs — the Knicks SUCKED. Really sucked so much so that Brown's never been the same since — he had that forgettable stint with the Bobcats — and is coaching a smaller college program now.

    This could be what's facing Doc in LA. Just saying…

  • James Patrick

    Why does it always seem like Boston gets screwed in all these trades? We haven’t been on the great side of a trade since KG and Allen came to town.

    • NZNICK33

      I think (long term) Perkins for Green worked out pretty good for the C's

      • hax

        Definately! Perk hit his ceiling in 2008, and has regressed even, maybe. OKC fans must hate paying him 7+ mill per year for 5 ppg and getting pushed around by softy marc gasol in the play-offs…
        while Green puts up 46 points against the Heat a year after a near fatal heart ailment.

      • hydrofluoric

        Jeff was an unrestricted free agent. We could have picked up Green in free agency and let Perk walk. Instead we blew up a championship core.

        • eric

          thank you. everyone forgets this.

          • james patrick

            In the end the best move Ainge made was for KG and Allen. After that though he's had a lot of bombs.

  • Paceman

    You just have to believe that doc and kg were told that pierce was getting shipped out one way or another, and thus this is why they are now in this situation.
    But if it’s thus already now unworkable for them both to stay on as celtics then we are screwed as ainge will have to cut a deal as he essentially doesn’t have a walk away (from the negotiation) option.
    In which case we need a really good prospect, preferably shooting guard, in exchange for pierce when they do trade him (which i don’t want, but just saying if that’s what it’s come to, which it seems like it has).

  • Mark

    What’s pissing me off about this isn’t Ainge relenting on Bledsoe. Fine, whatever. But the Clippers are holding firm to no Lee and/or Terry in the deal as well and Ainge is still contemplating doing the deal. Oh, and the Clippers don’t want to give up multiple firsts as well. Ainge better pack his bags if he gives in to the Clippers demand. I don’t think Ainge understand he has all the leverage.

  • cos

    I said it yesterday that the trade (as of yesterday's terms) was looking like a disaster.

    after the latest reports of the terms of a potential trade, this trade is turning into a shit sandwich.

  • g12

    .. so what free agents will come here with lawrence frank or vinny del noplays as our coach? Didnt we already do the 6-10 athletic big with wilcox? How’d that work? So we will get some shit picks, a scrub coach and no possible future in sight. So who pays the salaries of everyone involved in pro sports? We do. Why cant we hold with our hand, end it next year when there are real power players in free agency instead of overpaid role players like josh smith and milsap. This is insane. Danny needs to be fired. What talent did danny ever lure here? Doc may not be the best coach but he can draw in the future unlike most other coaches. That is why we paid him so much, not for now but for next year. Let our guys go out right, with the proper sendoff. This is bullshit FOR THE FANS WHO ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS. Let danny go and allow doc this season to inspire loyalty again. Next year he could draw in the big fish, and we could dump dump dump for someone who inspires the fans to keep coming to these overpriced games ..

  • Paceman

    Is L. Bird really wanting the celtics gm gig? Now seems like the appropriate timing….

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