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Clippers, Celtics Trade Talks in Holding Pattern


After a rollercoaster ride Saturday afternoon, when it appeared a trade of Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett could be closer than ever, things remain quiet on the trade front this morning, as trade talks have understandably stalled between Danny Ainge and whoever is running the Clippers.

Here’s the latest from Marc Stein and Ramona Shelbourne at ESPN.com

Sources told ESPN.com that the Celtics will not consent to allow Rivers out of the final three years and $21 million on his contract unless they receive both Bledsoe and Clippers centerDeAndre Jordan in a corresponding trade for Boston’s Kevin Garnett, along with at least one future first-round pick as compensation for Rivers.

Yet sources say that the Clippers continue to tell Boston that they will not include Bledsoe in the proposed trade for Garnett, largely because they are determined to keep Chris Paul‘s backup to headline a separate down-the-road trade once they’re certain that Paul has committed his long-term future to L.A.

The viability of the trade scenario featuring Rivers and Garnett thus hinges on either the Celtics or the Clippers relenting in the next day or two. Boston is also said to be insisting that the Clippers absorb the contract of either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee to clinch the deal.

The biggest element we have going on here, is the one involving the timing of any deal that comes together. 

While both sides are at a impasse right now, each team has come too far down the road at this point to not revisit a trade. I don’t expect Danny Ainge to budge much on his demands, which are quite valid when you are dealing with the cache of Rivers and Garnett in what would be a franchise altering move. Meanwhile, it will be a tall task for the Clippers to meet those demands, and if there are other attractive offers out there for Bledsoe that don’t cause the Clippers to forfeit draft picks, DeAndre Jordan and Bledsoe all at once, they have to remain patient.

Either way, something has to give soon. Coaching candidates like Lionel Hollins aren’t going to be pleased waiting around for a week to make a decision, and if the C’s need a new head coach, they’d like to get that business in order before the NBA Draft and free agency arrives.

What does this all mean? A final decision on Doc, and potentially KG and Pierce as well should arrive within the next few days. Stay tuned to CelticsHub all day long for the latest developments in what could be a franchise altering week.

  • DreMo

    Everything DA is asking for, is legitimate. No team would otherwise even talk about such a deal, yet Doc is the biggest chip in all this and the Clips are on the clock to secure CP3. Stand pat. The worst is holding Doc to his deal and forcing him to call his shot should the Clippers move on, which I do not believe they’ll do.

    Doc is a grand slam. Everyone else on the list might be a single to ground rule double, and the Clips know it.

  • The Cardinal

    Man oh man… after all of this back and forth, I can't envision a situation where Doc continues to coach in Boston. Say what you will, but actions speak louder than words and based on the reported actions of the parties involved, it seems to boil down to this:
    1) Doc is not happy with the direction Danny wants to go; and
    2) Despite public comments to the contrary, Danny has to be wary of Doc's commitment to the team and has to want a coach who is 100% committed to the team.

    I think Doc has to leave now whether there is a trade or not. If I were an owner, I certainly wouldn't want to prolong this drama.

  • someguyinsac

    No matter what's being reported on, the "according to sources" reports drive me up the wall the most.

  • The Cardinal

    Maybe I'm missing something but if I'm Danny, I just don't see Bledsoe being the be all/end to a deal provided the C's are able to dump Terry's contract as opposed to Lee. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a separate deal involving Pierce and another team.

    • Anthony

      I think there's several train of thought in getting back Bledsoe.

      1) He's highly coveted and can be flipped again for more assets.
      2) He's a great insurance policy for Rondo, as a back-up and/or replacement. Rondo's contract will be up in 2yrs and might be thinking extension.
      3) He's a pretty solid player.

      Looking at the Clippers' roster, they only have 6 players signed for the upcoming season. Wouldn't they want to get absorb contracts of solid players like Bass, CLee, or JET? This deal needs to get done.

      • Anthony

        Anyone know if Clippers trade and then buyout Pierce, can he resign with the Celts?
        I'm guessing the new CBA wouldn't allow that but I figure I ask.

        • GymRat

          Not sure about that one. But honestly I don't know why he would.

          He'd basically be returning to the team that screwed him over, cost him $10 million and would be the constant subject of trade rumors for the rest of his career here.

          He deserves better. If he gets waived I'd love to see him in Houston, OKC, or Memphis where he'd get the respect he deserves and have the chance for a deep playoff run as a 6th man.

          • Anthony

            How is he's being screwed when he will get paid $5 mil by the Clips without having to play a single game and he'll also get paid by anyone that re-signs him? He has to understand that it's a business decision. It'll be like re-structuring his contract in a semi-creative way. But I highly doubt can happen as well under the new CBA.

          • GymRat

            Pierce is an NBA champion, 10-time allstar, and future HOF'er who played most of his career on terrible teams that never had a shot at a title…he never complained, never asked to be traded, and has bled green his entire career.

            Now we're saying that the organization he gave all that too is now responding to his dedication by considering trading him so they don't have to pay him the money he earned and deserves…and then they would hope that he would come back and play for pennies on the dollar.

            Restructuring demands an extension (aka further commitment) it's not at all the same thing. And attempting to claim PIerce on the waiver wire after trading him is not creative – it's absurd. Boston is showing nothing but penny pinching disrepect.

            I call that being screwed.

  • James

    Maybe it’s mee but the Celtics should trade a 1st Rd pick or whateva to get Griffin . I really don’t care for Jordan when Al Jefferson is a Free Agent and would love to get him and finally a solid Center!!!

    • Morpheus


  • Alan

    The clippers would be out of there mind not to get this deal done. By Doc Rivers being the Clippers coach other player would love to come to L A and play for him. Stop being the old Clippers mind set and get this deal done. It would work for both teams. Remember good leaders are hard to find and Doc Rivers is one of those leaders who is hard to find.

  • High Rollers

    Two bottom lines here. 1) Paul Pierce. 2) Eric Bledsoe.

    I’d take both those guys on my team any day.

  • Vermont Celts Fan

    If you don't get Bledsoe, don't do it. DeAndre Jordan is not enough to let Doc go and KG still has good use teaching Sully the ways for the game.

  • hax

    The Clippers greed is incredible. Do they not understand Paul-Billups-Pierce-Griffin-Garnett is a championship contender; especially with crawford/terry on the bench?
    If DA doesn't get what he wants, I truly hope CP3 leaves the Clippers and leaves their franchise in another decade of lottery level basketball.

  • The Cardinal

    Addition by subtraction would work for me. If Doc and KG are determined to leave and the Clippers were willing to take Terry as opposed to sending Bledsoe our way, I certainly could live with that. That would be almost $17 million off the books minus whatever piddling amount Jordan makes. That provides flexibility to try to sign a couple of impact players this season if Danny believes he can put together a roster talented enough to potentially make a deep playoff run. Otherwise, he can sit on the savings until next summer and truly focus on rebuilding starting now.

    • GymRat

      I don't know that Doc and KG are determined to leave. By all accounts the fact KG insisted on a no-trade clause goes to show you he has no desire to be anywhere else but in green.

      Ainge is the reason everything is in choas right now as it's clear at this point he is heavily exploring blowing up the team and Pierce and KG are not part of his future plans (if he can make them). Doc and KG are using the leverage they have to ensure that this works out in a way they can at least stomach. KG lives in LA and the Clippers (with Paul) have a shot at a deep playoff run. With Doc at the helm KG knows he will have a coach he trusts and respects.

      I'm sure if Ainge committed to keeping PP and KG that Doc would be on board as well. If I'm an aging hall of famer like PP and KG I'm not all that excited about remaining with a team (and a classless GM) that will engage in endless trade talks about me (despite my no-trade clause or lifetime of service) and if I'm Doc I'm not thrilled to coach a team under the pressure that they win right away or my best players will be shipped off.

      This is all the result of Ainge being a two-faced swindler who has lost the trust of his coach and best players as a result of his constant scheming.

      PS. Jordan makes $10.5 Million. You know the amount people don't want to pay Pierce over his guarantee. It's an absurdly high contract for a role player. We might as well get Kris Humphries.

      • The Cardinal

        Whoa…10.5 million for a one dimensional player? I didn't know that and now that I do, I wouldn't want him as part of the deal unless there was some way to flip him for someone else (or two).

        In today's NBA, I really can't knock Danny for doing what he's doing any more than I can knock Doc for doing what he's doing. Negotiations during the last lockout and free agency during the summer of LeBron destroyed any already dwindling illusions that I might have had about the concept of loyalty between players and organizations. When it does happen, I think it's as much by accident than design.

        • GymRat

          Good points

      • hax

        We'd be getting a -starter- who is young and has good potential, and trading out terry for similar cash, an old bench player. We free up cap space, so I don't see it being a problem.

  • GymRat

    What really sucks about this deal is I don't know how, even if it falls apart, that this team can come together and ever build the trust and commitment they need to gel into a winner.

    How can anyone on this team not be constantly looking over their shoulder expecting to be the source of a potential trade. I know that's part of the game and being a professional basketball player…but Ainge has taken it to new extremes where nobody on this roster can feel safe or like they have the investment of the organization behind them.

    What a mess you've made Ainge.

    • jpbl1976

      We should pull out all stops to bring Larry Legend into the front office.

      • GymRat

        Man I would love that. I think the fact Larry is more committed to Indiana as a franchise despite playing here tells you something about the ownership and possibly even DA.

        But he's a genius and Indy is still reaping the benefits.

  • dasein

    While it's only KG and Doc that are being discussed, it's pretty clear that if the first part got done, PP would be joining them pretty soon (with filler coming back). So it's a little mind boggling to me that the Clippers are choosing Bledsloe over KG, PP and Doc. They want Bledsloe so they have a chance to get Afflalo or Granger or whatever. Seriously? It just doesn't hold water for me. Danny should stick to his guns. The more the Clippers ass around, the more time Houston/Dallas/Atlanta has to make room for a Dwight/Paul run.

    And can we quit with the Jordan is a young big with potential already? He just turned 25. That's getting pretty close to middle age for your average big in this league. He pretty much is what he is now- a tall athletic dude that just isn't that good at basketball. It's insulting that the Clips think this guy is a reasonable headliner for our big 3.

    Also, Bledsloe is not equivalent to dumping a Lee/Bass/Terry's contract. I don't want to pay Bledsloe either, but the dude has some serious value around the league. I wouldn't be surprised if you could flip him and say Bass to someone like Utah for Millsap. This kind of move down the road just isn't available if you don't the pieces to send out. Which impact player do you think you can get with Terry's 5M? Silly.

  • Alan

    If this so called deal does not get done both teams will suffer. There is no way the Celtics are going to win a championship with a older team and the Clippers will not win either. They will have athletic players but no leadership which to me is very important. Remember in the west if Westbrook did not get hurt would the Spurs be playing for a title this year. And the there are a lot of good teams in the west that are up and coming so this would be very hard for the Clippers to make it to the finals without good leadership..

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