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Summer Saturday Notebook: Compensation, Trades and Terry

This Saturday’s notebook, which is full of Celtics news and notes, includes how it will be difficult for Doc to coach a different team soon. In addition, how will the Los Angeles Clippers be able trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce? Also, Jason Terry thinks Rivers will be back for the 2013-14 season.


Currently in San Antonio for the NBA Finals, Ken Berger of CBS Sports discusses how tough it will be for Doc to coach elsewhere within the next three years:

“If another NBA team tries to pry Doc Rivers away from the Celtics, it’s going to cost them dearly in terms of compensation. Rivers has a particularly strenuous and specific non-compete clause in his coaching contract, a provision the Celtics insisted on when they signed him to a five-year extension in 2011…”

Danny Ainge knew what he was doing with this contract with Rivers. Ainge intelligently locked up one of the best coaches in the NBA so that he could try to rebuild his roster on the fly. Since the Celtics acquired Garnett, the franchise has an impressive 370 total victories, the second-most of any NBA team in that span. Now near the end of the era, Ainge is in the driver’s seat as the Celtics could turn Rivers into a variety of pieces for their future roster:

“Under NBA rules, Ainge could ask for draft picks and cash in exchange for allowing Rivers out of the contract. But since the Celtics’ roster is at such a crossroads, a separate exchange of players could be arranged without being overtly tied to the Rivers transaction.

“Any trade involving players would have to be negotiated as a separate transaction and would have to adhere to collectively bargained rules governing player trades.”

The interesting part of this situation could be the endless possibilities of what Ainge wants in return for his prized head coach. Berger cites the example of the Miami Heat giving up a first-round pick and $1 million to get Pat Riley from the New York Knicks in 1995. If the Clippers hope to have Doc on their sideline for the 2013-14 season, they and the Celtics might be able to figure out a swap that includes many big names.



After speaking to ESPN.com’s salary-cap guru Larry Coon, Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles stated the money figures that deal with how the Clippers can acquire Garnett and Pierce:

“Let’s start with before July 1, which matters under the new CBA. According to Coon, if a team has $0-$9.6 million outgoing, it can take back 150 percent. If it’s $9.6-$19.2 million it’s the outgoing plus $5 million. If it’s over $19.2 million, it’s 125 percent.”

With this information at hand, the Celtics and Clippers have some flexibility with possible trades this summer. It is easier for these teams to execute a trade when splitting the Big Ticket and the Captain into two trades:

“In this scenario, according to Coon, [the Clippers] get 150 percent or $5 million rather than just the 125 percent they get by acquiring them together. So they could trade Jordan and Bledsoe for Pierce and then Butler for Garnett. These two separate but parallel trades would work from a numbers standpoint.”

DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler are players that could be building blocks for Boston heading forward, or be part of future trades for the Celtics. If the Clippers elect to wait until after July 1, they would have a few more options. After that deadline, the minimum contract money that the Clippers have to send to the Celtics drops by almost $500,000 (from $22,605,288 to $22,133,656):

“Either way you cut it, the Clippers can certainly make a deal under the new CBA this summer that would bring Garnett and Pierce to Los Angeles for a package that would include Jordan, Butler, Bledsoe and possibly [Willie] Green.”

With Ainge having the leverage, he could pull of a trade like this one. It would be intriguing to see a Celtics team continue to fight for a championship soon after a half dozen years of success. With Los Angeles perhaps sending one of the aforementioned packages to Boston, there is a chance that the Celtics could quickly create a new era for fans to enjoy.



While there are many ways that the Celtics can change their team this offseason, Jason Terry is confident that Doc will return to Boston. Coming off a frustrating first season in green, Terry expects to improve with Rivers on the sideline, courtesy of the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy:

“There’s no question in my mind that he’ll be back,” he said. “I assume he’s coming back.”

Terry is a person that has made these judgments before. The one that came to my mind right away happened almost a year ago. He boldly sported a tattoo of the Celtics leprechaun holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy in hopes that the men in green would win the 2013 championship. Unfortunately for Terry and company, that did not occur, but after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery a couple weeks ago, he is ready for 2013-14 with Rivers:

“I haven’t talked to [Doc] about anything personal,” said Terry. “We talk about next season, and what I have to do moving forward.”

While Terry is certain that he and Rivers will be together in October, the Celtics organization does not plan to rebuild slowly. It was just over six years and four months ago that the Celtics lost their 18th consecutive game to Garnett and Minnesota Timberwolves. About five months after that loss, the Celtics acquired him. Now in 2013, the Celtics might be sending him along with Pierce and Doc to the Staples Center.

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  • Confused

    1. Everybody says trade Rondo. WHY?! His contract is ridiculously team-friendly, he's a point guard in the strictest sense, and he embodies what the Celtics culture is all about. You're smoking something serious if you think the C's are going to get something of equal value in return because there's not many other cost-effective contracts like Rondo. With the new CBA, it's more important than ever that the C's KEEP Rondo, Green, and the young talent still on rookie contracts.

    2. Are people seriously content with going out and getting Greivis flipping Vazquez? The guy averages 8 assists a game while being below average in literally every other aspect of the game, and everyone is gaga over him?

    3. If the C's do move KG and Pierce for Bledsoe, DJ, and picks, Ainge better come right around and ship Bledsoe and DJ right off, maybe to Utah in exchange for Millsap or Jefferson. Bledsoe and DJ don't fit on our team at all. Bledsoe I get; he's a beast and I really like how he plays. We already have Rondo and Bradley though, so unfortunately there's no room for him. But DJ on the other hand? People are clamoring to trade Rondo ($11M) but they'd be happy getting DJ ($10.5M)?!

  • dtlala

    1. I agree with you that Rondo shouldn't be traded, but you could make an argument: a) difficult to play with, alienates teammates; b) chases records and assist numbers at the expense of winning; c) Celtics offense wasn't worse without him after he got injured; d) CAN'T SHOOT, and his lack of shooting creates spacing problems, especially as NBA defensive schemes evolve.

    2. Sounds like Rondo, except that Rondo is a superb rebounder. But again, I don't think we should move him.

    3. We would keep Bledsoe and ship Bradley because of Bledsoe's upside. DJ is fine as a defensive 5. What we need is a good stretch 4 to join Rondo/Butler/Green/DJ.

    • dslack

      Bledsoe probably has more trade value than Bradley.

      • dasein

        And is gonna cost a hellava lot to keep after next season. Let someone else overpay.

  • GymRat

    Wow. Just wow.

    If Ainge pulls a trigger on this package he's unknowingly added an additional trade piece to this package…

    Me as a fan.

    I hate Ainge, and won't support a franchise that rewards two of it's greatest players ever and a lifelong Celtic in Pierce, by trading them away once they've passed their prime for a bunch of spare parts and the "hope" of quicker title run.

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