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Celtics, Clippers Closing In On Doc, KG Trade

Steve Bulpett and Adrian Wojnarowski are both reporting advancing talks between the Celtics and Clippers on a trade that would move Kevin Garnett to L.A. Doc Rivers would also be released from his contract and allowed to sign a new deal with the Clippers. According to Woj, Garnett has agreed to waive his no-trade clause if Rivers is accompanying him to L.A.

Woj on the principles of the deal:

“The final hurdle of a deal centers on the Clippers’ willingness to include guard Eric Bledsoe into a trade package with Boston, sources said.

Boston and Los Angeles are discussing a package that will send DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks to the Celtics for Garnett and the right to hire Rivers as coach, sources said.

Garnett will waive his no-trade clause to go to the Clippers, where he’ll be reunited with Rivers and likely Celtics assistant Ty Lue, sources told Yahoo! Sports.”

Bulpett on Doc’s calculus:

According to a source close to Rivers, the coach wants to make sure the Celtics emerge from the deal in a better position to transition from the Paul Pierce-Garnett era.

“Doc wants this to be a win-win,” he said. “He still feels very strongly about the Celtics and Danny (Ainge, the club’s president of basketball operations).

“If (the Celtics) can’t work things out with the Clippers, then Doc would have no problem going back and coaching. He just wants to make sure that if he does go, the Celtics come out of it stronger.”

But according to another league source, there is some measure of posturing going on.

“Doc has to say that,” this person said. “I’m sure he still cares about the Celtics, but he’d be leaving them just when it’s time to rebuild. That doesn’t look too good. If Boston can get a good deal out of this, that takes some of the heat off him.”

CH: If this trade goes down, with or without Bledsoe, and indications are that the Celtics are pushing for a quick resolution, it would be an emphatic period on the Big Three era, and shift the Celtics into a phase where they would likely reconstitute as an uptempo, athletic team centered around Rajon Rondo.

The current trade talks don’t yet appear to include Paul Pierce, but he’d be a likely candidate to be moved in some other fashion should Garnett and Rivers head west. It’s entirely possible he could be included in the deal (with Caron Butler coming back to the C’s) or be routed to another team so the Celtics can start fresh. The Celtics would then likely divest themselves of key supporting parts like Courtney Lee and Jason Terry, both signed as compliments to Pierce-Garnett-Rondo last summer. Brandon Bass could also be moved.

With a potential deal in offing in the next 48 hours, let’s leave it at that for now. We’ll have updates as they occur, so check back with us through the weekend.

Your turn: what’s your reaction to the proposed return, the idea that Garnett has played his final game as a Celtic, and any other errant thoughts?

  • High Rollers

    Danny giveth, and Danny taketh away. Well, Ticket, you were just plain awesome. All the way through. Good luck to ya if this ridiculousness goes down. You'll still be rock steady.

  • James

    Deal shouldn’t happiness unless Griffin is included and nothing less! They want a great coach, a great team player and someone to mentor the young players then we want Griffin!! No Griffin then NO DEAL!! Celtics should stand they’re ground! Buy out Paul Peirce’s out and sign Al Jefferson! That’s what the Celtics should do….

    • dslack

      Sign Al Jefferson with the MLE? I'm pretty sure he'll get more than that.

  • High Rollers

    This also spells the end of Jackie Mac's tenure on Around the Horn, I'm guessing, considering she wagered 500 points, if I remember correctly, on Doc not coaching anywhere else next season. 500.

  • Sully

    I understand wanting to rebuild a Celtic team that has only been getting older but Bledsoe, Jordan, and Bulter (Maybe) I don't feel makes it justifiable for Boston. Pierce should stay simply b/c he can start and finish his career in Boston. In regards to this deal with LA I feel that Griffin NEEDS to be in the conversation as well.

  • Declan

    Jordan remains a project…Bledsoe ends up in a backcourt with Rondo and Bradley…both picks are likely late 1sts…I do not like this deal…Griffin or bust!

  • DirtyD

    I love the Celtics but lets be realistic people, no team is gonna trade the future of their organization for a player who will probably retire in a few years. People are saying Garnett can mentor their young bigs be seriously who else but Griffin would gain from the mentoring? Lol. DJ is miles from being able to take anything from KG. I might be biased because the Clippers are my 2nd favorite team so it would hurt less for them to go there than anywhere else.

  • High Rollers

    What about the old line that the Clips won't give up Bledsoe until they know for sure that CPaul will re-sign? (And I don't see DA accepting the deal without the pg in tow.)

    If that's still the case, then this will all ultimately be in the hands of CPaul. I find that insulting to Ticket. But maybe that's just me.

    • janos

      hi roller
      are you enjoy watch nba finals spur

      • High Rollers

        What's up, Janos. Great finals going on. Heavyweight bout. Just hope Parker's hamstring holds up and Manu finds his stroke and stops turning the ball over.

        • High Rollers

          Also liked seeing that anthem kid get a dap from Pop and Spoelstra. Proud moment.

          • check12check

            so agree about the kid. have to love the spurs organization. class acts.

            I want to see Timmy come back out with the intense focus he has showed during most of the finals. I didn't think he had that last game

  • Rob

    No deal without griffin and i hope Danny has some real good replacement candidates for the coaching spot. George Karl? Lionel Hollins? Brian Shaw? Also if Danny's holding out to get bledsoe, he must have plans to include him in PP trade. Doesn't make sense if we already have RR and AB. It's going to be rough, but I'm looking forward to a new celtics core, and with Rajon at the helm, hopefully a long run of success.

  • Frank A

    Sad but feel its best for the celtics. I feel injuries stopped the C’s from wining 3 titles during the big three era. Garnett’s knee in 09 , Perkings knee in game 6 of the 2010 finals. Perhaps in 2011 shaq and rondo arm and last year Bradley and Green could have pushed us through Miami. But 2010 still hurts.

  • hax

    Amazing that Doc is our largest trade asset all of the sudden. Garnett/Doc for 2 1st round picks and Jordan is far beyond what I expected in return for them.

  • i dont like this river/garnett~bledsoe/jordan deal…i say clippers go get Dwight howard, resign CP3 and have a big three cp3/Howard/Griffin…wow what a combo

    • dslack

      Get Dwight how???

      • dasein

        By trading Griffin presumably.

  • The Cardinal

    Wow…if this happens, Danny starts an instant rebuilding process while trying to put an exciting team on the floor for next season. This would just be the beginning of a tremendous roster remaking.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but the possibilities are intriguing should these first two dominoes fall.

  • High Rollers

    These are two rosters with an incredible number of injury prone and oft injured core and rotation players.

    Glitzy as all of it sounds, deal or no deal, it might be far-fetched to think either franchise would be in chip position next season.

    Eric Bledsoe might just be the most valuable asset of all. Built like a tank and young as they come. Huh. Yeah, I think Danny's in this for Bledsoe.

  • johnl

    geez…. please pull the trigger!!… DJordan is the kind of player we been needing for years. an athletic big that can alter shots.. and, sorry to say, cause I like doc as a person; but its like phil Jackson said… he's a front runner that has to be loaded with talent. pull this trade off; hire TThibodeaux, or GKarl and fire up the sewin machine on banner #18…

    • dasein

      Ummm…Thibs already has a job.

      • GymRat

        And you seriously think DJordan, Bledsoe, Rondo, Green and Sully = title #18

        You and Ainge are sharing the crackpipe

  • Chris

    Danny has shown in the past that is always thinking 2-3 steps ahead of everyone else. Wouldn't surprise me if he takes this package from the Clips and then uses some of his existing chips to pull off another big move or two, either in the draft or for another marquee player.

  • hax

    I know his injuries are terrifying, but this also leaves us open to the bradley/pierce for gordon trade.
    Rondo-Gordon-Green-TBD-Jordan. Then that leaves room for jefferson-millsap to come in at PF; or if the griffin-dwight deal happens, pau gasol on a one year contract in a deal with the lakers. And Iguodala is becoming a free agent, a good defending SG who can make lay-ups unlike bradley. So many options. Things are exciting all of the sudden.

    • dslack

      Gordon is worse than Pierce. Not interested.

  • DirtyD

    George Karl would be perfect to bring in if he is still available if this all goes down. He has shown that he can win with a young fast paced team.

  • janos

    i am not total understands this trade is any chances we are get griffiths is is star for our star garnet very best dunks, beautiful, and really nice to fan

  • T bananas

    Griffin is OVERRATED. He’s only good at selling tickets. He has no face up game, no post moves, and sub par defense. Rando and griffin would be very exciting in transition but that won’t win you championships (see this years clippers). Doc isn’t that much better of a couch then George Karl and hollins and Garnett is more skilled then Jordan, but Jordan is a lot younger and has a possible future as a dominate defender. Eric Bledsoe is def the best piece of this trade. All in all it’s a trade that won’t effect either team too much. Boston will still be rebuilding and la will still be a wanna be show-time. No championships for either. Go cavs!!

  • Mark

    Go to hell Doc. This is what you do when the going is about to get tough, stab the Celtics in the back? I don't care that you've "earned" this I go back to when you signed the extension and the Celtic for life talk. I'm not naive to how the world works but lets be honest here you are now holding the C's hostage to get what you want (the Clippers?). You are now Ray Allen IMO. Scew you.

    • dslack

      Dude, it would help the Celtics to get this sort of deal.

  • Loaycelticsfan

    What scares me is that Danny Ainge tried some crazy trades before, that would have worked really well (Rondo for Curry). If this works, PP’s and KG’s contributions will be forgotten.

  • Shamim let

    I agree with the ppl that say celtics should get BLAKE in the deal. RONDO is the star. Build around him. I think even if they don’t get GRIFFIN in the deal, they would still be alright becuz they could still SIGN JOSH SMITH or AL JEFFERSON. Lets go celtics!

  • GymRat

    Ainge is a scumbag who would include his mother in the trade. He has no loyalty whatsover and absolutely no class.

    He signs vets like Terry and Lee to long contracts selling him on a 2-3 year title run with two hall of famers… then after one injury plagued disaster of a season is putting them out like it was a garage sale.

    He signs Doc and KG to long contracts and convinces KG that he is so committed to winning with him that he even gives him a no-trade clause…and now he's shopping them both for a few picks and two bench players?

    Am I the only one on here who realizes DJordan only plays 20 minutes a game? He's a bench player who happens to start, but typically sits through the most important stretches of every game. He's a "slightly" smarter version of Javale McGee…and not quite as athletically gifted. Bledsoe is a solid backup, but he's not a conerstone of a rebuild. Then you get two (if you're lucky) very low draft picks (likely mid-high twenties) and people think this is the foundation for a quick reboot?

    I think you're looking at several years of mediocrity where you aren't bad enough to get a lottery pick but not good enough to be a serious playoff threat.

    What's sad is I find it hard to root for an organization that would even propose such a classless move like this. No wonder Doc isn't giving confirmation on whether or not he will return, Danny is ruthless and destroying any integrity this organization has.

    This team should start the rebuild by hiring a new GM.

    Ainge has got to go.

  • 1234

    time for another 22 years of boston sucks

  • Cameron

    The Celtics should just trade Kevin Garrnet, and Paul pierce to the clippers and send Doc rivers with them , and get Blake Griffen and a first round draft pick in return.