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Sources: Doc Rivers, Clippers Have Mutual Interest

Those Doc Rivers rumors about him wanting to leave town for a contender? Well, they aren’t going away. Instead, the reports continue to heat up about Rivers potentially looking at leaving Boston for potentially greener pastures. Here’s the latest from Marc Stein and Ramona Shelbourne of ¬†ESPN.com

The Los Angeles Clippers have not formally requested permission to interview Celtics coach Doc Rivers in the wake of widespread reports about Rivers’ potential departure from Boston, but there is strong mutual interest between the parties, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources told ESPN.com on Wednesday that Rivers is highly intrigued by the idea of coaching the Clippers in the event that he and the Celtics part company after nine seasons together and one championship in 2008. Sources say that the Clippers, meanwhile, would immediately vault Rivers to the top of their list if he became available as they continue a coaching search that, to this point, has focused on Brian Shaw, Byron Scott and Lionel Hollins.

Earlier Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times, citing several NBA executives, reported that if Rivers decides he doesn’t want to coach in Boston anymore, the Clippers would be interested in him and he would become their No. 1 choice.

CH’s Take: Out of all the potential destinations for Rivers to land if he wanted to get out of town, Los Angeles has always made the most sense. Doc isn’t going to skip town in Boston to live to coach a small market team like Memphis or Denver. The Clippers have Chris Paul in their back pocket and are one of the few destinations that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett would be happy to land in as well, if they aren’t back for a last stand in Boston. With that said, there are a tremendous number of obstacles that would stand in the place of Doc, as well as Pierce or KG heading to LA in a trade.

If Doc were to head west, I see it as an all or nothing scenario with those guys. The Clippers aren’t in much better place to contend next season than the C’s without ample help in the form of Doc’s trusted veterans. Compensation, both for Rivers and Pierce/KG in a separate package would surely be challenging to keep all parties involved happy. The Clippers have fewer attractive assets than you might think, and I don’t see them mortgaging the farm for Doc or his All-Star veterans.

So while the possibility definitely remains in play, the odds are still highly in favor of it not happening in my estimation. Stay tuned to CelticsHub for an in-depth breakdown of why in the coming hours.

  • hax

    Jordan/Griffin/Bledsoe need to be coming back to Boston to lose all 3 doc/kg/pp. Bledsoe/bradley/bass would then be traded for draft picks, and we play Rondo-Terry-Green-Griffin-Jordan

    • kel

      very little shooting in that lineup

    • Sophomore

      There is no way the Clippers do that deal. Fugheddabout it.

      • MSTRKRFT

        Jordan is not worth much — he can't shoot, he has no offensive/post game, and he is a decent defender at best. Bledsoe is a bench player currently, he is not a proven starter caliber player. Thus, the only real valuable player in the trade would be Griffin, who is still a work in progress. You think Danny would give up Doc/KG/Pierce (despite the fact that they both are on their last legs) for Jordan/Bledsoe + Butler or some scrub thrown in to match salaries? LOL. KG has more intensity, experience, and a desire to win in his pinky than those 3 players combined. A few dunks, and people roll over thinking Griffin is some sort of god that has stepped down on earth. There is a reason CP3 said he wouldn't mind if Griffin is traded, he is not a real franchise player.

        • kg215

          lol I know we all want the Celtics to win out in this scenario, but you saying Blake Griffin is "not a real franchise player" so they should give him to us is a joke. CP3 would be furious if Blake is traded, he never ever said anything like he wouldn't mind Griffin being traded. Deandre Jordan and Bledsoe I could see us getting but Blake is untouchable as far as we are concerned, we have nothing close to him in value. Now it could still be a good deal for the Celtics if we get Deandre or Bledsoe+draft picks. Multiple picks would help the rebuilding process quite a bit, and combined with 1 or both of those guys could be worth it.

  • dasein

    You're not going to get Griffin. And I'm ok with that. Once he looses his hops he'll be washed up pretty quickly.

    Possible unpopular opinion alert:
    I can't see any way that Danny can turn us into a legit contender next season, so I'd be ok with KG, PP and Doc heading over to the Clips for a chance at another ring. That would be a scary good team with CP3 and Griffin. Would also guarantee another year the Lakers are no.2 in LA.

    The Celtics could then tank it out for the Wiggins sweepstakes while concentrating on developing Sully and whatever young tallent we end up with after the draft/trades. Rondo's stock will also drop as the world sees he's not an alpha guy, which allows Danny to resign/extend him at a more reasonable amount.


      Tanking rarely ever works and it would be impossible for us to tank next season even with KG/Pierce gone, we have too much talent to be a lottery team. Shipping KG/Pierce/Doc as a package makes the most sense, both in terms of getting value back and because they already played for so many years together.

      • fabzzz

        We were the seventh seed in the east with Pierce and KG. Yep – we'd be a lottery team. Definitely. Rondo+Green= less than Milwaukee but better than Pistons.

  • WTF

    I would not do it if I were Sterling. Doc is not a sure thing in bringing the championships to town as those such as Pop and Jackson. I would not mortgage my team's future for a coach who sometimes looks lost along with one decent year in both aging PP and KG. The group of CP3 (if he re-signs), Griffin, PP, KG and Doc is not a slam dunk to get the ring. Not with OKC, Lakers (if they fire MD'T and re-sign Howard) and possibly Houston (if they get Howard)are in their way, and there are always the forever Pop and Co. Doc is going to run all the veterans into the ground and coming up short in the playoffs.


      I am hoping the LAC see Doc as the holy grail, so we can milk the most we can from them. A real basketball fan can see through the mirage of personality and know that Doc is overpaid and over-rated. Doesn't matter to me though, if they are willing to let go of their best to have Doc, I am more than willing to let it happen! LOL.

  • oldutican

    Celtics are in a weak bargaining position. Everybody knows they are willing to waive PP and save $10M, so why would a team like LAC give you much since that he is where he might likely go if he is a released FA. KG has only a year or 2 at most left. I think the best they do with LAC is trade Doc & KG and release PP so he can join them. LAC gives up Bledsoe, Jordan and at least 1 1st Rd pick, with other teams involved who may want Bledsoe (Utah, Mil, Det) and Jordan (ATL, NO.) Melo, Jet, Lee and Bass could be included to acquire assets. That should still leave Celts with a young talented team.

  • Paceman

    Geez, when it was just kg and pierce it was bad enough, but now doc as well?
    I reckon they’ll either all be back or none of them will, and to be honest i think those really should be the only two options.
    If we have to rebuild then at least a new coach = new systems which should be tailored to suit all the new/recently new players we’d have on the roster.

  • John V

    Doc is a brilliant manager and he's got a good inbounds play every now and then, but I've never liked his offense. I'm indifferent to him staying or going. He's a good coach, I'd welcome him back, but if his heart is elsewhere, so be it.

    As for KG and PP, I'd kind of love to see them playing with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and competing for a title. I just don't see it happening here next season. If they go to the Clippers, they could potentially win another championship for themselves, which would be great.

    But as a sports fan, I'm entitled to embrace bad things happening to my "enemies", too. :) I don't want the Heat to win the title. I don't want the Thunder to win. I don't want the Lakers to so much as be the best team in LA. Having KG and PP on the Clippers can help all that.

    As good as KG and PP still are, the Clippers would be crazy to give up Griffin. And for the reasons I gave above — I would want the Clippers to be real championship contenders — I really don't want the Clippers to give him up. I would definitely want Bledsoe, and probably Jordan, and the Clippers would have to find some draft picks. The rest can just be salary filler.

    The resulting Cs would clearly not be a championship contender in 2013-2014, but things can turn around very quickly. I'm sorry, but I really don't want another year of Doc riding KG into the ground in the quest for 47 wins.

  • skeeds

    Hm… even though I've lost my blind trust in Doc's skills over the past 1-2 seasons, there's not much to like about these (apparently very substantial) rumors that he might be leaving. There really aren't many high caliber coaches out there, and with all his flaws, Doc is one of those few.
    The only "good" thing I see about this is that Doc leaving will most certainly end once and for all the uncertainty about where this franchise is going. KG won't play a day without Doc. PP will have no problem being bought out and moving elsewhere, (even loyalty has its limits). This of course might eventually lead to Rondo skipping town next year. He's not staying in a middle-of-the-pack Boston team during his time. I'm sure a team like the Knicks or Lakers would go after him hard…
    So why is all this a good scenario? Because it saves us from extending this miserable "not good enough" phase. I'd rather we sucked for some time and built up again, than watch the team continue to disintegrate for 2-3 more years…

    • fabzzz

      My thoughts exactly.

      I do think Rondo will stay around, though. And he and Green and Bradley and Sully are a half-decent young core. I think we can add to that – perhaps with Bledsoe, Jordan, or maybe even Favors, and a couple good draft picks we'd be rising in the east in two-three seasons. I don't see any of that happening though.

      • skeeds

        I doubt that he'll stay. Guys stay either to win or to get paid, or both. He has no reason to "remain loyal" to Ainge, who's shopped him throughout his career, if he shows PP, KG and Doc the door.
        The problem is, that there are teams out there both willing to pay Rondo, AND put him in a position to win big.
        The tables have turned. When Rondo's contract expires, Ainge better have a good plan…

  • dinko

    Cllipers get : Pierce, Doc, KG, Crawford and T-Will, Celtics get : Jordan, Bledsoe, Crawford and Butler and next years first , Utah: Bass and Terry and 16th for s&t Millsap and 21 and 2rndr
    Celtics 13/14
    Bradley/ Jamal Crawford/ Lee
    Millsap/ Sullinger
    Jordan/Rundolph/Melo/ Wilcox
    2 picks this year and 2 first and 2 sec r next year
    seems logic to me:)

    and (in Herald), Del Negro on bench

  • MontrossDad

    Celtics would not have won in 2008 without Doc. People want to talk a lot about Celtic pride and whatever- the bottom line is Danny ainge has drastically mismanaged this franchise and left Doc in a no win position.
    Doc has to go, the decision has been made for him…makes me sick to hear all this criticism of doc and not a peep about ainges woeful personnel moves.
    This team is rebuilding- the very start of a rebuild, precisely because ainge did what he said he would never do- repeat the scenario of the last “big 3” holding onto aging past prime players until they have little value to other teams and only sentimental value to celtics fans who are susceptible to that emotion.
    Doc did what he could- you don’t design an offense for the players your gm gets you- your gm acquires players that fit your team’s schemes. That never happened.

  • IBleedGreen

    This is the first time ever that a trade package involves a coach…smh…if Doc leaves I am going to lose a lot of respect for the man

  • janos

    there is lot confusions right now on coach, star player is to much not know for my like am hope is solve soonbest for nba celtics

  • hax

    When supposed Celtics fans are trading away two HoF players and a coach for a package led by Eric Bledsoe, it makes me glad Ainge is running things. He'll ask for real compensation.