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Rajon Rondo Reads Mean Tweets About Himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Despite all the rehab, Rajon Rondo is finding ways to keep busy this offseason. Just a couple weeks after appearing on E!’s Fashion Police show, the point guard was back on TV last night, in a fun segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live called Mean Tweets. In it, celebrities, or in this case NBA players, read mean tweets that were written about them. I won’t ruin the Rondo tweet, but will give some credit to its creator for an interesting comparison. You can watch the whole segment here, with Rondo’s appearance coming up at the :55 mark.


  • hax

    Blake Griffin laughing at CP3's nose. I smell a free agent leaving LA

  • fabzzz

    That was great. DeAndre Jordan's was the best. Rajon's was good to just cuz it seems like he doesn't give a shit

  • Josh_5

    those are all pretty funny.

  • Danny

    Good stuff

  • Danny

    Of course Kobe reads one that isn't even insulting.

  • One of the funniest segment i have watched in Mean Tweets.