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Jason Terry, Terrence Williams Undergo Knee Surgery

It was a lackluster season for Jason Terry by all accounts. Despite being an ironman again, when it comes to games played, his production was lacking for several months of the 2012-13 campaign. During the season, Danny Ainge had mentioned on a CSN broadcast that his guard was battling knee issues in February, but Jet deflected any questions about his condition moving forward.

Now, with a little more information from Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald, we have a better sense of just how much Terry’s knee issues affected him.

The Celtics guard, who tweeted a picture of himself  running on a treadmill in the Celtics’ Waltham practice facility today, had an arthoscopic procedure to remove the plica from his left knee. The plica is described as an extension of the protective synovial capsule of the knee, and can become irritated, enlarged, or inflamed if caught between the patella and the femur.

“I saw him today, and he looked great,” said Celtics president Danny Ainge. “He’s doing really well.”

Asked if the condition might have contributed to Terry’s late-season performance, Ainge said, “I’m sure it was bothering him.”

In addition, Celtics guard Terrence Williams recently had an injection to relieve a painful case of tendinitis in one of his knees.

The Williams condition we already had a bit of a clue about, since he tweeted about a surgery a couple weeks back. With two years and nearly 11 million dollars left on his contract though, it’s helpful to know that Terry’s tough campaign has a better explanation than old age and/or declining skills. If the C’s want to go anywhere next season, they’ll need JET to return to his Dallas form and this is a step in the right direction.

  • hydrofluoric

    There are also two other major issues contributing to JET's seeming downfall this year – Doc Rivers and (the lack of) Dirk Nowitzki.

    We've all discussed how Doc painfully misused Terry, but Dirk is a player whose presence alone distorts the floor invaluably due to his size and shooting. Everyone looks better playing next to him, and that may have inflated how Terry looked in Dallas.

    • jman

      He has kg who has distance himself from the post like dirk and shoots as well. Pick and pop with kg the same as he did with Dirk. However, the difference is Doc never implanted schemes to use Jet's talents. This once again is on Doc not using his players talents but just running the same ole schemes.

  • elroz

    J. kidd has retired…. maybe Danny and Doc could convince him to sign for vet min. as a back-up to Rondo? Imagine a wise experienced PG coming off the bench for about 15 min a game?

    I'd love that.

    • Morpheus

      No thanks. Another injury waiting to happen.

      • Ramon

        Umm ,Kidd played in around 70 games this season.

  • hax

    Hopefully he gets back into Dallas form. If we are 'standing pat' for one more run, he needs to step his game up.

  • MontrossDad

    Doc did put in a few sets for terry, but when your most effective look is a transition three- not a lot of scheming for that.

    But yeah you guys are probably right; I mean imagine if we had a really creative coach who gave consistent time to his role players, going 11 deep- that would have made all the difference right…the “win now” celtics would probably be winning now in the finals…right?

    Two things prevented us from going all the way this year: Doc and Rondo until he got injured.

  • hope terry recovers as soon as possible..

  • Go go Terry!

  • Terry Rocks!