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We’ve reached the month of June in one of the lengthier offseasons we’ve seen in the past six seasons for the C’s. As we inch closer to decisions being made at the end of the month, the same dominoes remain in place. Everything centers around KG, Pierce and Doc and Danny Ainge has spoken to his two veterans yet, nearly a month after the season ended, according to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald:

“We’re giving them as much time as they need,” he said. “I talk to Doc every day. The other two guys, I have not talked with yet.We’re still just preparing for the draft and for free agency.”

Bulpett is hearing rumors though about what Pierce’s market might be on the trade block and it might not be what you expect:

In terms of free agency, it will be hard for the Celts to make much of a splash unless they can get their salary structure in order and work out a sign-and-trade deal or two. You will be hearing some interesting names floated in their direction over the next weeks, but just know it will be impossible for them to straight-up sign a free agent who will command double-digit millions.

On the other hand, there is reportedly healthy interest in Pierce out on the market. But the Celtics won’t be giving him away. Ainge has noted that his captain had a strong overall year, and while he wasn’t quite up to his own par in the playoffs, there are valid reasons for that. (Without Rajon Rondo, Pierce’s job description grew dramatically.)

They will not, however, fully know the answers to the larger question of what the club can put around him in the lineup. But unless Pierce is included in a deal around draft time, the inclination will be to keep him in Green if there is evidence that decent additions can be made to the roster.

This falls in line with our hope about Ainge realizing just how much of a burden fell on Pierce last season. At this advanced age, he had to do far too much to get this team in the postseason and ran out of gas late. Getting rid of him isn’t necessarily the answer. Refreshing to hear Ainge realizes this.

Outside of hearing from Ainge, we also hear from Doc Rivers on the record for the first time yesterday as he spoke with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN NY 98.7 FM. (LISTEN TO IT HERE) via ESPNBoston.

Over the nearly 11-minute interview, Doc discussed the Eastern Conference finals, LeBron and the increase in talent across the conference.

He was not asked about his future in Boston, but in closing the segment, Stephen A. said this:

“In the very near future you will be hearing from me again to talk about your Boston Celtics.”

A couple key things to keep in mind here.

1) The fact that there were no questions about Doc’s future with the Celtics was probably a calculated move by Doc. He doesn’t come on the show if he gets hammered with those is my guess.

2) Appearing on Stephen A.’s show? The same guy who has reported multiple times in the past month that it’s not a sure thing Doc is back? That’s something worth keeping an eye on. It’s clear Doc doesn’t mind those reports enough to object to doing him a favor and coming on as a guest, so I feel like that gives them more credibility.

I’m still adamant about thinking Doc is back, but with the condition that Pierce and KG are back as well. All of this should become a lot more clear in the next month or two. For now though, we watch and wait.


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • check12check

    i think the fact that I am posting the first comment on this article when it isn't exactly new about sums it up. we are tired of talking about it and want to see what happens

  • Shamroxstar

    I love Doc and I loved him when the crowds and forums were bashing him during the rebuild, but what he is doing by saying nothing is disrepectful to the franchise. He's the COACH, he's not supposed to be like all of these diva superstar players who hold their franchises hostage in the short term with threats of leaving, And make no mistake, his silence is a threat, As COACH, he is Danny's partner in shepherding the franchise thru the good and the bad or he is NOT. There is no in between.

    And if he is using himself as leverage to influence Danny's decisions for just next YEAR and not for what is good for the franchise IN GENERAL, then I don't want him to be part of the franchise.

    Doc I love you, but you're a Celtic or your not, and if you are a Celtic then you don't pull bs like this. Get back to work or we will see you in the rafters.

  • swissflix

    KG and Pierce should do it just like Larry back in '92: Retire and make a decision, noone else seems to be wiling to make, including GM. And you cannot even blame GM – they know it is an emotional thing for many fans and whatever they do, they will get a lot of blame. as seen in all the celtics blogs:)

  • 2cents

    What's the rush? Everyone acts like Doc, Danny and KG owe us all a quick decision. When in fact this is all going to play out over a course of months not days or weeks. You can bet Ainge is going to do everything he can to scope out all his options and in the end do what he thinks is best for the team.

    No doubt Ainge has tried to trade Pierce, Rondo, Ray Allen, and even KG in the past, but if he wasn't pursuing all those options he wouldn't be doing his job very well now would he? and that's just what he's doing now.

    Everything else is speculation and our own opinions about what the C's should do. I don't blame any of these guys for not coming out and making any sort of commitment; it's too soon. They'd be foolish to come out and say anything now without looking at all of their options.

    I hope to see Doc, KG and Pierce back in green next year with a healthy Rondo, Sullinger, and Green beside them. Work on getting a respectable bupg, and do some wheeling and dealing for an impact back up big, and the C's will be back at it.

    • hax

      Well the draft is this month and not having things settled like if your best players and coach are coming back or being traded, etc. is kind of important. Drafting a back-up PG, and some random 3rd string SF won't help if pierce/garnett get traded and leave a hole or two in the roster. Pierce/Garnett for 1st overall pick kkkk.

  • MontrossDad

    Why be frustrated with Doc? Danny is the one who created this situation- contract and personnel wise.
    Why should doc waste the prime of his coaching career on a unnescessarily protracted rebuild? Danny was indecisive and overvalued his aging stars, whether out of sentimentality or ignorance- it places them in the same situation.
    I love the celtics and respect doc, don’t see any better option for him than leaving.
    Also a lot of talk on here anticipating a “healthy ” sullinger…what in this guys history leads you to believe he will get healthy and stay healthy…he looks great at his best, but is unable to maintain the health level to stay there. Danny took a risk and drafted him and now he is what he was then- unreliable. Bad pick imo.

    • hydrofluoric

      No one forced Doc to sign for $35 and 5 years at a time when the window was clearly close to shut. Doc has plenty of say over the personnel; Danny doesn't make a lot of his moves without confirming with Doc.

      Did you forget that Doc's 'first phone call' was to JET last season? Don't lay that solely at Danny's feet.

  • janos

    hi bryan is janos
    was you been follows playofs still? this guy hibbers is interview, call lebron gay on tv i could not believe it.

    on nba celtics my hope of keep all star andcoach togethers long is possibles.