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Update: Terrence Williams Out on Bail, Will Be in Court on Wednesday


"Oh, hi Danny...."

The soon to be called “the Terrence Williams Saga That Wasn’t” just got a bit more detailed.  By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Williams was arrested in Kent Washington after he allegedly threatened the mother of his ten year old child with a gun during a paternal visitation exchange.  While there is no doubt in my mind that Williams actually threatened the mother of his child with a gun (say at the very least he had it tucked into his belt and he lifted his shirt revealing it), Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald has some information regarding his side of the story:


Keeping in mind that Williams is 6’6″ and a cut up 220 pounds, the first thought that went through my head was, “how big is this boyfriend and how’s his handle?’ I don’t want to get into a whole gun control debate considering none of that conversation cuts to the core of the biggest societal problem facing the readers of this blog (who becomes the C’s crunch-time scorer if Paul Pierce leaves???!!!), but in the interest of full-disclosure, I stopped thinking guns were awesome when I stopped seeing every fallen stick/branch/pierce of bark as a potential firearm.  With that in mind, I can’t for the life of me think of a situation where I would be in a parking lot talking with two people I know and feel the need to pull a gun. Also in the interest of full disclosure, I do not have a ten-year old son* but if I did, I can’t imagine imbedding that kind of memory in his psyche.  It’s not like this is likely to be brought up around the Thanksgiving Dinner table while blissfully reminiscing. “Hey Dad, remember when you pulled a gun on my mom?  That was fun.  Oh, can you pass the stuffing?”  

More from Murph:  



Danny Ainge not commenting at this time is not surprising.  There’s still this crazy idea that the accused is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  Given my extensive legal background (I’ve seen every Law and Order SVU maybe three times), I’m going to assume he’ll plead out to misdemeanor and pay a fine.  Given my extensive professional basketball background (Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Prince Miller were the REAL big three), Ainge is likely to cut bait with Williams.

Assuming Williams’ is cut, this does add to an interesting conversation surrounding the idea of the talent threshold for cutting players for bad behavior.  In order words, if LeBron James did this and not Terrence Williams it would surely be a national story but Pat Riley ain’t likely to waive/suspend/discipline him at all.  When Washington waived Gilbert Arenas for playing Three Gun Marley with Javaris Crittendon in the Wizards lockerroom, how much was that about trying to get out from under Arenas’ awful contract?

As I mentioned before, I am assuming Williams will be released but it really isn’t a certainty.  It really depends on how much the Celtics value Williams’ potential to help them next season and beyond.  This type of cost benefit analysis isn’t limited to the Celtics organization either.  Even the Indiana Pacers- an organization still trying to scrub the memory of Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson knee deep in a tub of Pistons fan terror- looked the other way when it came to Lance Stephenson’s transgressions.

In case you missed it, here is an except from Stephenson’s Wikipedia page.  Specifically from a section euphemistically titled, “Off-court troubles”:

In January 2008, Stephenson was suspended from school for five days and missed two games following an altercation with a teammate.[24] In October that year, he was arrested for groping a 17-year-old inside the school.[25] He faced a Class B misdemeanor sexual assault charge, and his parents ended the “Born Ready” reality show following the arrest.[2]

On August 15, 2010, Stephenson was arrested for third degree assault after allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.[26] The case was eventually dismissed.[27]

Keep in mind that the last bit there about the girlfriend and the stairs occurred right after the Pacers drafted him in the second round.  He wasn’t even a rotation player at the time.  Fast forward three seasons and Stephenson is one of the starting shooting guards in the Eastern Conference finals.  When comparing the two situations, threatening someone with a gun damn-near pales in comparison to sexual assault and assault with a deadly flight of stairs.  But, it’s also important to remember that Stephenson was 19 at the time while Williams is almost 26.

Williams’ is due a roster bonus on June 30th so we are definitely going to know Williams’ fate with the Celtics by then.  Luckily, Williams has this working in his favor: 

*That I know of!**

**No, no I don’t.

  • danny strange

    Save the liberal anti gun stuff for MSNBC. You've never seen a gun in person and if you did, you'd have a bowel movement.

    • Sophomore

      Even the NRA says guns are for self-protection. It's not self-protection when you flash a gun at somebody just because you're pissed off at him – when he's not armed, when you're 6'6" 220 and a world-class athlete, when your 10-year old son is standing right there. Maybe you defend yourself with a gun; you don't use it to win arguments. Assuming she's telling the full story, she was right to be scared of what he might do next and right to call the police.

      • Sophomore

        Also – the story is that he threatened her, specifically. Does that seem OK to you? Gun owners agree – it's OK for a huge man to threaten to shoot the mother of his child – with the kid right there – because… why?

    • http://CelticsHub.com Brendan Jackson

      So what you're saying is the next time I'm- you know- a little backed up I should head to my nearest shooting range for a little relief?

      Hmm…strange, indeed.

      • danny strange

        No, what I am saying is New Englanders are the softest people this side of the French. You guys make west coasters look like a bunch of Rambos. Bunch of liberal Nancy boys who go running for their mothers skirts anytime someone mentions the word gun. Next on The Rachael Maddow show it's Brendan Jackson with a his inspiring story about how mommy used to beat up daddy and how that made him the man he is today.

        • Vincent

          Get help. Or enter MMA. You are obviously the toughest anonymous internet man alive.

        • tbunny

          Rather than engaging in sub-literate homophobia, how about you tell me with specific examples how carring around a handgun makes life better for everyone. Special points for showing how it makes life better for children.

          You'll need more than one example because boy do I have a lot of examples of guns making life much much worse for children.

        • CelticsBIG3

          Not all New Englanders are soft. I'm not. I personally think all the gun control rhetoric is freaking stupid. All gun control accomplishes is taking guns from law abiding citizens and leaving them in the hands of scumbags. Sort of like TWill. Why would he be going to pick up his 10 year old son toting a pistol?

          • The Cardinal

            Could be he's like many of us where I live and he keeps a gun in the glove compartment. Perfectly legal and perfectly sane thing to do in many places, even without a permit (although I have a permit).

            That said, unless he was truly threatened (and I don't mean back-and-forth "I'll kick your ass" kinda stuff), flashing a weapon during a heated war of words is dumb, irresponsible and exactly the reason why I understand why many people are horrified over easy access to guns. If anything, you would hope that a responsible gun owner's mindset is to avoid confrontation if he can, and that he would have simply driven away ( it's always funny how the one carrying a piece who feels "threatened" never thinks to call the cops, LOL).

            As for all the "gun control" rhetoric, it's also funny how the same people who are so passionate against any kind of background check/registration/attempts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the insane laws are often THE MOST passionate about passing and enforcing strict drug laws, which are truly the most useless, wasteful, back asswards use of law enforcement resources in this country. Just sayin'…

            Oh well…just my observations. Peace out!

          • fabzzz

            Truth, cardinal. Truth.

        • fabzzz

          Would you prefer it if daddy beat up mommy or something?
          Are you implying guns make people men, or beating up women does?

          Also, just trust me, you would like to live on the West coast. It's really, really nice here. You know what's great about living in Portland? No one ever gets shot!!

    • greenboner

      the faggots have spoken with a fury of thumbs down.so quick with the mouse finger yet unwilling to pull a trigger with that finger to defend themselves from a criminal with a gun.a gun sold to them from a cop who got it from a gun buy back program.

      • fabzzz

        It's good to know you're so willing to pull the trigger…oh, wait. Yep-you're the reason people want a gun registry.

  • Mark

    "…fresh outta jail California dreamin…" Couldn't resist.

  • tbunny

    I've been really trying but I'm having a really hard time finding any examples of someone bringing a sidearm into a given social situation and making that situation better.

  • Morpheus

    Dumb. He's an NBA player with the dream opportunity staring him in the face. He has potential to make a good living in this league and he's 'packinamac in his jeans'? Playing in the NBA is supposed to cleanse you from all that BS. So the fact he's even packin heat is inexcusable.

    I'm not claimimg i know of TWill's personal life, so i can't say he's holdin because he's involved with some bad dudes…mafia?

  • Anthony

    Terrence Williams aside, what's with this rumor of Pierce and Bradley for Eric Gordon? No thank you.

  • drs

    TWill grew up in a project where people got shot ALL THE TIME for dumb stuff. His and Nate Robinson's tattoos of an 8 inside a spiderweb represent the project they were trapped in as kids. This kind of violence and gun incidents happen there and all over the country today, mainly in poor cities.

    You have to think about that when you judge whether a man should flash a gun or not. Unless youre from an inner city where people get shot a lot (can you say Chicago 2013?) then you can hardly judge the mentality of someone like TWill. I am not surprised he acted like he did. That is the world he grew up in and that's not easily erased.

    • hydrofluoric

      That's an explanation but it doesn't excuse what he did.

    • Guess

      Once again it's how and where someone grew up as to their actions now. 1st-he is now in the NBA a dream he had his whole life and achieved it. 2nd to get into the NBA and out of a black ghetto and oh by the way it is a black ghetto so don't go off on the racist shit because it is what it is a black ghetto. 3rd The object was to also get as far away from that area asap. But he choose to go back and bring a gun–it's not like he could not have hired a very good attorney to get sole custody of his son. Instead oh yea he has to portray the thug gangster attitude which it seems every teenager has no matter what color or where they where raised. 4th Let's think where did that whole gangster thug attitude begin RAP…OH NO did I go there…Well if you think it came from somewhere else please educate me.

      • guest

        I love it once again actions speak louder than words but in this case my words speak louder than anyone can respond to–the truth hurts and is always shown more when in the spotlight. so anybody out there with a response.I challenge any to tell me how anything I've stated is not a true statement. And please let it be intelligent.

        • fabzzz

          Gangster violence doesn't come from Rap. Every art form has the special job of not only being a product of society but influencing it as well. The same could be said for rap. Yes, people rap about violence – is it the cause? – by that I mean the root, only after rap someone got shot? – absolutely not.

          There is violence because there is drug-dealing, which stems from abject poverty.
          There is terrible education which stems from abject poverty.
          There is alienation which stems from, oh you know where….

          Rap is an art, and art is a refuge. We have to appreciate it in that space, not use it as a deflection against the problems of our society.

  • L. Froehlich

    I thought this was a Celtic sports forum leave the gun agenda for the politicians in Washington you are all fruitcakes

    • greenboner

      there are way more fruitcakes in boston than i even knew.the type of guys who would rather be shot by an armed robber than raise a gun with their limp wrist.

  • maraline

    Criminals will ALWAYS carry weapons…gun laws only hurt the rest of us…I don't now, nor ever HAVE carried a weapon, other than my Irish temper, which actually I have had to use in the face of a gun pointed at ME and/or my ten year old son at least twice…by strangers with idiotic gripes such as my son's radio was too loud, or that I had the audacity to take a woman [who came pounding on my door at 2AM] to the police station so she could report her lover boy for assaulting their child…so you see CRIMINALS will always torment us with weapons…does that make this playa a criminal? If the story is TRUE I'd say YES, but who knows…his ex could just be a royal you know what….does it mean we shouldn't be allowed to carry weapons? NO….although I still have no inclination to do so….but I do know what it feels like to have one pointed at me….IT PISSES ME OFF !!!!!

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