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As we await Kevin Garnett’s decision about whether or not he will play a 7th season with the Boston Celtics, an important physical limitation has been avoided for the big man. After laboring through the last couple months of the season with a foot/ankle injury, which caused him to miss much of the regular season, surgery for Garnett appeared imminient in the offseason on the ailment.

Now according to a report from Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald, Garnett will able to heal the bone spurs with the aid of rest and recuperation:

The Celtics still don’t know whether Kevin Garnett will be playing basketball next season, but if he does, the veteran is obviously hoping offseason rest will solve the left foot and ankle problems that dogged him for a part of this past season.

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge reports that Garnett will not go under the knife to deal with bone spurs and other issues.

“I think there was some question whether he was going to have surgery on his foot,” said Ainge. “but the last I heard, which was a few days ago, is that he won’t need surgery.”

Ainge reiterated yesterday, as the workout portion of the NBA combine concluded, that the Celts are giving Garnett time to weigh his career options. This follows the club’s own need for time to see what type of roster it may be able to put around the big man, who turns 37 tomorrow.

So what can we expect out of Garnett moving forward?

Based on his comments after the Celtics’ elimination, I’m still of the mind that we will say KG in Boston next year, although a lot of that would be reliant on Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers returning as well. I just don’t see the motivation for KG to start over somewhere at this point in his career, or stay the course in Boston without Pierce besides him. I don’t see how the C’s are a better team next year without PP (despite his awful playoff performance) and I have the feeling KG is of the same mind.

Kevin’s voice should have a say in what route Ainge is willing to pursue next. He’s not going to trade Paul away for nothing if it means KG is gone too. How much sway that will have on the C’s moves though remains to be seen.


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • elroz

    PP suffered from an additional burden when Rondo went out. Don't forget that PP had a very good rebounding season and an above average assist season, though with the latter, the turnovers crept in as well. This was PP's best rounding season since 2005-2006. Best assist season since 2003-2004 (which was his best assist season ever). His 3-pt FG% was better than 2010-11 and 2011-2012 seasons. PP CAN DO STUFF for your team – score, here, rebound there, etc. especially when Rondo is playing.

  • chris m

    have a great summer knick fans

  • cos

    I'm not so sure regarding the second to last sentence here. I really wouldn't put it past DA to trade PP for young asset(s) and or picks, knowing KG would ask to be traded or retire if pauls moved. Then a tank job, or something close to it to get into the lottery for the supposed best draft in ages.

    I'd be disappointed if KG and PP especially if they weren't there next season but DA is on record as saying to be good you either have to get stars either through trade, free agency or draft. no ones coming via free agency this year and theres nothing in the cupboard to trade for a star. I hate to say it but I really get the feeling DA is aiming for the 2014 draft option.

    • elroz

      hmmm… maybe .. who knows

      could they tank with Rondo and Green in the line-up? I guess.

      But after 2013-14, they will have freed up money, KG will probably not play after 2013-2014…PP will probably not be with the Celtics after the next season.

  • Marko

    Everyone says it is good that KG won't have surgery. If he comes back next season what is to prevent the bone spurs from bothering him again? Ray (he who must not be named) Allen had a similar problem, had off season surgery and had one of his best injury free seasons. I wish he does have surgery.

  • Doc Rob

    Why don’t they simply restructure the contract of Pierce or KG or both in a way that gives the C’s cap space while paying out the $ due them over time? Brady has done that for the Pats more than once.

  • Jim Krecje

    I do not think NBA contracts work the way it does where you can pay a go 20 mil in a bonus and only take a 4 mil a year cap hit. The NBA contracts are structured a bit differently .

  • check12check

    i think kg should get the surgery so he isnt impacted next season. remember what bone spurs did to ray?

    nba players are starting to play older, but not be the players they once were. i think we will start to see a trend where players around 32-33 will make contracts where they earn more in the first year and the amount diminishes

  • Josh_5

    KG doesn't play next year unless Pierce is in green.