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Out of Gas: Knicks 88, Celtics 80

After playing three of their worst quarters of the season, the Celtics, as they have for the past five seasons, made it interesting. It wasn’t enough. There will be a lot of questions and time for analysis later, for this series and offseason. For now, give it up for these guys. They fought with Celtics pride.

Full postgame reaction from the TD Garden upcoming throughout the night from Brendan and I. Stay tuned.

  • someguyinsac

    Fought the good fight till the end even though we played a lot of games without our point guard. Danny, bring back PP and KG next year for one last go around, they've busted their butts for us for the last 6 years and they deserve a proper send off.

  • DWalsh

    great game and setting a foundation for the young guys. grit and balls

  • I_Love_Green

    The most awful worst ridiculously bad amazing incredible unbelievable depressing game ever. I'm still trying to process what just happened, and just can't do it. This team is a roller coaster ride from hell honestly. But sometimes that ride from hell can be really damn fun, and that's what keeps me coming back. I know we won't dominate teams anymore and its always going to be a battle, but I'll never count this group out again if we get them back. Its just unreal how we're dead, SO dead, down 26 points with 9 minutes dead, and somehow find life!

    I love this team, I love these players, I love this city, and I love these fans. The Boston Celtics may be out of the playoffs, but that zombie apocalypse is right around the corner. We'll be back.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I was telling everyone I was watching the game with last night around 10 minutes to go that the Knicks were looking a little glassy eyed. I saw the run coming. Just too bad they couldn't seal the deal; but if this is the last time we see these guys again, they went down swinging like they always have.

  • Had22B

    We fought, fought and fought! Love the fact that the fans stayed, despite being down 22+ pts. The comeback was epic, I got emotional and cried.
    Celtics Pride

  • High Rollers

    It will probably be forgotten but we almost pulled off the single biggest playoff game comeback in history. Very “did that just happen”? The details might be forgotten, but like B.Robb said, the pride and fight were on full display. And that won’t EVER be forgotten. I’ve never seen character go through so many evolutions and still be there when the dust settles, identifiable, by the names KG, Paul Pierce, Celtics. I still like our team.

    • Emax


  • Mark

    Not to be a downer but Ainge has to cut the cord this offseason. Heart and Celtic Pride are nice but they don’t win championships alone. You need talent and the two best of three being over 36 isn’t close to enough. This team would have been better off in the lottery. Salary cap wise this team is also screwed for a few years.

    • someguyinsac

      I've read that even if they ditch those two "ancient" players, it still won't be much help cap wise. I say keep them and have them groom the players that will replace them.

      • kg215

        I'm not in favor of getting rid of them (gotta sign a legit young big somehow to help KG and Green can go back to backing up Pierce/6th man) but it would help the cap quite a bit. KG is very tradeable if he keeps playing, he may also retire if Pierce leaves. Pierce is only guaranteed for 5 million, he can be waived to go to a contender. Our other best player Rondo is a bargain at 11mil/year. The next biggest contracts are Jeff Green at 9mil/year and Bass at 6.5mil/year, nothing really destroying our cap space. We are not screwed at all in terms of salary cap, Danny is pretty cautious about over committing these days. We let Posey go, we let Tony Allen go, we traded Perkins, etc. all of those things were because he did not want to over commit.

    • Mark

      Wow, I get thumbs down for pointing out the obvious. The run is over guys. It was fantastic and KG and Pierce deserved multiple championships but it didn't happen. This team lacks 1st and 2nd option talent on this team. KG and Pierce can be that in the regular season, to a point, but the playoffs are a different animal and they just don't have it. Bring them back next season and they are a 7/8 seed with a first round exit. The Pierce/KG era was never going to end on a good note. Let it end now while they both have dignity. They way they lost last night leaves them with that.

  • Lantrell Walker

    Kick ass performance in the 4th. Just when we were all ready to pronounce, they showed a major pulse, they didn't get the win but they showed that the heart that made them champs is still more than alive and well and still beating.

  • elroz

    Pierce CANNOT carry a team anymore – he needs Rondo, he needs Doc to figure out how to use Green and the bench. The team is not old – Rondo, Sully, Bradley, Lee, Bass, Green – these are young players.

    Terry is a veteran =- but that doesn't matter since he doesn't play heavy minutes anyhow.

    KG is invaluable next season at 24 min a game. The talk about being old basically ignores that all but 3 guys on the team are young…of the three guys, only two play 30 minutes or more. It is using Bass, Sully, Green, Lee (WTF?!), Bradley, and Rondo that's the issue and the goal – use them right. KG and PP are not the issues. Replacing KG or PP with some young dudes that will go and stink it up is not the solution. I would send Terry, Crawford, and 16th pick to move up in the draft or as a trade.

    Pierce just finished what might be his worst playoff performance in years – this 6 game series saw him lay a ton of brick and turnovers. You got PP and Green – they both don't need to be utterly spent.

    Not having RR hurt – he helps create shots, he makes the opposing PG play Defense.

    Carmelo showed once again why he is a scoring "champion": – he just shoots a ton of shots and about 1/3-2/5 go in – does not belong in the same conversation as Durant and LeBron and Kobe (even now that is). Plain and simple.

  • Switcharoo

    Amazing g comeback in the 4th. I didn’t hold much hope for them down by almost 30 but damn if they didn’t go on a tear to bring to within four, holy crap that was incredible! These guys have so much heart and pride and that’s what I love about the Celtics, other teams would have folded but these guys hung in there till the last possession.
    Thanks for another season PP and KG, I hope your back for another run.
    I LOVE THIS TEAM! win or lose and that’s not going to change.

  • Y.watkins

    Its was a great game bosten celtics have all the heart they need you win some you loose some butat the end of the game were playing basketball see you next year much love gooooo bosten

  • hydrofluoric

    Seeya next season!!!

    • janos

      yes we are be back it is date

  • High Rollers

    Check out Jeff Green's Twitter Profile Pic. Total respect for #5. Good man, Jeff. And that's definitely the right guy to look up to.

  • yeah

    Should just be WarriorsHub for the rest of the playoffs, go go Golden State!

    • someguyinsac

      If I had to pick a team I'd want to win it all from here on out, I'd go with the Spurs since Duncan's the other old warrior on the verge of going to pasture.

  • check12check

    on the one hand i am proud of the 4th quarter fight, but on the other hand I am really mad about how we lost this game. the Knicks were not playing well tonight, but we were playing out of our minds bad. If you were to hear the knicks had 39 points going into the half, wouldn't you think that meant we had a pretty nice lead? today that meant we were down 12. the worst part is that our D wasn't even good. we got lucky that the knicks only had 39, and that showed when they started raining shots on us in the third. Then it was like the Cs went…..oh…..we should play basketball. I thought it started with KG and PP in the 3rd. that pass that Pierce made to KG in the post when he was initially looking for the fade was killer. they had other great plays too. Put we were kind of the anti-spurs this year. pop can get the best out of any player and we got next to nothing out of guys who have been good plays in the past. Except for Green. that dude started poorly, but by the end of the season he had it going. also, sully was developing nicely before he got hurt.

    rooting for the spurs or grizz to win it this season now.

  • Pauper

    If Pierce and KG come back I wish they'd look into the same knee procedure that Kobe had in Germany. It seemed to allow him to turn the clock back 3 years.

  • Mike

    It's really too bad we didn't Jason Collins tonight. The Knicks would have totally had to prepare for the back door which would have allowed Pierce and Co. to get open on the front end of things.


    Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

    • The Green Machine

      Idiot, y'all r gonna get BARRIDOS!!!!


        you are fucking idiot that even was thinking that old celtics are championship contenders

        • The Green Machine

          Prepare to get swept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CELTICS HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The Green Machine

          RETARD ALERT!!! Walmart's biggest dumbass!

    • emg

      the knicks have a good deal of firepower this year. they fielded 10 people and we fielded 7. three of our starters were approx 35 or older. there is nothing i see from this knicks team that would make me feel proud if I was a knicks fan. they're not a very good team and one gets a sense that they know it. if the Celtics had any single Knicks player added to their team the Celtics would have blown the Knicks away. The knicks are a mercenary franchise and always seem to be a very poor franchise. you don't get good players saying "I want to be a knick for life" because there is nothing that it is to be a Knick. It's like saying you want to raise a family in a Holiday Inn. this could change, but it clearly remains true right now. Every Knicks fan knows that this series was not a victory because it laid bare that the franchise still remains empty of authority, soul, and meaning. I'm not saying this stuff to be aggressive to you Knicks fans reading this, I'm just saying it because it's factual and interesting.

    • The Green Machine

      RETARD ALERT!!! Walmart's biggest dumb ass!

  • emg

    i watched doc, pierce, kg's interviews and i'm getting a vibe that danny is going to let pierce go.

  • geo

    The Celtics could not put the ball in the basket, yet Doc REFUSED to switch up the lineups, i love doc, but man do i blame this loss and many of our troubles this year on his stubborness to let people step up. sure people will say he gave terrence williams a deserved shot, but mainly based on size matchups at the guard position.
    just put in your bench bigs to get hard fouls, especially with guys like felton who where burning their man, would have thought twice about going for an easy layup. (still wish he had given Darko a chance)
    so frustrating, i honestly would rather see Doc go before Pierce or Garnett..

    • boston bobby

      Totally agree with Doc leaving. Doc is a great guy great coach, but the team is changing and a new philosophy is needed. PP looked 80 years old this series, he had trouble dribbling and just staying on his feet very hard to watch. KG is still valuable in a reduced roll. Need to get a athletic big that can run and play D. We need to become a running team. Good luck Danny you have work to do.

  • tbunny

    The Celtics got absolutely slaughtered on offense because they didn't have a point guard. Look at the way the Knicks were able to mercilessly attack any ball handlers above the three point line.

    I think if they had played with just an average point guard, they would have won this series. But without that, there was no way they were going far in these playoffs. Danny Ainge needs to get a grade for this game, and I would give him a bad one.

    • janos

      hi bunny

  • stk

    i hope Danny has more sense than those who would judge a team’s viability when missing two of its best young players. When Sully and Rondo come back, they should move Pierce to the bench and start Green, and this team–rondo,bradley, green, sully, kg, with bass, pierce, terry et. al, off the bench will learn to be effective. If fab melo develops into 8 mins and we add one more piece in the draft, we are good, deep, and can keep developing young talent under veteran leadership. I hope they keep it together….

  • stk

    you could swap Bass for Sully in starting line-up. I just like Sully’s post play and rebounding…

  • janos

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