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Kevin Garnett is Rebounding Like There’s No Tomorrow

The standout performances from Boston’s Game 5 win were numerous. Brandon Bass played stellar basketball on both ends of the floor. Jeff Green hit clutch treys in the fourth quarter. Jason Terry proved his worth again with his outside shooting. The C’s needed all of these guys to come through to extend their season at least one more game and they delivered.

Just like the past five seasons though, no player meant more to the Boston Celtics though than Kevin Garnett. No player wanted it more either.

“It was a Game 7 mentality,” Garnett said after the win. “It’s an all-out mentality. There’s no tomorrow. We need to go out there and play. We put ourselves down 3-0 and we have to work our way out of it now.”

Great players lead by example and no one is doing a better job of putting on his hard hat and making things happen right now than the Big Ticket.

Defensively, he’s anchoring a squad that has kept the Knicks’ offense at bay for five straight games, holding them to a paltry 39.4 percent shooting last night.

Offensively, he scored 16 points, including a clutch jumper over Tyson Chandler off a double pump fake to put the game away for Boston.

Yet, there’s been no part of Garnett’s game that has stood out more than his rebounding. KG’s doing better work on the glass in this series, than any other postseason in his career.

In Game 5, Garnett tied his season-high with 18 rebounds. The only other game he matched that number with 18 boards came in a triple-overtime win over the Nuggets back in February.

The superb rebounding is not an isolated incident though for Game 5. It was his third consecutive game with 17+ rebounds in this series. He’s leading all rebounders this postseason, averaging 14.4 rebounds per game in just 34.2 minutes per game.

Doc Rivers wasn’t shy when pointing out how crucial KG has been in this series by keeping the Knicks off the offensive glass in Game 5.

“Whenever they get an offensive rebound, they find a three-point shooter. It is amazing how they do it. Kevin Garnett, we extended his minutes tonight, was fantastic. We gave him a little rest in the middle of the fourth quarter so he could finish the game strong. His rebound and his presence has been amazing for us,” Rivers exclaimed.

A deeper dive into the numbers tells a more incredible story about Garnett’s effectiveness. The Big Ticket grabbed 44.4 percent of all available defensive rebounds while he was on the floor last night. For the postseason, he’s grabbed 41.5 percent of those defensive boards.

Those are far and away Garnett’s best rebounding numbers in his postseason career, and could very well be the best five-game rebounding stretch of his entire Hall-of-Fame career. So how exactly has KG been doing this?

“I have no idea,” he admitted postgame.

For some perspective, that’s not just Reggie Evans good rebounding the ball. It’s better. He’s actually doing a better job than the master Evans himself this postseason. Brooklyn’s power forward clocks in with a 40 percent defensive rebounding rate. He led the league in DRR during the regular season at 38 percent by a landslide.

Despite the stellar play, Garnett wants no accolades. He knows the C’s job is far from done.

“We’re still down 3-2. The next game we lose is it,” Garnett reasoned. “I don’t know what everybody is talking about with getting comfortable, feeling good. We’re down 3-2. It’s not like we even it up and are going back home.”

It’s unclear whether the Celtics will make history in this series. Just know while they attempt to, the 36-year-old Garnett is making some of his own.

You know, while he’s out there, scrapping.

  • IBleedGreen

    That's why I have three KG jerseys hanging on my wall.

    • Josh_5

      Holler!! Thats why I have over 100 sports cards of his!

    • celtics are done

      did you by them while he sucked playing in Minnesota

      • Switcharoo

        “Did you ‘BY’ them…”? Son if your gonna try and heckle someone at least learn proper English. Now go drink some more Melo Yellow and GTFO

      • IBleedGreen

        I actually did buy his Minnesota jersey when he was the MVP and the best player on the planet.

        • celtics are done

          good for you
          now you can hang on this jersey

  • Rav

    Did a quick Basketball Reference search. For players who played at least 5 playoff games that season, the highest playoffs defensive rebounding percentage is KG's 41.5%. Full list at link below.

    By the way, Reggie Evans's regular season DRB% (or DRR) of 38.0% is the best-ever (since '73-'74, at least, the first season with DRB% data)

  • IBleedGreen

    This is fascinating:

    Anthony has shot an NBA-high 69 midrange jumpers so far in the playoffs, according to NBA.com/stats. The second-place guy? Carlos Boozer with 38. Yes, Anthony has almost doubled the number of midrange jumpers than the next-highest player. In fact, Anthony has taken more midrange jumpers (69) than the Heat (67 in four games), Bucks (66 in four games) and the Rockets (46 in six games).

    This bears repeating: Anthony has taken 23 more midrange shots than the entire Rockets team.

    • fabzzz

      Good numbers dude. I wonder if that is mostly from the last two games, or if he finally started missing them in the last two games.

  • IBleedGreen

    After the first 3 games, I thought Carmelo might be able to put together a Dirk-like playoff run. But nah, he's no Dirk.

  • skeeds

    God I hope KG never retires. I'd pay him to walk up and down the court barking at people even if he wasn't playing like this…

    • Josh_5

      Amen. This guy is our century's Bill Russell. I hope everyone realizes the privilege we have of watching one of the top 20 guys to ever touch a basketball.

      • GymRat


  • IBleedGreen

    Crawford to Carmelo: My boy F'ed your wife. Read his lips.

  • olivier


  • fishing style

    tomorrow is fishing ad possible retirement
    so actually there is no tomorrow

    • CelticsBIG3

      You have time to read what you type and you still sound like a f'n idiot. How do you actually SPEAK? What a piece of trash.

      • celtics are done

        yes i do have time to read
        fuck you too

    • CG12

      I'm confused. Is there, or is there not, a tomorrow? Because I got plans and stuff, and I really need to know if there is going to be a tomorrow or not. Apollo Creed says that there IS no tomorrow, and that is good enough for me.

  • GymRat

    Add to that KG is a perfect 15 for 15 from the line.

  • ash

    as a celtic fan,,I will miss Garnett when he retires.. The entire NBA will miss him when he retires. I think his passion for the game is higher then ever. KG recently said "I can only play at 100%, if i know in my heart I am not competing it will eat me alive". You don't see many players at 37 playing at 100% and leading the post season in rebounds at that age. He in certainly hated by a lot of haters for his intensity and sometimes un-called for antics will be missed by all. Off the court he is completely humble and loving person helping his fellow team mates by giving them advice and even money!

  • Swissflix

    KG is epic and this game just saved the season. Anything is possible!