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Ain’t Done Yet: Celtics 97, Knicks 90 (OT)

After a third quarter collapse where the Knicks outscored the Celtics 30-14 to carve away all but 5 points of Boston’s 19-point halftime lead, and a fourth quarter where Boston surrendered the rest of it, Jason Terry finally had his big Celtics moment, hitting a huge three-ball in overtime to push the C’s ahead for good. Other notables: Kevin Garnett pulled down 17 rebounds in 37 foul-plagued minutes and Paul Pierce emerged from his funk to put up 29 points on 20 shots.

It’s 3-1 with Game 5 set for Wednesday night in New York.

Romy has full grades on the way.

  • IBleedGreen

    Someone please convince why Bradley should be in Celtics uniform next season

    • janos

      becase he is lead charge us win 15 more game this playof

    • fabzzz

      Because he's still growing. It was only a little over a year ago we were talking about his All-star ceiling. A full training camp, some injury free months, and a point guard can be a huge help to Bradley. Besides that atrocious third quarter, Bradley has been a great on ball defender, he has a jump shot, and is a proven cutter. I still have faith he can grow, if anything he's proven he will never be an all-star. But a very effective member of the rotation? Sure.

      But if we needed to throw him in a package to a get a big man? I'd probably do it.

    • GymRat

      I think AB still needs to grow…and his ideal role is probably as a role player (defensive stopper) off the bench. He's not a PG, and I don't see him as a starting 2 with his offense being so limited unless you've got 4 big time scorers surrounding him.

      In his defense, this is his first playoffs at one of the toughest positions in the game against a team that has some really great defensive guards with lightning quick hands. They've been making Pierce look like he can't dribble or hold onto the ball. That said he's made some ridiculous boneheaded plays and has a surprisingly low BBIQ for somebody who makes such great and well-timed cuts. He also has no confidence handling the ball and is a turnover waiting to happen.

      He's on his rookie deal and I don't see him getting a max contract so he's cap friendly and if he is able to grow offensively he's a great bargain.

  • janos

    is good ryan post today better news usual complain this or that

  • celtics are done

    it is gonna be done in nyc
    no worries

    • fabzzz

      so unworried that you feel the need to come here and post?

  • Had22B

    Bass did an OUTSTANDING job on Melo

  • celtics are done

    JR SMITH will take care of TERRI AGAIN

    • someguyinsac

      You saying Smith is going to miss game 6 too?

  • I_Love_Green


  • GymRat

    So was Bass just taking a nap on D all season long? Suddenly he's a beast and the best defender against the best scorer in the game. Glad he's bringing it now but WTF?

    • dslack

      He has always been a good individual defender. He's still not a great team defender, but Melo doesn't pass much so it works well to stick Bass on him.

    • jman

      Best scorer in the game.lmao. oh yeah I forgot, refs give melo love. Sometimes even more than James gets. Jesus in one possession Menlo has all his weight on Pierce and wasn't called. Unreal. Refs tried to take this game and the C's managed to take the game. Sorry Stern, the boy's disrupted your plans. For all of you that want Kg and Pierce to retire after this need to re-think your strategy for the team. If Danny and Doc can persuade them to take a smaller role and have Paul take the money hit next season we'll have a fantastic team next year.

      And this series if we lose is on Doc. He miss-used his talents but shit happens. To me it was a great season regardless what happens. Thanks for the entertainment Celtics.

  • High Rollers

    At the end of the day, C’s had more grit and character than flaws and fumbles. That’s all I needed to know.

  • Japmanpreet Singh

    finally terry and pierce do something. the Celtics still have a slim chance to win this series.


    This game shouldn't have even gone to OT. We should have easily coasted to a win with a 20 pt lead heading into the 3rd, but once again, like 2 previous games in this series — Doc is sitting and twiddling his thumbs while watching the lead evaporate. Doc is basically running a 6 man rotation with 2 players past retirement. 50+ minutes for Green/Pierce, 40+ for Terry/KG/Avery? How long can this go on?

    I like Avery, but he has no reason to play 40 mins in a game. He doesn't provide any offense and he is getting manhandled by the likes of Ray "Pilsbury" Felton and JR on defense. Williams/Lee/Crawford are all better on offense, better ball handlers. I especially feel Williams is getting the biggest shaft out of all the guards, he is a gem that will shine given the proper opportunity and minutes.

    Next, KG and Bass is getting no relief at all. Knicks are thin on the front lines, so what do we do? Play to their strengths. Shav and Wilcox getting no minutes, when especially Shav can provide a valuable 10-15 minutes with rebounds, hustle, and tip ins.

    We have the tightest, minute heavy rotation in the whole playoffs. We are running halfcourt ISO sets. Some of that might work for Knicks, because they got shot creators in Carmelo and JR, but we have none. Time to go back to film, and see what was working for us earlier in the season. Spread, transition offense with a 9-10 man rotation. Ball movement. Cut down on all this slow, ugly, ISO basketball. It is not pretty to watch and ineffective. Time, effort, and money was spent scraping up bodies for the post-season, and yet, Doc has not trusted, integrated, and played them.

    Someone please wake Doc up! When a reporter asks you, what adjustments and changes will be made and you reply, "I am not sure yet. I honestly don't know", you know we have a SERIOUS problem. Knicks have the best player in the series in Carmelo (I don't care what anyone says, right now he is in his prime and nearly impossible to stop when he gets going), but we have more overall talent — there is no reason we should be down 3-1, almost at the brink of a sweep.

    Oh and one last thing, game winning play drawn up by Doc? Pierce ISO, surprise!

  • stk

    I realize wilcox and randolph arent all-stars, but they could bring energy, fouls, rebounds, to help keep our other front-line players fresh and in the game…please doc: trust and use your bench….cant count on melo to keep missing….