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For Dear Life: Celtics 76, Knicks 90

The Celtics are clinging to their season with arthritic finger tips.  A combination of ineffective offense and the Knicks making enough shots demolished the C’s tonight.  Another performance anywhere close to this one and that grip will slip.

  • IBleedGreen

    Celtics in 7

    • janos

      i agree this ones

  • someguyinsac

    That should be a picture of the Celtics shooting the ball into the ocean and missing it, if you're asking me.


    What is the most frustrating part is, Doc still doesn't know how to rotate players. Shavlik could easliy grab boards and get some tip-ins (also brings hustle, energy), Terrence is the best passer we have/athletic/has a jump shot, Wilcox hasn't sniffed the floor, etc. When we finally have young, fresh legs on the bench, Doc refuses to use them. How can you expect Green/KG/Pierce to play 40+ mins a night and be productive for that long? KG and Pierce are on the last ropes. We have went away from what worked for us earlier in the season. The slow, ISO basketball relies on high level of execution and good shot creators – both of which we don't have. This is what I always said about Doc, and I still stick by it. "He can be a good coach, but he will never be a great coach." Doc is a motivator, and that is what he thrives on. When it comes to playbook, thats where coaches like Pop, Thibs, Carsile, etc shine. They milk the best out of their talent, something Doc will never be able to achieve.

    In 2008, the real coach was Thibs behind the scenes (fastest coach to 100 wins, COTY, making the best of out that anemic CHI team this postseason). The Big Three, the up and coming Rondo, the awesome bench, the defensive mentality brought in by KG and cemented by Thibs. That was a team to watch and Doc got a lot more credit than he deserved for that run.

    • GymRat

      I have no idea why he isn't giving Shavlik run. I would have loved to see him out there (certainly couldn't have hurt), but that wouldn't have won the game and in all fairness to Doc, he tried a lot of things tonight, but it was clear it wasn't making a difference. Nobody on the bench is an explosive reliable scorer (including Crawford) in the same mold of JR Smith and the trade off is the defensive rotations weren't crisp, players looked lost, and there were lots of guys on the offensive end running cuts or screens that actually brought an extra defender into the play and lead to turnovers.

      Sure maybe Shav puts up 4 or 6 points off offensive boards, and maybe with more run T-Will puts up as much as 8. But that's not going to win the game either. The real problem is this team needs Pierce, KG and Green to all play at an elite level to compete and that just hasn't happened.

      If Rondo didn't elevate his play and put up huge numbers every night, we would have never hung in there with Miami. You need your stars to play like stars and above and beyond their season numbers to win in the playoffs (unless you're clearly the dominant team).

      I don't doubt the pinched nerve and all the other countless injuries to PP are effecting him. He just couldn't get it going, and without him putting up big numbers – it's just not going to happen no matter who Doc puts on the floor. There's a reason Crawford was on the bench on a terrible team like Washington and that Shav and T-Will played in China and it wasn't that they can win NBA playoff games.

      • MSTRKRFT

        There is a reason our bench players are looking somewhat lost. Doc had plenty of time to integrate those players during the season, even for limited 10-15 minutes. When Rondo went down, then Sully and Barbosa — Danny didn't go out and get players to waste money and have fun, it was to replace those players to a certain extent.

        Next Doc has no trust in his bench players (how can you, when you never play them and build their confidence?). How motivating can that be? Tonight Doc didn't try too many new things. Doc just threw Williams as a last hope late in the game, as if that will work. He can't even be himself, because Doc wants him to playmake and distribute (when in reality, he is also offensively gifted).

        We had only ONE big man sub off the bench, which was Bass, who is an undersized big man. This is pathetic.

        Look at the three games and look at the minutes distribution –l see how much the starters are getting burned? Look at the stat sheet for all the other playoff teams and see how they get relief from the bench in minutes. Doc is CLUELESS, read my lips: C L U E L E S S. Doc refused to integrate his bench players, now he is paying for it.

        We are a team that thrives in transition and with ball movement. We have no playmaker (Pierce is a liability now). Despite such a glaringly obvious fact, we still run half court ISO. I can ramble on, but there is no point, BUT for the sake of KG and Pierce's career, let it not be a sweep. If this is infact KG's last season, don't let him leave the same way Phil left LAL.

        • WTF

          Totally agree! Doc is no match for Pop. Taking away a few offensive tricks that he has and his big mouth, he's not even a good coach, at least not a good coach that can build a team or bring a team together. He coaches superstars, well the Cs do not have the superstars now and you saw what just happened. If you have superstars, everyone can be a good coach doing little except for D'Antoni.

  • chris m

    Shooting stats for 3 games: Green 19/43 44%, Bradley 10/23 43%, Pierce 20/49 40%, Garnett 13/34 38%, Crawford 6/16 38%, Bass 5/13, Terry 7/22 32%, Lee 1/4 25%

  • check12check

    sorry to say it, but the best we can hope for this season is not to lose it on our home floor

  • chris m

    One last stat: Wilcox vs. Martin: Wilcox 6min 2 reb,Martin 68 min 24 reb 7 blk 18 pts

    • dslack

      Yeah, but who needs players like Martin?

      • GymRat

        Um, we do.

  • Mark

    Weak draft or not the lottery would have been better than this garbage.

    My usual target, Bradley, isn't worth my scorn.

  • james patrick

    Avery Bradley = Matt Cassel Unfortunately.

    • janos

      hi james patrick

      • james patrick

        hi janos!

  • Ian

    Avery Bradley isn't a superstar. Period. I don't know why we made him out to be. Terry doesn't fit in our offense, what ever it is. Hopefully we can win two games so this isn't a complete sweep.

  • Kafel

    As bad as it sounds this is end of the road.. With this type of basketball by C's sweep is very possible. On another day I would say this team can still win it in 7 games but not now, not when they can't score 80 fucking points in a game! Game at home, there should be sense of urgency, desperation and we get 31 point in first half?! Give me a break!

    On the other hand They are without their PG and Bradley is disaster on the offensive ends ( he really shot bricks ). But what is the worst thing – I don't see Celtics pride on this team besides KG right now.

    • Mark

      Problem is you only have two guys playing that understand what Celtic pride is. KG and Pierce.

  • stk

    “I have no idea why he isn’t giving Shavlik run. I would have loved to see him out there (certainly couldn’t have hurt), but that wouldn’t have won the game”???

    Unfortunately, we’ll never know. This humiliating sweep is on Doc. He made the same mistake last year: not enough run for the bench in the playoffs. KG and PP one year older and no Rondo and Allen and this is what it is if KG and Pierce and a guy a year off heart surgery are expected to go 40 mins each. Doc and Danny are guards, and they havent stocked up on bigs (see not signing KMart as Exhibit Y) but we have more small off guards–not one back up pg–than the entire atlantic conference. Our starting 5 should be Allen/Lee/Green/KG/Wilcox. PP, BB, randolph and crawford/williams or terry off the bench (I’d go JC/TW in this series, but Doc loves the elderly even when theyre slumping shooters with bone spurs who repay him by bolting to Miami…). Doc has forgotten more about basketball than i could learn in three lifetimes, but he is missing the obvious as it stumbles and limps right in front of his face. His most grizzled warriors need reinforcements and they need to be deployed on shorter missions. Wilcox and randolph could have helped KG handle this worn down version of Chandler and put some sting back on KMart. The fact that doc didnt even use those guys with kg in foul trouble is inexcusable…I do love danny and doc. they seem like thoughtful, considerate, decent guys, but they are old shooting guards through and through….and that along with sully and rondo going down killed the chance for at least a decent showing in the first round….I’m at least hoping Rondo learned something watching from the bench and next year he lets his talented teammates play instead of trying to lead the league in assists while the team is sub-500…

  • stk

    Just watched the Knicks nealy eat up all of the Celts 20 pt lead in the third quarter of game 4. Even with the whole front line in foul trouble Wilcox doesn’t get put in until the last minute of the quarter…