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Doc Rivers Fined $25,000 For Criticizing Officials After Game 2

Not much went right for Doc Rivers and company after the team’s first two games. Today, things got a little worse for the head coach as well. The NBA announced they would be fining Rivers 25,000 dollars for his comments after Game 2’s loss.

“I thought the fouls on Kevin were horrendous and had a huge effect on us. He never got in his rhythm when you could see he was going to have a good game. It hurt us,” Rivers said following the beatdown in New York City.

Perhaps realizing his comments were harsh, Doc tried to backtrack a bit during yesterday’s conference call with the media.

“I didn’t think I said much and that could be a problem,” admitted Rivers. “Because all I basically said was, Kevin getting into foul trouble had a huge impact on the game. That’s not criticizing officials. So I’ve just got to make sure I focus on our stuff.”

A couple other odds and ends out of practice today.

Avery Bradley missed the start of practice, as reporters saw him walking through the lobby when practice was beginning. Danny Ainge clarified this afternoon in his interview on WEEI 93.7 FM that Bradley was getting treatment on his shoulder and took part in practice per usual.

Doc Rivers and company are looking forward to playing at home for the first time in two weeks: “The crowd always provides [energy], that’s why they call it a home-court advantage. They always provide you with energy. There’s no better crowd in the NBA than ours. There’s no better crowd in sports than this city. They are actually really invested. And that is the difference, and I’ve always said that,” Rivers said.

More potential rotation thoughts on the way tonight…

  • GymRat

    Didn't baby Bron-Bron rip the officials after Chicago snapped their 27 game winning streak for not protecting him? It's a rhetorical question, because – yes he did. And not only wasn't he fined, nobody even mentioned he was at risk of it.

    I love the hypocrisy of this league. Popovich rests his players and his team is fined $250,000. The Heat basically take the end of the season off after they wrap up the best record and that's considered business as usual.

  • CG12

    Doc also has recently concluded that the C's are over-relying on Paul Pierce on offense. Hmmm, interesting theory Doc. In related news, sky blue, water wet.

  • elroz

    If I were Danny Ainge, I would consider putting Terry and Crawford to either move up in the draft…or package them along with the 15th pick to get a quality player. I don't care what position, as long as he is borderline all-star or all-star.

    Next year they could have RR, Bradley, Lee and T. Williams as the back-court with PP sliding in there occasionally as Green will not be playing anything less than 30 mpg. So Terry and Crawford could go – neither can play D.