Post-game Reactions

The Celtics shortened up their rotation and after a crisp first half that inspired thoughts of Celtics teams of playoffs past, saw their offense dissolve in the second half. Boston scored only 25 points after the break to drop this first game to the Knicks.

Brendan saw it all live from MSG and he’ll be back soon with grades. In the meantime, let’s have your reactions to game one below.

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  • Ian

    Ray Allen or Jason Terry. Take your pick.

    • Jim

      Jason Terry has been one of the biggest reasons this team has finished where it did this season and why we lost today. The guy has had six months to turn it around. Every time he shoots I expect him to miss and miss he does. Wide open shot after wide open shot. I would keep him on the pine . He is a disaster. Play Crawford more. He can at least score. Our guards have been killing us. Yes I miss Ray Allen!!!

      • elroz

        Soo right…it hurts…soo right. what a f-ing waste this guy has been – with and without Rondo.

  • elroz

    This is how – YEAR AFTER YEAR – Doc and this team finishes their playoff 4th quarters. They did this in 2010 finals, they did this in 2011 in Miami, and then in 2012 in Miami…and the same thing here.

    Doc cannot coach an offense in the 4th quarter. It is a sad tale year after year. No matter whom Danny brings in…they all wither away. The Celtics need this game to have a chance to beat a better team… Jason Terry is the biggest wast of money since JO. If Danny makes just one move in the off-season, it should be to unload this weak link.

    • janos

      hav a faith elroy we are get this still is not need both win there ok thank yu

      • elroz

        ok… ok … but this just gave me flashbacks. … JET has got to this summer…HAS to go. Crawford and T. Williams would be much better.

        • janos

          am cnfidnets overall but this guy play like a garbage he is not deserve tatoo nba celtics they should take off him and put on first bus to minors

  • GymRat

    That was really the tale of two halves. Don't know why, but Boston come out in the second half flat and with no energy. The shot selection was horrible and we kept settling for contested jumpers instead of attacking the rim. What really made the difference was unforced turnovers (seriously Bradley has to be the worst passer in the league) and hustle plays (NY – especially Kidd – beat us to every lose ball and every snatchable rebound in that final quarter).

    It was a disapointing effort that second half as if the vets were all pacing themselves and saving it for a long series while Jeff Green unfortunately went back into his shell.

    Turning point of the game IMO was the end of the 3rd when we had a 7 point lead with under 1 minute to play. Pierce forces a terrible 3 pointer early in the clock instead of working the ball around for a good shot and setting us up for a 2 for 1. NYC goes on a 5 point run as a result and then found their flow.

    I'm hoping for the best in this series, but the C's can't afford to let winnable games like this slip by.

    This is a game where you can once and for all stiffle any talk that this team is better without Rondo. With AB, Jet and Lee playing the point nobody is getting the ball in the flow of the offense unless it's from PP or KG, Bradley can't even manage to make a pass into the post and our bench couldn't toss the ball in the ocean tonight.

    Damn I miss Rondo.

    • janos

      me too is so much miss of rondos us

  • hydrofluoric

    that 4th quarter really sucked. really, really sucked.

    need a lot more dribble penetration; need to isolate at the top of the key instead of on the wing (where jason kidd just obliterated us on the passing lanes)

    needed more jordan crawford and brandon bass, less jason terry

    what worries me is that first half went about as well as it could have and we blew it.

    • Jim

      How much less of Jason Terry can we take? The guy gives us nothing.I hope he is gone next year.

      • elroz

        omg…OMG this guy actually played worse in this playoff game than during the season…now that's something!

  • eyeball

    Play Shavlik Randolph

    • Pauper

      Why play him? Just because he was great for us since getting minutes? Why play him when we can run KG into the ground praying he has a rare throwback game? Doc, wake the F up! Ray isn't here and vintage 2008 PP and KG aren't walking through those doors. Get other guys some minutes and get creative. Why aren't we attacking Jason Kidd every time he's on the floor? Chandler is clearly hurting. Why aren't we going at the basket?

  • Emg

    Im happy with how the C's played.

  • I_Love_Green

    Never play Jason Terry for another minute ever again.

  • Ian

    That is what worries me to hydro. This is probably the last time we will hold them to 83 points. Where is the offense going to come from?

    • elroz

      JET's mouth..that's the offense.

  • Ian

    I knew we were over when everytime there was just a piece iso. That's always a sign that we are done.

  • Kgfor3

    Would like to see T-Will get a look in game 2. I hope KG can find his rhythm on those jumpers because those are usually money, could of used a few tonight.

  • Albert

    some (more) minutes for Shavlik and T-Will

  • janos

    was prefer me win the game 1 but is not require; only is require game two but then is also not require, total is just require, want. IS NOT SERIES proper, until is ROAD WIN for a team. so focus now game next

  • Mr. Roy


    #1 Eight Man Rotation
    All three players that came off the bench for Boston were guards (Crawford, Terry, Lee).
    Shavlik Randolph and Chris were both DNP (Coaching Decision).

    Three things arise from this:
    1) Knicks 10 to 4 edge over the Celtics in offensive rebounding.

    2) The second half fatigue was evident as Celtics scored a total of eight points in the fourth quarter.
    Jeff Green had 20 in the first half compared to 6 in the second half.

    3) The three guards together scored a total of 4 points. A player like Wilcox or Randolph gets you easy buckets in the paint. That didn't happen.

    #2 Shot Selection

    At one point in the fourth quarter, the Celtics had taken eleven shots – eight of them were outside of the paint. Relying on jump shots and three pointers late in the game, won't cut it.

    Turnovers – Celtics committed 20 turnovers. Just a lot of sloppy passes and plays.


    #1 The one plus was that in terms of points, this is what the Celtics want. A game with scores of under 90 points on both sides.

    #2 Free Throws – Celtics were perfect (19/19).

  • fishing in the may

    keep dreaming
    Celtics- lottery team ,not even in playoff at the west

  • High Rollers

    Excellent points from C-Hub readers.

    Just way too many mistakes down the stretch. “Make-Miss League” business bit us hard in the rear too.

    On to the next.

  • Josh_5

    20 turnovers and nobody having the balls to take some shots in the paint. We earned this loss.

  • IBleedGreen

    I fully expect to see KG and JT bounce back offensively next game. Keep up the good D and less Avery dumb passes, we got game 2.

    • elroz

      did you say JT ….wow…. I expect him to stink again and again

  • Pauper

    The problem as I see it is we're trying to win with the same formula from the past few years while the team is very different. PP and KG are still elite players but not elite offensive players anymore. If we are to win, we need to play like the nuggets with more guys involved as opposed to everyone staring in the fourth quarter as we hope to turn the clock back with PP iso's and KG post moves. Maybe running the offense through Green once in a while would free up more easy buckets for Pierce and KG. The offense was awesome and unpredictable when we focused on Green in the first half or ran cut plays with Bradley. Why we went back to the stagnant old offense in the 2H is very disappointing.

  • Pauper

    It pains me to say this because I'm one of the few Jason Terry fans but this guy should now realize why people practice. Ray Allen had bad games but you always knew when it counted you had a shot it was going in. With Terry now, I pretty much expect a clear miss.

  • WTF

    Boy, this is uglier than I expected. I'm afraid of a sweep.

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