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Manhunt Over

It’s been a really rough week. Speaking on behalf of the CelticsHub staff stationed in Boston (myself and Brian Robb), we’d like to thank the FBI, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Department, Cambridge Police Department, Watertown Police Department, and all of the other departments that came from all over New England to not only make us feel safe but also end this manhunt.  We would also like to thank Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino for keeping us periodically up to date.

Nothing about today was easy for the residents of Boston.  Brian and I couldn’t leave our respective apartments until about 6pm.  We were both up all night watching the news and wondering whether or not bombs were ready to go off around us or our loved ones.  Or whether or not the terrorists would head toward our direction.  We are extremely fortunate to have the brave men and women that we do.  Despite what you may have heard, Bostonians do not cower.

We would also like to acknowledge the doctors and other healthcare professionals who had to standby at hospitals in case of something catostrophic.  When everyone else was ordered a mandatory “work from home” day, they had to brave the locked-down areas and be prepared for the worst.  We have the best hospitals and healthcare professionals and I couldn’t be prouder of their impact on our community.

It’s also important to acknowledge the those that we’ve lost this week: Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and Sean Collier.  Our thoughts are with their families and everyone else who has been injured in the week’s wake of terror.  Please, please, please go to OneFundBoston.org and donate anything you can.  There are various other crowd-sourcing efforts around the interwebs that I’m sure are just as reputable but this is the official fund set up for the victims of this week.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many of those that need thanking but luckily there will be many opportunities in the coming weeks to give them their just due.  In the meantime, we will continue to love our city and the amazing people that inhabit it.  For every terrible act that occurred this week, there have been 1,000 moments that make you believe in the good of humanity.

For now, signing off from Jamaica Plain.

  • hydrofluoric

    Thanks for the update. Stay safe, and let's go Boston.

  • Youkilledkenny9

    God bless you guys up in Boston.

  • tbunny

    All this happened about a half mile from where I live.

    Let's talk Celtics for a bit. Basically the Celtics didn't win a good game after they beat the Pacers. They pretty much sucked for six weeks after that. Obviously starter were hurt/resting and it's not clear that many of the games really meant that much. But they didn't look good. The only possible bright spots I saw were some Crawford, Terry, Green, Randolph line ups. Am I crazy or did some of those line ups play some good up tempo basketball? Green and Terry seem to work well with Crawford pushing the ball, which is pretty much the only time Terry has worked well all season.

    Anyway, BRobb is pretty much the only national writer saying the Celtics are going to beat the Knicks, and he admits he's a homer. Nobody believes in them. They'll make allowances that KG and Pierce are playoff winners and then move on to talking about a Knicks-Heat ECF. And based on the way the season went, they have every reason to do that.

    But I still believe in Celtic Pride. I believe some guys are going to step up. I think Bass is going to bring it. I think Bradley and Green are going to be super hungry after missing the playoffs last year. And most of all, I still believe in Truth and KG.

    • hydrofluoric

      One thing that I think a lot of the writers on ESPN overlook is that it's very, VERY hard to beat Boston in *6* games. The Celtics have been eliminated only once on their home court in the KG era (albeit by a similar team, the '09 Magic) – but KG didn't even play in that game.

      I think the Celtics are much more likely to clinch on the road (2011) than are the Knicks.

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