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First Round Matchup Set: Bring on The Knicks!

It’s only fitting it comes to this. With the Knicks win over the Pacers this afternoon, New York has locked themselves into the second seed and a date with the Celtics in the first round of the postseason. Plenty of more thoughts and analysis to come here at the Hub…..

In the meantime, let’s take a fun walk down memory lane and check out a few of the Celtics-Knicks matchups over the past few years to build some confidence.

And just for fun, let’s hit the wayback machine.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel better about this matchup already. Real analysis on the way tomorrow….

  • Michael

    I don't have confidence on neither side······I actually worried about us getting swapped for quite some time
    Still, go C's

  • Kafel

    Celtics 4-2. No, really. Only if C's will be focused and won't make sloppy plays and keep TO down they can pull this upset for sure.
    Go C's!

    • melo mvp

      in your fucking dreams

      • janos

        show a respect

  • High Rollers

    C’s at MSG? Yes, I’ll have some more.

  • elroz

    I have no idea… NYK seem very strong, and their record attests to that. The Celtics are better than their record indicates, but NYK have wins in Miami and OKC, among others, so I don't know. It will come down to Celtics Defense against NYK offense. Pierce and Green must bring it on offensively – Green CANNOT just wonder around there, he has to make an offensive impact and force Melo and whoever to play D on him. If Green ends up just strolling around, the C's could lose the series rather fast. No point talking about Terry. I have no confidence in that guy.

  • melo mvp

    Knicks WILL sweep old celtics
    go Patrick Ewing,Go Melo

    • CelticsKnicksBeater

      Wow you call celtics old and you invoke Patrick Ewing? Well hope you don't cry to bed when Melo falls short again. :)

      • melo mvp

        you hope that Larry Bird will save you or Rassell
        of course KNICKS IS GONNA WIN

        • CelticsKnicksBeater

          How cute. :) You think Melo is going to save you? Hmmm how many times has he gone to the second round in 9 years? hmmm, yeah once. :) Good luck Knickies! You're gonna need it. 😉

          • check12check

            don't feed the trolls

    • janos


  • Zee

    This is NOT an easy first round. Anyone who thinks that, even a die-hard C's fan, is kidding themselves. This will be a battle for sure. We definitely would need Rondo and Barbosa, whom we DON'T have.

  • check12check

    Let's pretend we are playing texas hold-em with these playoff odds. I am chasing the Celtics, but I'm pretty sure the other guy has the knick in his hand, and the knick turned over in the flop. If I'm smart, I fold and concede this one. If I'm sorta drunk, I chase that SOB.

    In other words, I think there is like a 25-30% chance of the Celtics winning this series. Smart money is on the knicks if you ask me, but the C's can totally do this. The chance is slim, but I do believe they could ride a miracle to another championship this year

  • Rhyso

    Thing is, Pierce loves absolutely destroying the Knicks especially on their home floor so he is showing up this series. I give the them a 50% chance based on the fact NY have no inside scoring and rely on jump shots and 3's, you can't count or count out a team like that. They are a good offensive team no doubt, but average defensively. If the Celtics can limit turnovers and not give up second chance points, i would say they can definitely take this series. Green and Jr Smith are the X-factors in the series, i am concerned about containing Smith if he gets hot.

  • janos

    This is easy one us. that guy will be crying by end game 3

  • tbunny

    I think it's clear at this point that KG wasn't commenting on Melo's wife, he was saying Melo looks like Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios. Which he does.

  • melo mvp

    why you are so fucking naive
    it is not 2008 anymore

  • Josh_5

    Celtics win the series 4-2. Green will lock up Melo and the Knicks D will be nice and porous.

    Fun Fact: In 29 career games against Boston, Carmelo is 12-17 while shooting 41.7%.

    We Own Carmelo.

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