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http://celticshub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Jordan+Crawford+New+York+Knicks+v+Washington+wtlN-3cpbhcl.jpegWashington at Boston
6:00 P.M. ET
TD Garden


Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.6 points/100 possessions (22nd)
97.7 points/100 possessions (30th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.0 points allowed/100 possessions (7th)
 99.9 points allowed/100 possessions (5th)

Probable Wizards Starters:
John Wall (PG), Garrett Temple (SG), Martell Webster (SF), Nene Hilario (PF), and Emeka Okafor (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Truth About It

Thumbnail: Even if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce return for Sunday night’s game, it will not be as effortless as most think for the Celtics to win their seventh straight game against the Wizards. If the men in green are victorious, they will have swept the season series from Washington in consecutive seasons for the first time in franchise history. In addition, Boston is hoping to gain some momentum as the playoffs draw near, but Avery Bradley has been the newest addition to the Celtics injury report as he sustained a bruised collarbone on Friday against the Raptors. He has played 37 straight games for Boston, but sat out practice on Saturday. Fortunately, Bradley said that he was fine while Garnett and Pierce returned to practice.

The Celtics will not be facing the easiest team in this matchup. Washington is surprisingly one of the league’s best defensive teams. In the 43 games that John Wall has played this season, the Wizards own a 24-19 record. Moreover, when Wall records a double-double, they are 8-3 in 2012-13. Although Bradley Beal is out for the rest of the season with multiple ankle injuries, Wall has stepped up recently with three performances of more than 30 points. One of those impressive games came Saturday night in a 104-85 win over the Pacers. Wall dominated George Hill for a game-high 37 points while Hill scored only 11. Both Courtney Lee and Bradley, who have recently suffered injuries, will hope to contain Wall on Sunday.

The last time Wall faced the Celtics was more than a year ago when Wall struggled and shot 5-of-17, scoring just 12 points. Avery Bradley had a fantastic contest, putting up a game-high 23 points as a part of an 88-76 Celtics win. The highest scorer for the Wizards that night, Jordon Crawford, is now in green and will really enjoy sticking it to his old team for the first time. However, he recently said that he does not remember playing for the Wizards. Coming off of one of his worst shooting performances as a Celtic, Crawford will look to bounce back on Sunday.

Prediction: Crawford has a strong game against his former teammates and helps the Celtics get their 40th win of the season.

Celtics 99, Wizards 91

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  • fabzzz

    Can someone please post the quote where Jordan says he doesnt remember playing for the Wiz??!

    J-Craw: one of my favorite personalities in basketball

    • Anthony

      I hope he remembers dunking on Lebron making him cry to Nike to confiscate the tape.

      JCrawfrod is a bit of an enigma but he's very skilled.

  • Anthony

    Wow, that was a really nice offensive rebound and spin move for And 1 by Shav.

  • Kafel

    Terry irritates me so much.. He is playing sloppy, making bad decisions and stupid turnovers – not what you want from veteran player… and it's not only that game.

    • The Cardinal

      I was thinking the same thing. The season is about over and the unfortunate conclusion is he just doesn't fit very well with this team. I really hate saying so since I was pretty pumped when he was signed. He's been a Rasheed Wallace-like disappointment in that every time you see flashes of what was expected, he will turn around and make multiple bone-head mistakes.

      It will be interesting during the off-season whether Danny will try to trade him. With the expected return of Rondo along with Bradley, Lee, Crawford and Williams, and if Pierce returns the likely hood that he will also continue to start as a two-guard, at least two guards (if not three) are likely to go.

      • The Cardinal

        Perfect example of good JET/bad JET – he hits a 3 pointer and then less than a minute later, he forces a pass to Pierce that gets picked off for a break away dunk by Wall.

  • Anthony

    LOL….I'm convinced that CLee has not met a line that he doesn't like to cross. He has to be leading the league in TOs by stepping over the line…baseline, sideline, halfcourt line, etc.

  • Kafel

    Yep, I also had big expectations about Jet but somehow he can't fly with this team. Maybe part of it is on Doc and maybe ( and I hope so) it will change in playoffs. HOWEVER If he will get us game winner in series clincher all this stuff will be forgiven in a moment. I really wish this to him and of course to all of us.

    • The Cardinal

      And speaking of Doc, another thing that bugs the heck out of me are the offense sets that continue to place Bradley in the corner for so many open threes when every other healthy guard on the team is a better 3 point shooter. Why not tweak the offense to place Pierce, Lee, Crawford, JET, Williams, or even Green in the corner instead of Bradley?

      • Kafel

        I completely agree with You. What's more he can's connect spot up shots and yet shooting off the dribble and pull ups – which looks often like throwing brick.. Sorry but it's true and he is hurting C's offense. He shouldn't be playing PG.