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Shorthanded: Cavaliers 97, Celtics 91

It’s tough enough to win without KG, Pierce, and Rondo. When Shavlik Randolph fouls out in 15 minutes during a career night though, that’s too much to overcome. Disappointing grades upcoming from Brendan….

  • Michael

    Well, beaten by the refs, can't say much, especially Randolf

  • elroz

    If one is going in as the 7th seed, might as well finesse it to get a better draft pick this year – as Celtics hub indicated few days ago. Right now, the Celtics would have the 15th draft pick – ahead of the the West's 8th seed Lakers and 9th seed Utah (who have a better record than the Celtics).

    My only negative for this game is that it makes me worry a little about the Bucks catching up, but not too much. Heck, the Celtics were w/o KG and Pierce – what do you expect?

    The Celtics just have to win 3 more games out of the next 6 and they should be all set for the 7th seed. But they have to win against weak teams and take care of their home game against Brooklyn. Meanwhile, NY and Indiana are going to be playing at full effort to the very last game of the season I hope, as they are in a race for the 2nd and 3rd. Let them play to exhaustion.