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Shav-Tastic: Celtics 118, Hawks 107


Behind 13 rebounds from Shavlik Randolph and a Paul Pierce triple-double, the Celtics took down the Al Horford-less Hawks on Friday night at TD Garden. Randolph’s 13 rebounds and seven offensive rebounds both tied career-highs for him. Jeff Green scored a game-high 27 points and Jason Terry also chipped in with five made 3-pointers on seven attempts. With the victory, the Celtics won the season series against the Hawks, which means that Boston owns tiebreaker for playoff position. By the way, Larry Drew sat Josh Smith and Jeff Teague as well as the rest of the team’s starters for the whole fourth quarter. Grades upcoming…

  • elroz

    Would the tie breaker with the Hawks – IF the depleted Celtics actually end up matching Atlanta's record – mean that much? For example: would the team be better off playing Indiana or NYK? I don't quite get the high rating of Indiana. NYK have two dangerous scorers in Carmelo and J.R. Smith; they have an experienced and smart PG in Kidd, a fairly explosive PG in Felton and a defensive presence in Chandler. Indiana might have a better overall D, but the Knicks are more of an explosive threat. But I'm sure we could find a lot of people who think Indiana is tougher match for Boston. Boston is 2-0 against Indiana and 1-2 against NYK.

    But I am not sure there is much difference in being the 7th or the 6th seed.

  • someguyinsac

    Randolph the rebound rein-dear anyone? 😉

  • atlanta celtics fan

    Somewhere in the second half when Shavlick was fighting off 4 Hawk players for a rebound it occurred to me how much he resembles the actor in that insurance commercial, "Mayhem". I think that describes his play pretty well. . .

    And I loved seeing Terrence Williams go full out coast to coast with a power layup as if to say, "thanks for the contract, Mr Ainge. . . "

  • boston bobby

    Shavlik needs minutes going forward. We need someone willing to do the dirty work and KG is going to love playing with someone that fights on the glass.

    • Switcharoo

      I hear that man, the guy is looking to prove his place for sure. Him and KG working the interior would be sweet.