Post-game Reactions

The Celtics and Heat have a nice rivalry going, but the Pat Riley took it to a new level tonight, responding to comments Danny Ainge made about LeBron James yesterday.

Ainge, when asked on WEEI-FM in Boston about James’ comments about hard fouls Wednesday night said, ”I don’t think either one of those were flagrants, and I think the one — LeBron against Boozer — was flagrant, yes. I think the officials had it right… I think that it’s almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating.”

In response, Riley released a sharp statement about what he thought about Ainge.

“Danny Ainge needs to shut the f— up and manage his own team,” Riley said in a statement released through the Heat. “He was the biggest whiner going when he was playing and I know that because I coached against him.”

Ainge had a response to Riley’s comments tonight before the Hawks game to reporters.

In response, Ainge noted, “Pat Riley’s right. I should manage my own team. I complained a lot to the officials. And I’m right, LeBron should be embarrassed about how he complains about the calls he gets.” (Via ESPNBoston.com)

Needless to say, this war of words won’t be cooling off anytime soon. More on the story as we get reaction from the rest of the Celtics throughout the evening.


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • someguyinsac

    If anyone should shut the F*** up it's LeBron, but that's just my jaded opinion.

    • hax

      Seriously for an unbiased view. LeBron taunted jason terry, a guy half his size, after charging into him and running him over. He charged into hinrich as well, offensive foul…he was mad because he fell down too. 'Kirk Hinrich grabbed me and threw me to the floor' this is physically impossible, let's be honest.
      LeBron then full power/speed elbow thrusts boozer in his heart and whines about being caught.
      His whole game is charging in for offensive fouls that get called on defense just because it's LeBron. He's now shown he's as soft as bosh and wade.

      • someguyinsac

        The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.

        Lord Jeffrey


        • pb1

          then danny ainge is a munchkin of the littliest proportions, hahahahahaha

  • Anthony

    Kinda ironic that Pat Riley is worried about DA instead of managing his own team.

    "Pat Riley needs to shut the f–k up and manage his own team"
    "Lebron just needs to shut the f–k up"

    Has it been over 2 years already since, ironically again, the Bulls beat the Heat sending them crying in the locker room? What a joke of a team.

    • Silvo

      We will see who is a joke in the playoffs (PAWTNA}

  • GymRat

    I must admit I'm rather torn. I really want to see the C's play Miami. But I have to admit I would really love to see them face the Bulls as I think even without D-Rose the Bulls are too tough defensively and will beat them down over a 7 game series.

    I guess in a perfect world we finish with the 7 seed and Chicago draws the 4 or 5. Miami gets beat up for 7 games in the semi-finals but advances and then we get them in the conference finals and finish them off.

    Call me a dreamer.

    • tbunny

      It's not a dream. Chicago at 4 or 5 and Boston at 6 or 7 is the most likely scenario at this point.

  • jinny

    Personally I think it's great that everyone is getting involved, but this should really be left to the league and Lebron. BUT…since this already happened, who do you think should STFU? debate is tied right now: sidewithme.com/debate/411

  • elroz

    Pat Riley is classless. His only ounce of class is jelling his hair to the point of ridiculous.

    LeBron went 6 NBA games w/o a foul called on him – THAT IS A TRAVESTY AND A CIRCUS. Then he goes and whines about not getting even more preferential treatment from the officials?

    A 260 lbs dude who 1/2 of the time tries to run you over is now complaining? Imagine Jordan at 6'8 and 260 lbs? He would have been twice the player LeBron is.

  • Sophomore

    I love it. Its like a little bit of the 1980s all over again.

    • hydrofluoric


  • Switcharoo

    That greasy little rat just got tossed by Ainge, I love DAs comeback; admit what Pat said sure by LeBron still needs to man up LMFAO! Honestly I don’t see the attraction to LeBron, there are so many better players out there with more class then he’ll ever have, I don’t think he’ll ever grow up. I’m glad he’s with Miami, a douche player for a douche team. I watched the game last night and honestly the Bulls ( missing key players even) just out played Miami. I’m not a huge Boozer fan by any means but watching him work LeBron and take that shoulder dip tackle and just stare back at him was awesome. Also Hinrich taking a full on freight train was scary, especially when his head bounced off the hardwood, but he jump right back up; mad respect for that guy now. If I got hit head on by the Hulk I would wrap onto him a hold on for dear life too. Truth is James is dirt that’s being marketed as a diamond and I feel sorry for anyone person that looks up to this joke team. They will never have the heart and soul of the Celtics, and that mean more than any whinning streak.

    • Daniel

      Yes, certainly, dirt being marketed as a adiamond. It's not like you'd jump for joy if he was playing for the C's in his prime. And of course, the NBA champs coming off the longest winning streak in 41 years are a joke team. That just makes sense. And no, it's not like it's an estabished fact that Lebron James routinely takes a pounding when he drives to the hoop without the benefit of a foul call, much the way Shaquille O'Neal and other players strong enough to absorb the contact historically had their games called differently. Why let a little something like the truth obfusticate one's narrative? Heart is rountinely showing for training camp out of shape, never realizing one's potential, and faking injury after missing big shots a la Paul Pierce.
      The Celtics will be back, and it's doubtful that they'll go through 2 decades of virtual irrelevance like they previously did, but this current group simply cannot win a championship. Scratch that, all things are possible through injury, so, you know, you can always root for injuries to key players on the many, many teams superior to this year's Celtics. Aaah, the joy of sports!!

      • jman

        It's true that James is a good player. However, what would his true potential be without help from the heirarchies. Shit on my comment all you want, but there's just way too much pointing towards extra help for him anid the heat. There's a marketing agenda for sure in the league. James will never be a Shaq or a Kg or Bird. Actually he can be Shaq when .shaq was on Wwf a couple of times….lol

        • Turner D. Century

          Well, shit, he's already passed KG, Bird will be soon enough (I wonder how Celtics fan feel with all this bullshit talk about Lebron vs. Jordan as the greatest of all time, and the fact that Larry Bird, who actually played the same position as Lebron, never warrants a mention in the discussion as a matter of course), and Shaq, well, that's apples and oranges, but Shaq won 3 consecutive championships as the most dominant player in the league, so it remains to be seen whether Lebron can "be" him.

          • jman

            Obviously you didn't understand my statement. Yes, in theory he passed these players, but in reality would he have if there wasn't any additional support. Once again, as in this year James(who is a very physical player on defense and offense). Recorded a 6 game streak of no calls against him. Kg whom is regarded as one of the best defenders of all-time would and still gets more calls in a game then James who is more physical then Kg is and was gets in a week of games. As well as why isn't James being fined for his statement as well….hmmm. I feel for C's the next game they play the heat. The league stole the last game for bullshit calls so can't wait to see the pampers being changed for James and Co. In Miami next month.

    • check12check

      i loved that stare too. boozer is a big dude too. not someone you want to piss off even if you are lebron

  • pb1

    bunch of cry baby bitch ass celtic fans in their dying days as a competitor, i love to see u guys hoping to get the heat in the first round, it will be over quick, u guys are washed up and old. funniest is hearing danny ainge, one of the few things i remember of him as a player was that scrunched up look on his face as he complained about everything and i mean everything

    • Rondo9Celtics

      Really? Have you looked at the Heat? Lebron whines to the media when he doesn't get his way, and the punk ass bitch wade gets away with whatever the fuck he wants to. Doesn't matter if it's punching someone in the junk, dislocating Rondo's elbow, or kicking someone and going to the free throw line anyways. He has no room to talk. Everyone knows they get preferential treatment just because of their stars. That whole team is the biggest bunch of whiners in the entire league. They're babied to the point where it's sickening. So seriously, get the fuck outta here trolling ass bitch. Get a life, or better yet, a JOB.

      • Rondo9Celtics

        And also Ainge was asked a question. What the fuck is he suppose to say? "Oh I agree with Lebron, I guess I should just suck Lebron's dick like this pb1 guy and all the other band wagon fans." So why don't you go do that, I'm sure your mouth misses him.

  • chris m

    Hey pb1, How about you stfu and watch your team. It’s pretty pathetic of you to troll a Celtics blog. Have fun today against the Spurs.

  • yeah

    Am I the only one that thinks it's amazing that it's not a big deal that someone like Pat Riley can now say the f-word to the media / in public & it's not a big deal? Times sure have changed with social media, I think there was a time in which all athletes/owners etc used to be viewed as uber-professional, the media landscape is changing sooooo much

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  • Hey pb1, How about you stfu and watch your group. It's really pitiable of you to troll a Celtics blog. Have a great time today against the Spurs.