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This is Why The Celtics Don’t Miss Ray Allen That Much

Ray Allen is having a very nice year for himself down in Miami. He’s doing exactly what they asked, averaging 10.8 points over 25 minutes per game, while hitting a fantastic 42.1 percent of his 3-point attempts. He’s one of the best shooters of all-time and there’s no disputing that. His vital contributions as a member of a Celtics uniform from 2007-2012 remain undisputed as well.

Despite these facts, Allen remains a below-average defender. This has to be expected at age 37, but it’s still a reality. He was never a great defender in the first place, but he’s declining sharply with age. He’s a player teams can attack late in games during crunch time situations. There was perhaps no better example of this than during last night’s terrific Bulls-Heat game.

Chicago appeared to be on the verge of putting Miami away, leading by seven with just under the a minute remaining on the clock and ending their 27-game winning streak. In a switch, Nate Robinson had Allen isolated at the top of the key. The play that followed was a bit painful to watch if you are an Ray fan. In fact, you may just want to turn away from your computer screen.

I know Robinson is a speedy player, but the “defense” Allen played here during an endgame situation was pathetic. In fact, it gave me a flashback to another fantastic play in Celtics history, except this time, the roles were reversed for Ray.

Based on these two plays, it looks like Allen is slowly morphing into our old friend Sasha Vujacic.

So could the Celtics use Ray Allen right now? Absolutely. However plays like this keep Boston from missing him THAT much.

  • Mark

    Considering Ray would using Jets minutes the C's miss Ray a whole bunch.

    • check12check

      lol right? the JET isn't exactly a defensive stopper himself. he's just as bad and has less length.

  • Arthur

    I would welcome Ray back with open arms

  • Jim

    Ray Allen or Jason Terry? There is no choice .Ray Allen we miss you greatly. If you think Jason Terry plays good defense you have not watched many games . Terry has not been a scoring threat at all this year. Bring out the Tide because Terry is washed up!

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, but would we have been hearing about what a great pick Ray had last night agaInst the Cavs that set in motion Green’s winning drive? Probably not. He never did seem to take to the idea of being a decoy.

    I’m with those who think Jet’s contributing positive things to thus team despite the slumps and dunks on both sides of the ball.

  • The Cardinal

    Ray would not get the good looks on this team that he does in Miami, and Rondo's loss would exacerbate that situation. I've been as disappointed in Jet as every other fan, but if Ray was still here, this team's overall performance would be a wash at best.

    That's not take anything away from Ray, it's just that on a team like Miami with Wade and LeBron attacking and drawing double teams, a great spot up shooter like Ray is supposed to thrive. In Boston last year, often times Ray couldn't get an open shot because we simply don't have the players who could consistently cause the defense to collapse, and I would bet that he would have had even more difficulty getting those looks with this year's squad – especially after Rondo and Barbosa both went down.

  • High Rollers

    Sorry, that should be “this team” and “slumps and funks.”

  • cjkasino

    I personally hate traitors…so f**k gay allen and all u gay allen lovers can keep his memories in your hearts or go support him in miami…I’m glad the jet has landed in boston he will show his skills comes playoffs.

    • Jim

      You hate traitors? Well they had traded Ray to Memphis last year but Memphis backed out at the last second. They told Ray he was gone so how can you call him a traitor. Loyalty works both ways. Good to see you appreciate what Ray did for the Celtics. He is going to the hall of fame.

  • Stef

    I love to see how all this Ray-hate post by Robb get destroyed in the comment section.
    It's over Robb, Ray doesn't play in green anymore, get over it.

  • Zach

    Ray is 37, not 35. The Celtics won't win a title. Sorry.

  • boston bobby

    O.J. Mayo was the guy they needed to land, that was in their budget. Scrap Lee and Terry add Mayo that would have been gold Jerry gold.

  • Celticsman

    This dude Paul pierce gave Kobe a hug

  • Josh_5

    We are a defensive team, so no we don't miss Ray Allen. He's a liability. Anybody else wanna talk about the elephant in the room being that: All of Ray Allen's shooting numbers AND percentages are down from last year DESPITE the fact that he is consistently getting better looks off Lebron and Wade. The dude is deteriorating.

  • end of shit

    he will kill you in 1-st rd of play-off and you will suddenly remember him

    • Leduesch

      Oooooh I'm almost scared.

  • Celtics suck cock

    Ray wants rings so he played for the heat. Celtics suck ass anyway, you want to talk abou declining … How about the celtics.. If and that’s a big if.. If the celtics get to see heat in the playoffs hen I’m looking forward to seeing the king let anyone else have some just like poor terry. Ps whoever published this is a faggot bitch jealous ray is on a good team now and the celtics blow negro dick

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