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The Knicks Put All Their Perks in SMITHing: Knicks 100, Celtics 85


"Hey JC, the 'hands-off, eyes-closed' defense isn't that effective"

The Knicks came into TDGarden and kept the Celtics road wounds open to fester and spill out all over the parquet.

Without Kevin Garnett, the Celtics had no chance on the glass. Without Courtney Lee, the Celtics had to rely on the combination of Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams, and Avery Bradley to defend JR Smith.

Their efforts proved fruitless as Smith completely torched the C’s, scoring 32 points on a shad over 50% shooting. ┬áIt’s hard to win when an offensively player like Smith has it going like that.

Grades to come…

  • Mark

    Bradley is regressing folks. I’ve been chastised for saying he brings virtually nothing else to the table right now except for defense. Another game and another stinker from him.

  • tbunny

    I sense part of the problem is that Bradley is not really a point guard and/or teams have thoroughly scouted the offense without Rondo.

    • janos

      hi bunny

  • someguyinsac

    You can play great games even when missing key players, but you can't win them when you keep giving the ball away with turnovers.

    • janos

      hi sc\ac how is going man

      • someguyinsac

        Hi Janos! Going great, got my third grandchild recently and enjoying myself by overdosing on her. =)

        • janos

          that is the gerat news and a congrat you, her.

          maybe you are seen my post of before ; i am alsogoing have the grandchild come on of:june, my daughter tell me is BOY i am so happy get him the rondos jersey when he arives

          • someguyinsac

            Awesome, congrats to you too!

  • janos

    am only worry little becae is not full team when is full team for play of is real test us and we will delivers

  • fabzzz

    Jordan Crawford is one my favorite people and is GREAT to watch. He just wouldn’t be the same lovable jc if he played defense…small sacrafices guys

  • geo

    is it sad that i stop watching every time Chris Wilcox gets put in the game? cmon doc, DJ White and Shavlik at least care about playing basketball still