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Avery Bradley Had A Pretty Amazing Dunk Saturday Night

I know this is a couple days late, but I still couldn’t leave it by the wayside. Through the majority of the Grizzlies loss Saturday night, there wasn’t much to be cheering about for C’s fans. Jerryd Bayless exploded for 30 points, Kevin Garnett was out with a foot injury, the Celtics lost their 4th straight game, our pets heads were falling off!

However, unless you tuned into the C’s game very early on, you missed a pretty stellar play. A dunk by Avery Bradley that is undoubtedly in the top-5 or 10 candidates for dunk-of-the-year in the NBA. And unlike those other throwdowns, this was against a guy that had quite a few inches on Bradley in power forward Ed Davis. Without further ado, let’s go to the tape:

So I ask you CelticsHub: Just how good of a dunk was this? Am I overhyping it?


  • hydrofluoric

    I mean it's not the dunk of the year but it's nice. I think it's mostly satisfying because Avery typically sucks at finishing contested at the rim, so you gotta love him finding a better way to get it done.

  • Brian Of Burkesley

    hes getting better

  • CG12

    Very nice dunk, but he was fortunate not to get called for an offensive foul for clearing out with the off arm.

    • Rav

      Ah nearly everybody dong poster-dunks these days is using as much off-arm as Bradley did here. He didn't really 'push' Davis, he pulled the arm back in after extending it to create space. It's probably an offensive foul, but again, one that everybody else is committing in this situation (and one that is not getting called – much like many instances of palming and traveling.)

  • fabzzz

    I mean I don't think you're overhyping it considering how much attention Jordan's got. That was waaayyy overhyped. Honestly, I find it more impressive because of the size difference. Although it did look like an offensive foul

  • High Rollers

    A powerful slamwich. Next time, do it on LeBron. Better yet, D.Wade. Even better yet, D.Wade and #20.

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