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Kevin Garnett Could Miss Four or Five Games with Foot Injury


Doc Rivers held court with reporters today at Celtics’ practice in Waltham and CelticsHub was live on the scene for the Q and A session. The number one concern naturally was the status of prized power forward Kevin Garnett. The veteran big man missed Saturday night’s loss against Memphis with a left foot injury and was due to have an MRI on his foot yesterday. Rivers told reporters while the doctors are still analyzing those results, Garnett is likely to miss some time.

“I think the MRI stuff they’re still evaluating on Kevin. Courtney Lee could play tomorrow, but I don’t think we are going to have him practice today. I think we’ll know more later with Kevin. I’d say he’s doubtful for tomorrow. I don’t think he’s playing tomorrow. I’m almost positive of that. Then, what we want to make sure is that he’s going to be good soon,” Rivers said.

Reporters continued to press Rivers about the hazy status of Garnett. Just how bad was the injury and how many games could he miss?

Reporter: Do you worry about it being a long-term thing?

Doc: “I don’t know what long term is. Is he not going to play this year? I don’t worry about that. Can he miss four or five games? Yeah, that’s probably possible. I don’t know that [he will], but him being out [long-term] is not a concern for me.”

Reporter: So this is an injury that will be fine with proper maintenence?

Doc: “Yeah, unless something crazy happens in the MRI, which in the first look at it, [the doctors] didn’t see that. At the end of the day, he may miss some games, but we are going to err on the right side of whatever they decide. If they give me an option to play him every third game or give him two weeks rest, I can tell you right now I’ll pick the 2 weeks rest, if it’s my decision. At the end of the day, I want him right, I don’t want him half right.”

CH’s Take: This is about what we expected from our analysis this morning after hearing Cedric Maxwell’s comments. It’s a foot injury (hopefully just a bruise and not a break, which we will find out soon when the MRI results are announced) that will require some rest to heal. Could KG play through it? Probably, if it was the postseason. However, those games are a few weeks away, so the team is probably going to play it cautious with Garnett at the potential risk of taking a hit in the seeding in the East.

Is that the right move? No question about it. This team isn’t getting out of the first round without a healthy Garnett in the postseason, so that has to be the priority.

  • High Rollers

    Bring him back for Brooklyn April 10th if possible (that would be about two weeks). He'll need a handful of meaningless games to shake the rust before the big dance.

  • High Rollers

    Paul must be hyped this week with Kansas still in the tournament and the Knickerbockers coming to visit tomorrow night.

  • elroz

    Well, as I predicted, they are heading home with yet another 4 game losing streak.
    No KG might not change much in the seeding – the Celtics are not good enough (in part thanks to the likes of Terry, Green, and Wilcox) to rise above 7th, and the Bucks might not be good enough to rise above 8th.

    At the least, the Celtics will be #8 with a rested and healthy KG.

    Now we will be able to see what Green can really do consistently as a starter. No more flirting with starting. He has had two great and two lackluster starts…we'll see now what he can do, if anything, consistently.

  • hydrofluoric

    The Celtics are 9 games ahead of 9th-seeded Philadelphia, so no one talk about missing the playoffs.

    Jeff Green will be starting next to Brandon Bass for the rest of the foreseeable regular season. This is just untoward.

    • High Rollers

      Good point about the seeding, Hydro. For some reason I had it in my head that if we stumbled too hard we'd end up in a fight with MIL for the eighth seed. My bad. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • KillerGymRat

    I'm not too worried. There is very little chance of us missing the playoffs, so it's really about holding on to the 7 seed and finishing strong enough to stay ahead of Milwaukee. It might allow the CBA guys to grow and develop enough to contribute something in the post season.

    On another note I found Doc's comments on Sulia about not going after Kenyon Martin a bit surprising.

    How can you sleep on a guy like Kenyon Martin. He's everything this team needs – he's defensive minded, an excellent rebounder and shot blocker and most of all aggressive and nasty. He's also playoff tested and an NBA vet. I can understand the team was more concerned with filling out the backcourt, but this team isn't going to win or lose based on the guards. It has always needed to find rebounding and interior defense, so why wasn't that the priority from day one.

    Let's hope White and Shavlik prove to be undiscovered gems.

    • The Cardinal

      How can you sleep on a guy like Kenyon Martin? Just some guesses, but I'll take a shot anyway:
      1) Danny and Doc figured that with a healthy front line that was starting to play well, Martin wouldn't have gotten much floor time, and then he would have become disgruntled and that would have affected the locker room (hence the signing of a couple grateful bigs who may have developmental potential); or
      2) Perhaps Danny did reach out, but Martin had his reservations about playing in Boston (not enough guaranteed court time, maybe)? Remember the Knicks had lost both Camby and Wallace, so Martin signed knowing he would get some quality court time there; or
      3) Considering the recent injury history of the 35+ bigs on the Celtics roster in recent years, they did not want to take the chance of signing someone who was injured last year, hadn't played this year, and would have to play himself into shape with limited playing opportunities here; or
      4) Danny and Doc were overly confident in the versatility of Green and figured at worst, he could move him to the 4 (which is being done and I admit I hate it – Green is not a 4 under any circumstances. Defensively and on the boards, he could not outplay the Thin Man who was moved to the 4 the other night by Memphis, and that's just pathetic); or
      5) Who knows?

      • KillerGymRat

        Good points. Though my comments are based off of what Doc said. Maybe he's not being upfront (totally possible) and maybe Martin didn't want to play here, but if you take Doc at his word it sounds like the just didn't take Martin serious:

        "I don't know. We looked at other guys. We were still looking at guards at the time. We were in no hurry at the time for a big. We were looking more for a big of size, if you know what I mean. By the time we got around to it, he was gone."

        When you're the worst rebounding team in the league, and you only have one player who can score in the paint you should ALWAYS be looking for help in that area. I can't speak to how K-Mart would mesh, but I can't see any circumstance where he wouldn't have a shot at big minutes (save for poor play). He is undersized for our needs, but IMO is much stronger than Bass and Wilcox as a defender, rim protector and rebounder, he's also not afraid to give hard fouls or take contact. Considering neither White or Shavlick are likely to get any run in the playoffs I would have loved to see K-Mart in green. Especially when he can give you back-to-back games like he just did against Toronto averaging 18.5 ppg 9 rebs 1.5 sts 1.5 blocks on 65% shooting and in only 30 minutes per game.

        But indeed (5) who knows.

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