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Ainge: Garnett Has Left Ankle Inflammation, Will Miss “A Couple” Weeks


Danny Ainge made an impromptu visit multiple reporters, (including myself) after practice today and passed along a bit more information on the status of Kevin Garnett moving forward. A few of the more noteworthy tidbits:

-Garnett suffered the ankle injury during the Hornets game Wednesday night in New Orleans. He played through it during the Mavericks game Friday night, but the ankle swelled up on him during the team’s plane ride to Memphis Friday night, causing him to sit out Saturday.

-Ainge called Garnett’s injury “left ankle inflammation.” It appears the injury is the result of general wear and tear throughout the course of the season. Garnett had played all but three games this season prior to Saturday night.

Ainge also gave a more specific timetable than Rivers about Garnett’s return. 

Danny mentioned anywhere from 1-3 weeks for Garnett to be sidelined, but mentioned ”I’ll guess two weeks, just because we want to make sure he’s really ready” Ainge said.

“A lot of things can cause inflammation; I think everyone has a little bit of inflammation this time of year. KG, we need to get him fresh anyway,” Ainge explained.

That kind of attitude is indicative of the situation for KG right now. Could he play through it if he had to? Probably. Does it serve him or the team at this point? Absolutely not. With the division and home court advantage all but out of reach, the priority above all else has to be good health at this juncture. That starts with Garnett. He’s had a bunch of other nagging injuries all season (adductor strain) that we know about, as well as some we probably don’t know about. In order to get right, he needs

The key now will be remaining competitive without Garnett. Can the Celtics avoid the eighth seed even with Garnett out for a couple weeks? We should find out soon enough.


  • big 3 my ass

    time to retire
    lebron is gonna kill you anyway

    • Josh_5

      I couldn't agree more with your name. Chris Bosh is completely overrated and is only averaging 6.7 rebounds/game this year. Miami only has a Big 2.

      • Dmitry

        maybe 3rd Big is Allen? ^_________^

      • big 3 my ass

        so are kg now and pierce completely overrated
        it is not 2008 anymore

        • ElRoz

          Bosh is not worth a mention…he rides the coat tails of LeBron…and LeBron is an import – Cleveland developed him. One thing Heat fans don't understand: they will never have tradition and a dynasty…just a bunch of players who live warm weather, That's all.

          Their team and LeBron are in many ways a result of Stern and ESPN hype machine and advertising…so the Heat fans believe in it – the hype is meant for the medium-low intellectual level. This is why when you read or hear anything from a Heat fan, you cannot tell, if it is an adult, an illegal immigrant, or a 10 year old boy.
          LeBron did not have a fol called on him over 6 games? Are you serious? Jordan was a better defensive player, and he got fouls called on him every game…and the NBA-ESPN marketing machine was not huge back then and didn't force Jordan down everybody's throats like they try with LeBron.
          The Heat's streak had narrow wins in Boston when the Celtics were w/o Rondo and KG; in Cleveland w/o Irving; Orlando without Vucevic; they will play Chicago without Rose; and in SAS Popovich will probably sit at least one of his key 3 players – he could not give a rats a** about the hyped up streak.

        • KillerGymRat

          To put it kindly, the Heat's streak…and the Heat as a team are only marginally impressive. To put it in perspective: Once you factor in they play in the weakest division probably in the history of basketball, and the weaker conference…then you factor in the majority of the teams they play are either missing key players due to injury, or faced Miami on a SEGABABA, or both.

          To put you in perspective. You, who apparently think so highly of LeBron, are spending your time on a Celtics blog, trolling. So one has to wonder why that is. I'll tell you why.

          While the Heat have been blessed nearly all season with perfect health, and gifted with discount all-stars (Allen) and role players…the C's have lost 3 players to season-ending injury including an all-star starter…and are now without another 2 starters (one of which is an all-star) and you can add in Pierce has played most of the season with a pinched nerve in his neck.

          Despite all this and our current 36 – 33 record…you and pretty much all Heat fans are still so threatened by the Celtics you spend your time trying to convince us your team is any good.

          But the truth is, even without 4 of our top players and your team at full strength…you just barely beat us. So you are on here because you fear us…while we can't wait to play you because we know your team lacks Heart and even with 5 guys out we can still beat you.

          Come back and talk trash when LeBron tears his ACL and D-Wade pinches a nerve in his neck and then Bosch hurts his ankle and then throw in Chalmers and Battier both going down for the season.

          You'd be a lottery team. No heart. Just a lot of luck.

          It will run out. And we'll be the team that is waiting for you.

  • Morpheus

    Bring on the 8th seed.

    • fabzzz

      I think this team beats Indy in the first round. And we can hope the heat lose (there is like a 5% chance) or something happens – fatigue, nagging injuries, etc.

      Of course I never want anyone to get injured but sometimes teams are able to win by simply hanging around until they get a break.

      But just curious what y'all think…does this team match up with the heat pretty well if KG is there?

      KG is an inside presence.
      On ball defense from Bradley to slow down wade.
      We can throw both Green and Pierce on Lebron (better than most teams.
      And we have a bench with a few players that may go off (Green, Crawford, Terry.)

      I don't know. Playoffs are all about matchups right? And, oh yeah Doc > Spoelstra.

      • KillerGymRat

        As the presence of the Heat trolls attests to, I honestly think Boston is one of maybe 3 teams with a legitimate shot at beating Miami.

        The other teams are Memphis and San Antonio. I'm sad to say after watching OKC throughout the season, giving up Harden cost them any chance of beating Miami.

        To beat Miami KG would have to be healthy, and we would have to bring the type of energy we brought the first half of the game the last time we played. It's really less about player match-ups and more about system match ups.

        We don't have any advantages in individual matchups, save for maybe KG, without forcing switches. But we do have one of the stingiest D's in the league and we are one of the only teams that can both take away their transition game, and also challenge them in the half court game. That is really why we give them such a hard time. Once you take away their running game against most teams LeBron pounds away, D-Wade slashes and cuts, while Bosch drops J's and the 3-point bombers go off.

        But we play LeBron straight up and accept he's going to get 30. Then we take away what D-Wade does and limit Bosch, so those 3-point shots become high pressure makes and the key to them beating us. The last game Chalmers shoots 80%, and Battier hits a high percentage so they win.

        That's no going to happen every night in a 7 game series.

        The real key is our offense. We can consistently take them out of what they like to do offensively. But they can do the same to us on the other end. We lost the last game because we only scored 7 points in the final 8 minutes. That just can't happen against them.

        So it's less about individual match-ups and more about how we move the ball. We really have to approach them like Dallas did. You score on Miami by moving the ball fast and forcing them to shift their D until it opens up seems or gives open looks. Then you have to knock down a high percentage.

        As good as Miami is playing, had we made more free throws (we missed 9 by guys who normally make them) and take better care of the ball (Pierce had 7 turnovers), even without KG we beat them in our last meeting.

        It's going to be tough. We'll definitely win 2 – 3 games. But can we win that fourth game and knock down big shots when we need to. If we can (we couldn't last year) we can definitely win.

        Hate to say it but Green will be the X-factor. If we get an aggressive Green attacking the rim and challenging LeBron on the defensive end, I seriously like our chances.

        • hydrofluoric

          Aside from getting hit by the "Game 6 in 2012" types of performances, I'd say our biggest obstacles are as follows:

          1. Fatigue/depth. We're an older team so any series that goes 7 is already taking a lot out of us. Faded down the stretch in Game 7 last year; LeBron James played 48 minutes in that game and dunked on our half-court defense multiple times during the 4th quarter. Faded down the stretch in that 2OT loss this year; we couldn't secure 50-50 balls and Green was unable to generate those final stops or baskets. Faded down the stretch in 2011, but let's not talk about that.

          2. Chris Bosh. It's easy to think we have the advantage here, but in both 2011 and 2012, Bosh has outplayed KG pretty soundly. He's a nightmare for our team to guard when he's on the court; his ability to hit outside J's (something like 55% from Nowitzki-land) and take you off the dribble (oh God, Brandon Bass) will hurt us real bad. Stick KG on him, and suddenly there's very little help defense available.

          3. Wade's off-ball offense. Avery Bradley gave Wade absolute fits during the first two meetings of these players, but during the last meeting, he shook free of Bradley without the ball and started making sweet cuts and getting the right rebounds and dishes. As masterful as his D has been, Avery will need to find another gear in order to keep track of the cutting, kinetic Wade.

          4. Refs. Last year the refs screwed us in Game 2 but actually may have bailed us out in Game 4 when they called LeBron for fouling out. Overall, that's about as good of luck as we can hope for. But if we start seeing ticky-tack fouls being called everywhere like in the last meeting, the Heat can shoot 38% from the field and beat us by making 45 free throws.

          • KillerGymRat

            Pretty spot on breakdown hydrofluric.

            Point 4 is one of the biggest X-factors. It's actually absurd how few whistles Miami and specifically LeBron tend to draw. It's insane that a player that active and aggressive could go a single game without a foul…let alone 6. It just makes the league look silly and points out how obvious the star treatment is.

            You really have to hope the calls are going both ways.

  • Mark

    Why does this feel like 2009 all over again?

    Look, if KG can't go for the playoffs the Celtics have no shot. With him it was very, very small but without him its over folks. Truth be told if he is out I hope the Celtics play themselves out of the playoffs and into the lottery. Weak draft or not there is some good talent that'l be coming out and I fully expect KG to retire anyways.Start the rebuild now.

    • Mark

      Of course I was talking out my azz because they won't miss the playoffs without a complete collapse and the 76ers doing a 180.

  • Kafel

    Give some nights off to Pierce and whoever needs it, take 8th seed and beat the heat! Healthy and fresh this team have a chance against them. C's are sure they can beat miami so take on them in first round, it is all about championship anyway, so if Boston loose in 1st round or ECF result is the same. Imagine this upset by 8th seeded, old and done Celtics – would be a great story and if they can pull it off other teams will be shitting their pants that they are next.

    • KillerGymRat

      It would be quite poetic, especially if the Heat don't lose the rest of the season for Miami to break the record for winning most consecutive games…only to lose in the first round to the Celtics.

      I would LOVE to see that as I was truly hoping we would have stopped them at 22 wins.

      • Kafel

        As You wrote it would be even better story – heat makes history just to get burned in 1st round by Celtics, damn that would be so amazing to see.

  • Morpheus

    Well put Kafel. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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