Post-game Reactions


Behind a season-high 23 points from Brandon Wright, the Mavericks took down the Celtics on Friday night at the American Airlines Center. Shawn Marion chipped in 12 rebounds as Dallas outrebounded Boston, 48-38. The Mavericks let this game hang around, but the Celtics could not take advantage. Grades upcoming…

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  • elroz

    There is a myth going around that Celtics this season play down to the competition, but play much better against good teams. If they had done that, they would not have had so many 4 and 5 game losing streaks. What they do is lose to bad teams, and before that loss and after that loss they proceed to also lose to ok teams and good teams – that's how they build these streaks. This is why they absolutely had to win in NO against the Hornets, otherwise they would be looking at a 4 game losing streak. Well, they are looking at one again this Saturday. Then going home to more empty seats – have you not noticed them in the TD Garden this season? – bringing another losing streak. Right now it seems to be a race between the Bucks and the Celtics as to who is a worse team and who will face Miami in the playoffs.

    Terry continues to be a non-entity.
    Green is back in his comfortable role as an underachiever.
    Wilcox is a 6'10 midget out there.

    Greg Popovich is getting better basketball out of Tiago Splitter, Danny Green, and Kwahi Leonard than Doc is getting out of this overpaid bunch.

    • Rav

      Gregg Popovich is a much better coach, but you used an unfair set of players for comparison. Tiago Splitter was possibly the best young big man in Europe when he came to the NBA – it's ridiculous to compare him to Wilcox. Leonard, like Jeff Green, was a lottery pick; Leonard is younger however, and still improving, while Green has had the same per-36 stats nearly every season of his career (i.e. he's stagnated) – you can't expect him to breakout (but we can hope!). Danny Green is much younger than Terry.

  • swissflix

    jeff green is an insult to effort. bass and crawford at least tried to make good things happen. wilcox is a joke on defense. i don't care about green's potential or outburst of it once a season – please trade him while some GM is hopefully still lured by his youth and potential.
    terry had a bad night on offense, but hey, at least he TRIED.

    • Swissflix

      Shit, even Acie Earl once scored 40 (against Boston btw!).