Post-game Reactions

Boston at Dallas
8:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:                                          
Boston: 102.5 points/100 possessions (24th)       
Dallas: 105.7 points/100 possessions (15th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 102.1 points/100 possessions (4th)  
Dallas: 106
.6 points/100 possessions (19th)

Probable Dallas Starters: Mike James (PG), O.J. Mayo (SG), Shawn Marion (SF), Dirk Nowitzki  (PF), Chris Kaman (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: The Two Man Game


Jason Terry’s homecoming is the main story of the evening. He had some words today about that return to his former team

Speaking during an interview on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM), Terry talked about his homecoming, the Celtics getting ripped by coach Doc Rivers at shootaround on Friday, and his growing disdain for the Miami Heat. 

As for being back in Dallas, Terry offered: “I’m going to be fired up, man. This is a big game for us, not only for me, but for our team. We dropped one in New Orleans; definitely shouldn’t have lost to them. We’ve got to get back and get things rolling.” 

Asked if it will be emotional, Terry said not to expect tears, just smiles and hugs for the former teammates he won a title with. But his main priority is getting Boston back on track. 

“My focus is on winning this game,” said Terry. “I’m not going to get caught up in the emotional things tonight, just because I know how important it is for us to get the win tonight.” (Via Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston)

Should be a fun reception for JT. Other bad news of note for Boston. Shawn Marion is back in lineup tonight after missing eight games due to injury. He should make a bad rebounding situation worse for Boston.

Prediction: Mavericks 96, Celtics 89 

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • ElRoz

    So they will be looking at a four game loosing streak in Memphis, unless they win here or there. If they lose tonight and then in Memphis, they will welcome NYK to Boston looking to avoid a 5 game losing streak.

    There have been so many losing streaks this season – with and without Rondo- that it is almost expected. Hope I am very mistaken and wrong.

    • Anthony

      How about a little optimism? Even with the couple of stinkers, the Celts are still the best defensive team in the calendar year. Let's get through Dallas before you worry about Memphis. Although Memphis is my favorite western team, they are far from being an offensive juggernaut. It will likely be another ugly, grind it out game in the high 80s low 90s score range.

      If Brooklyn can get a easy W in Dallas, so can we. Hopefully JET has a big game in his old stomping grounds.

      • elroz

        I hope so too…but good D doesn't mean much when you cannot rebound the miss – Celtics are on pace to give up a lot of offensive rebounds tonight. That's just wsased effort on D when you cannot secure the boards.

        • Anthony

          I could care less about rebounding as long as they can pull away the W.

          • elroz

            Huh? If Dallas gets 18 offensive rebounds in this game (9 at the half) how the heck are the Celtics going to pull a win out? Dallas has 55 points at the half, in no small part thanks to its offensive rebounds. Boston is not a good offensive team, and when they in addition get 15-20 fewer shot attempts, getting a win is unlikely.

            We're looking at another 4 game losing streak when the heroes come home to face NYK.

          • Anthony

            Relax dudea dn enjoy the game. Are you watching the game or looking at the box score? By that standard, does it mean the Celts will lose 110-88? Celts have been playing these types of ugly grind it out games for the entire KG era.

          • wayne

            what heroes?
            Heroes come in on the white horses and "WINS" beatable games.

            I don't know what heroes you talkin' bout. (lol)

  • Youkilledkenny9

    I’m at the game! Lets go C’s!

  • hydrofluoric

    1. Pick and roll D a huge issue here.

    2. Avery's got a great shooting touch. I'll be super-excited once Rondo is feeding him again.

    3. Matrix is DESTROYING Pierce so far. Like damn.

  • elroz

    Dallas already has 5 offensive boards…and the 1st qt is not over yet. So the pace is over 20 offensive boards.

    Pierce is getting killed. And Green is not a good rebounder.

  • elroz

    30 points given up…5 offensive boards to a team that shot over 50% in the first qt! Boston shot around 40% and got 0 offensive boards.

    This is just horrid.

    • wayne

      …so much for the "just display great defense, and don't worry about the rebounds argument".

      Rebounds been absolutely killing us "ALL YEAR"…..
      I don't see how anyone can not see just how vital & immeasurable this discrepancy is for this team.
      Even blind Doc Rivers should be able to see this. (Yet he won't play Randolph or White). Instead, just keeps on LOSING.
      WOW !!!

  • Anthony

    AB's offense is a bit of a liability. Didn't secure the pass that led to a 3pter and a missed layup that led to another fast break 2pts.

    Please don't let the ref ruin the game. The last few mins has been truly WTF type officiating.

  • hydrofluoric

    Goddamn Dallas really got up for this one. Wright, Nowitzki, and Carter are all playing topnotch.

    • elroz

      A lot of players are playing at this level against Boston, it seems….getting their arse wooped night in and night out.

      If the Bucks didn't stink, Boston would be at the 8th seed by now. Its a question of who is worse.

      • wayne

        they seem rather "comfortable" with losing.
        I always thought that champions' attitude is to always "hate" losing……even at a game of marbles.
        These guys get their tail shellacked by some of the worse teams in the league, and act as if "it's just another day at the park".

  • The Cardinal

    The Celtics have gotten away from the spread offense lately, and look exactly as terrible as they did the first half of the season. They are trying to force the offense through Pierce and KG much too often and the other guys either stand around, force bad passes or pass up decent scoring opportunities, and I'm unsure whether this is Doc's fault or the players for doing what they believe is the safe and expected thing to do.

    Defensively, it's been one step forward two steps back in defending the pick and roll. Seriously, I haven't seen any other team this year have such difficulty with this as the Celtics do.

    The fact that the Celtics are still going to be a tough out in the playoffs sometimes amazes me considering how they much too often don't do the fundamental things that good teams consistently do. Ya gotta love 'em though…

  • The Cardinal

    Just watched a possession where Kaman spent 8 seconds in the defensive lane – he never attempted to step out.

  • High Rollers

    Everything looks really hard tonight.

  • someguyinsac

    Ack! Not another fallen one for us.

  • KillerGymRat

    Random question of the night that nobody can likely answer: whatever happened to Phil? He was so active and then poof…gone.

    Yup, that's how bad this loss was. I'd rather talk about that than the game.


  • High Rollers

    I’ve been wondering that too, KGR.

  • swissflix

    right now i would have crawford and bass play over jeff. i am sick and tired of green's passiveness. why not try to hustle and make something happen on the court. crawford comes in, plays like 2 seconds and affects the game more than jeff does in 45 hours. bad coaching by doc. play the guys who work for playing time. and don't mention the heat game or the 43 points, i don't care.