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Miami Heat: Master Floppers

Every NBA player flops.  Every NBA team flops.  It’s an unfortunate byproduct of human officiating and no in-game consequences.  To the NBA’s credit, they are trying to curb this practice by fining players who blatantly fake contact, however it fails to do anything about players who exaggerate contact.

Paul Pierce has been so notorious in his flopping that it’s been to his detriment for the last few seasons.  There are times when he legitimately gets fouled but doesn’t get a call for how often he’s yelled or flailed his arms in the past.

While every player flops, there’s no team who flops quite like the Miami Heat.  It’s truly an art form.  Whether it’s Mario Chalmers or Chris Bosh throwing their heads back when they feel any contact (similar to Rajon Rondo).  Or Dwyane Wade throwing himself through the lane and falling into the row of baseline cameramen.  Or LeBron James suffering what looks like his next career ending head-injury only to be totally fine.  Or Shane Battier taking charges even when someone steps around him.

They are so good at this, I had to make them a little tribute video of some of the more egregious flops and ticky tack calls from Monday’s game:

For a better view of that LeBron head flop on the pick, check out the gif on the bottom of the page

Since flopping is such a problem in the NBA, I also created this .gif for when I’m on Twitter and see an especially horrendous flop that leads to an official calling a ticky-tack foul:

  • DenverFinFan

    Cry much?

  • tbunny

    The way Lebron went down, I thought he'd been shot. I'm glad he's ok.

  • greenboner

    good idea brendan.in the future if you use the csn recording of the game you will get multi angle replays of the flops that leave no doubt.all the other networks do their best to avoid foul replays for obvious reasons.

    • CelticsBIG3

      So true. ESPN NEVER replays stuff that might be questionable, they just move on.

    • If you have any of the clips, send 'em over!

  • hydrofluoric

    C'mon man… in the first clip, you can very clearly see Bass shoving Bosh in the midsection with both hands. I agree there were lots of terrible calls, but that wasn't a good example.

    • I disagree. I think Bosh exaggerated the contact. There's definitely a scouting report on Bass that it's easy to draw fouls on him. The play late in the shot clock where Chalmers dribbled into Bass and threw up a shot and got whistle is a great example. On the play in question, it looks like Bass is trying to handcheck Bosh, Bosh feels Bass' hands and fades into a jumpshot while throwing his head back. Similar to the other play in the video with Bosh and Bass, it's hard to tell but Bosh throws his head back as he tries to drive past Bass. It's a good play for the C's opponents as Bass has a fouling problem, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be pointed out.

  • Guest

    I don't see very much in this video that is questionable. Seems like some good calls to me.

    Butthurt homer is butthurt.

    • tbunny

      You didn't see Lebron pull some FIFA grade flopping and fish writhing after bumping off Bass's knee? It's at 11 seconds.

      • tbunny

        It really repays multiple views. Lebron grabs his head as if he took an elbow. His head passed nowhere near Bass's elbow. This was straight up flopping.

  • KillerGymRat

    The LeBron – oops I hurt my neck one is my favorite. I don't know why a guy so talented and freakishly athletic feels the need to add theatrics. But that play was reminiscent of last years playoffs when he baited the refs to call a foul on Tyson Chandler for a legal screen by throwing his head back and pretending he got a concussion.

    And injury (that like the neck stinger here) magically disappeared the very next possession.

    Really wish the league would give him a warning this time. Or at the very least that Shaq points it out on Shaqtin' a Fool.

    Have to agree with Hydrofluric on the Bass foul. It wasn't much of a shove, but the refs have to call it when it's so obvious an extension of the arms.

    Wade throwing himself out of bounds was hilarious.

  • Troof

    Not to mention Lebron's ridiculous travel in the first quarter (though not technically a flop) – didn't dribble once, just took 3 huge steps. If anyone has a vid, please link.

  • X

    Shutup a W is a W! Stop making excuses! Haha!

  • X

    How bout u count the number of non called fouls on lebron! It’s just the breaks of the game! Play hard or go home and cry like the C’s! That’s right C’s like to cry a lot! C is for crybabies like Jet plane crashed down hard from LBJ asteroid dunk LOL!

  • Bill

    You’re retarded. The first ‘flop’, Bosh obviously gets pushed by Bass. The one where Lebron gets hit on the head, Bass throws his shoulder as a pick. Chalmers flying is caused by Pierce trying to muscle the smallest guy leading to a well deserved charge

    • jman

      True those were good calls. But the foul on Bass against Chalmers was pure shit. C's were on a 5 point run in less than a minute with a continued momentum and then Bass is called for a bump foul. Barely did he touch Chalmers. Should it been Called? If the calls are going to be equally called then yes. If not then no. That's where the issue lies within the league. Fouls could be called almost on every play, it's to the discretion of the refs to choose the calls. To me the other night the calls in question were made during C's momentum. Heat players with same defensive aggression had no calls made during their momentum drives. That is where to me is the problem…And all I have to say for evidence is the Bradley aggression foul of which there was no foul. The ref even admits that the call was made because of Bradley's aggression, not because there was any contact on the play. Please explain that one folks? Once again there's an agenda with the Heat. They are not as good as the media portrays them. They just have a little extra help from Uncle Stern…lol

  • Bball

    You don’t know basketball at all! Play it and you’ll know what’s flop and not.

  • cjkasino

    F**k the cHeat and f**k their “fans” EVERYBODY knows that they cry like little girls ALL THE TIME! !… fyi any MAN that feels the need to call another MAN. “King” is basically a male groupie. .. in other words a SOFT…punk…just like the heat team

  • ghoulbuns

    And heat fans wonder why people can't stand your bitch crew of a team.

    • Jose

      YAAWN. Go have some clam chowder or whatever you Bostonians have and chill the fuck out.

  • Bill

    Truth is Heat have the best record in the NBA. Celtics arent even considered contenders anymore. Jeff Green had to have an incredible game just so that the Cs could get close. I can see why Celtics fans are mad. Ain’t getting any love so they gotta hate. Go on, hate. Heat steak continues.

  • John

    Have you seen clippers? I bet not. Pierces flops more the wade, rondo flops like no tommorow. Bradley flops, don’t get me started on terry… Yes majority heat players flop, but stop acting like celtics don’t. Then again it’s a Celtic site, I expect bs biases. Also remember pierces miraculous Oscar nominated performance against lakers, carried off and comes back like its nothing? Atleast when lebron got injured, he actually couldn’t finish the game even though it was a game 4 of finals

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