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Letdown: Hornets 87, Celtics 86

Done in by the unibrow. Celtics have lost 5 of their last 6 games against the Hornets. Grades upcoming..

  • elroz

    This team is disgusting…they are a bunch of underachieving losers…a disgusting team with a disgusting effort..they don't deserve to be in the playoffs, and getting swept by Miami in the first round is too much honor for these dinks.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Chill man, they've been losing to bad teams for six years.

  • Danny

    Everyone gets an F. Doc gets an F-. Getting swept by the hornets means you suck. So does 31 2nd half points against the hornets I didn’t realize we were playing the 89 pistons. That teams sucks and you can’t beat them just go home. Shit is beyond infuriating.

    • elroz

      Hornets are one of the worst defensive teams in NBA…and the Celtics get 86 points!

      If only Davis would at least bump somebody/foul them..but he just marched in, untouched, no contact, easy tip in….all this stupid rotation that they do always makes for easy offensive rebounds. KG didn't even jump…he just stood there watching the ball fly.

  • Danny

    Stayed up til 10:30 for that bullshit I must be an idiot.

  • Bill

    What. The. Fuck.

    Actually, I knew that they would lose. This team plays up for big games and plays down to the shit teams. Consistency has been one of the biggest problems this year. Is anyone really surprised?

    • CelticsBIG3

      No thats what I was just saying to elroz. This team has played down to competition for 6 years. I don't know who that is on… Maybe an ego thing

      • elroz

        Well, so they will be 8th seed instead of 4th because of these bad teams.

        If they are going to stink like that, then Doc should rest KG and PP the last week: what's the point of trying to go to 7th – they already cut themselves down for that.

        • CelticsBIG3

          4 loses to bad teams reversed wasn't going to get us a four seed anyway.

  • chris m

    The Celtics are 10/8 against the worst four teams of each conference. They still have games left @ clev,orlando and minn. They are going to get pounded against Dallas and Memphis. It looks like the best they can do is hold on the 7th spot for the remainder of the season.

    • CelticsBIG3

      See I don't think they will get pounded against Dallas and Memphis. Especially Memphis. They will get up for that game.

  • Stephen

    Pierce fouls a 3 point shooter with the game on the line. How long has he played this game? Un fucking real !!!!!!

  • High Rollers

    Rough night at the Y.

  • elroz

    The you go and see Greg Popovich squeeze much better effort and basketball out of – NOBODIES. He has got Tiago Splitter, Danny Green, K.Leonard, and who know who playing like a SMART, COHESIVE, TEAM.

    I don't want to blame Doc.

    This bunch is the most underachieving of the KG era – the wastes like Terry and Wilcox are enough to make one throw up. I don't want to blame it on the Rondo absence: they were even worse when he was healthy.

    • Anthony

      Before you go giving Pop too much credit and continue your rants on the Celts, let me remind you that the Spurs lost to the Blazers by 30 at home and a depleted TWolves by 24 on the road just last week.

      All of us (except for a few trolls), want the Celts to show that proverbial "consistency" but these are real men and not machines who play the game. There are going to be up and downs.

  • Leonard

    How can we keep losing to bad team’s? Where is our backbone?

    Pissed off Celtic Fan in San Diego

  • HornetsDieHard

    People told me Celtics fans were horrible. Guess they were right. Jesus

  • HornetsDieHard

    @danny, no it doesn’t. It means we match up well to teams who lack deadly three point threats. In fact, there is no one on the Celtics who can *consistently* be the KD of their team. We match up well against teams like that. You need to calm down. I’ve been a hornets fan my whole life and I’ve been through alot more ups and downs than any Celtic fan has. Get over it. You lost one game. Your team is still in the playoffs and even if you lose 13 out of your next 14, that wont change

  • Danny

    @hornets fair enough man. Call it an overreaction caused by the build up of that blow out to the bobcats the heat loss the other night and just a season of ups and downs. I didnt mean to say the hornets suck you guys have a good young core and are building a team down there that will be good in the near future. Unfortunetly right now you guys are at the bottom and the celtics can’t afford to lose winnable games when the 3-8 seeds are separated by less than 5 games. It’s just infuriating to watch them blow winnable games by playing stupid and scoring 12 points in a quarter. So my bad the hornets don’t suck they have some good young talent. I don’t always bitch like that just got a lil carried away. Not all celtics fans complain all the time.

    • HornetsDieHard

      Gotcha. Its crunch time for y’all. Even though yall will still end up in the playoffs, I’m sure you’d like to stay far away from the 8th seed. Just two years ago, we still had cp3 and we were in the same position. But its been two seasons of tank mode with my team, so I’ve kind of forgotten how that feels. But the pels are planning on bringing in an upgrade at PG and SF next year and some better bench pieces. So, watch out next year for the pelicans.

      • Danny

        Absolutely Anthony Davis is going to be something special one day, i watched him all through the Olympics and from what ive seen hes impressive. Even if the unibrow is distracting lol. But between Vasquez, Gordon, and even Austin Rivers, plus whoever else you draft this year the future is bright down there. I was glad to see that your new owner is committed to stay in NO, a great city deserves a good team. We Celtics fans have been spoiled thte last 6 years but many of us remember the 90's and early 2000s when we were a perennial lottery team so i feel your pain, the celtics sucked for most of my life (I was 3 when Bird retired).

        • Danny

          You stick with them when their down and they'll reward you when they finally make it. Nice to meet a true fan of another team, feel like most of the fans from other teams that come here are front running trolls who claim to be Heat fans (the worst fans in pro sports) or Lakers fans (altough not as many of them this year). Hornets fans get my respect.

  • tbunny

    I see this as a failed Milton Berle game.

    Moving on, I'm comforted to know that Lebron is still a world class flopper.

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