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Kevin Garnett Misses Shootaround, is Game-time Decision Tonight Vs. Heat


The Celtics announced earlier today that Kevin Garnett missed the team’s shootaround in Waltham this morning. It was the third straight day Garnett had been sidelined after being diagnosed with a left adductor strain on Friday. At yesterday’s practice, Doc Rivers told reporters ”We don’t know what he’s going to do for Monday. My guess is he’s 50/50 at best [to play].”

Right now, Celtics PR is calling Garnett a game-time decision, but it’s rare for players to play for the C’s after sitting out a shootaround. Boston has only played two games this year without Garnett in the lineup and has won them both. If Garnett’ can’t go, look for Jeff Green to get his second consecutive start of the season in the frontcourt.

Despite the magnitude of the game tonight, the question presents itself. Should C’s fans even want KG to play tonight?

In my opinion, the answer has to be no. Despite how sweet it would be for Boston to end Miami’s 22-game run, the bigger focus has to be on the long term and Garnett’s health. There’s no question KG likely won’t be even close to 100 percent tonight if he goes, so while he would bring an incredible morale boost if he returns, he could make the left groin injury even worse.

To heal an injury like that, you need rest more than anything else, and given the tough odds Boston will face tonight in trying to defeat Miami as is, getting Garnett right for the long-term has to take priority over an improved chance to win tonight.

Boston has a tough three-game road trip looming this week against Western Conference squads. The C’s will need a healthy KG to have a chance for a couple of those games, especially against Memphis.

Thus, the move for tonight should be to rest the big ticket and hope the rest of the roster yet again finds a way to step up their play against the team’s biggest challenge yet.

  • Josh_5

    I would give up my healthy hip abductor for a month just to have KG's healthy for this night. I hate Miami….alot….like more than the lakers…..like more than hitting red lights consecutively while spilling coffee on yourself at the same time.

    • janos

      yo are the real fan pluses 1 you

  • KillerGymRat

    As much as I'd love to see him play…and for us to win tonight…it's ultimately a game we can afford to lose (especially with the way the NYK, Indy and Brooklyn have been dropping games).

    From this point on it's all about having KG and PP as healthy as possible once the real season begins.

  • High Rollers

    Good perspective on the road ahead.

    And I like the idea of Paul and Jeff having as much time as possible on the floor together tonight, KG or no KG. With the pairing of those two as the 3 and 4 (or 4 and 3) and with AB and Courtney hounding at the 1 and 2 positions, that's some kind of feisty.

    Any ref worth his salt will swallow his whistle tonight, at least in the early goings. Let 'em play.

  • james patrick

    Sit KG!!!!! I'd love him on the floor tonight if we had nothing to play for, but we've got a punchers chance in these playoffs so let's not ruin that!

    • janos

      hi james patrick

  • elroz

    I'd like to beat Miami too….but KG's health for the playoffs, and the rest of the season should be the priority.

    The thing is, they might play KG and still lose the game…and they might sit KG and win. But KG, like PP, is an investment, and you don't mess with that.

    • janos

      is yo uknow all way the measure respond from elroy is the many factoring considers today future as well?

  • French Jujubean

    you know what? sit KG, Pierce, Bradley, Terry and Green.That way you show the Heat how careless you are about winning against them tonight. It would be like the Heat going to a party all pumped up and once they arrive, nobody's there, and they're like wtf, where are the people?

    It would show them and Stern how we don't care having them in the house. Let's get our B team lined up to play those braggers, exactly what the Spurs did a few months ago. And they almost won.

  • chris m

    The bigger picture is they are 2.5 games out from the Atlantic Div and 3.5 from the 2nd seed. Rest KG against Miami and Memphis. Get wins against the Mavs and Wolves. Then next week you have games with NY & Atl at home. April also looks like a very easy month. That said Boston can play small with Miami tonight. It should be fun.

  • janos

    i have time at home watch game on tv am hope all player play and get a win very much

  • janos

    is possibles garnet just play part game is to considers that to guys

  • High Rollers

    All of a sudden I'm picturing one of those Snickers commercials, but this time they're saying to Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox, Jordan Crawford, etc., "We're going to feed y'all some Snickers after the game, because you act like KG when you're hungry."

    Also, I've never seen Spartacus, but that comes to mind too.

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