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Milestone Night: Celtics 112, Raptors 88

Two big milestones for two hall-of-famers. An easy blowout in the second half, as the Celtics posted a season-high 35 free throws. Fun night at the Garden. Grades on the way….

  • High Rollers

    Milestone night indeed and the rest of the C's followed suit. Excellent W.

  • asdf

    Good W and bench effort

  • check12check

    i loved the efficiency and the minimal 20 minutes logged by KG tonight. Great for the big fella and Pierce to both take step forward on the all-time scoring list.

    Now, let's get down to business. We get another shot at the Cat's next game, but this time they are coming to our house. It's not that I want the C's to win; it's that i want them to return the humiliation they laid on us in NC.

    • janos

      we will win i promises you

  • Anthony

    Going out on a limb here but I think Sacramento beats Chicago, meaning the Celts are tied for 5th. Kings up by 29 at halftime.

    Celts better beat the Bobcats by 15+ points the next game.

    • asdf

      WTF chicago giving 90 point at the end of the 3rd

      • Anthony

        They were down 44 at point. Wow!

        Also, Knicks down by 22 at halftime and Tyson Chandler is injured and done for the game.

  • OKCeltic

    Been a fan for nearly 40 years and finally got to see my first Celtic in Boston. Thank you gents for making it an enjoyable one, especially with the milestone achievements. Got the Bucket List pic of the banners also. It was agood night for tthis guy.

    • swissflix

      have yet to make it there. Happy for you! Been a fan for 20 years, so maybe i'll have to wait another 20…

    • CelticsBIG3

      So glad to hear this. What a great place to go. I've been there many many times and the goodness never wears off.

      • OKCeltic

        It was great. I've seen the Cs play other places, but it was much better watching them in their home whites and with others all cheering together instead of being the enemy

  • I_Love_Green

    Much better :)

  • janos

    is special night fan player, team am proud on good player one, best ever and no deny now is on paper history

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