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Game 63: Celtics (34-28) @ Bobcats (13-50) Open Thread

http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2013/0211/bos_g_pierce01jr_576.jpgBoston at Charlotte
7:00 P.M. ET
Time Warner Cable Arena


Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.2 points/100 possessions (22nd)
97.2 points/100 possessions (29th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 99.2 points allowed/100 possessions (5th)
 109.3 points allowed/100 possessions (30th)

Probable Bobcats Starters:
Kemba Walker (PG), Gerald Henderson (SG), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF), Byron Mullens (PF), and Bismack Biyombo (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Queen City Hoops

UPDATE: Pierce is out due to rest. Jeff Green will start in his place.

Thumbnail: Paul Pierce may have to wait until Wednesday at TD Garden to try to pass Charles Barkley for the 20th-most points scored in NBA history. He might miss this contest against the Bobcats, which would the Truth’s first missed start of 2012-13. Just a couple weeks ago, Doc Rivers chose to sit Kevin Garnett for his first missed start this season. On February 22, Jeff Green started for Garnett against the Suns and had one of the best games of his career. Green will most likely get his second start of the season on Tuesday.

As evidenced by the last time the Celtics were in Charlotte, this will be no easy game. The last time Boston traveled there, it was the day after the Celtics defeated the Nuggets in triple overtime. The men in green were able to take a six-point lead into halftime against the Bobcats, but then Charlotte dominated the third quarter en route to their comeback victory. Led by Byron Mullins’ 12 points, they outscored Boston, 33-24, in that third quarter. Mullins finished with a game-high 25 points and Ramon Sessions chipped in 19 off the bench.

However, this time around, Sessions is sidelined with a sprained MCL and no one is sure how much Bobcats coach Mike Dunlap will play Mullins. After starting the previous 14 games, Mullins came off the bench to play just five minutes on Saturday in Charlotte’s 10th consecutive loss. If the Celtics want to push that streak to 11 games, Garnett cannot shoot as poorly as he did on Sunday at Oklahoma City. It was only the fourth time as a Celtic that he shot worse than 30 percent from the field on at least 15 field goal attempts while only scoring 10 or fewer points.

Prediction: Garnett gives the Celtics more offense as they get revenge against the Bobcats.

Celtics 97, Bobcats 90

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  • Josh_5

    Here's hoping Jeff Green (I refer to him as Dr. Nasty) can go for 20+ tonight and help us secure a W.

  • Phil725

    Can we please just have one easy game against the Bobcats?

    • Phil725

      Sigh… it's never easy against the Bobcats.

  • High Rollers

    I'm looking for the bench to come through after that poor showing offensively against the Thunder.

  • The Cardinal

    Raggedy 1st quarter play. I hope this isn't one of those all-too-frequent games where we play down to the opposition.

  • The Cardinal

    So..is T-Will in the discipline doghouse already or what?

    • The Cardinal

      OK – there he is.

  • hydrofluoric

    My halftime notes:

    1. The Bobcats' ORR was 42.8%. The leading ORR in the league is around 35%.

    2. Gerald Henderson has 21 points already

    3. The Bobcats have 17 free throws already.

  • Anthony

    Maybe KG should've rested instead of Pierce.

    Bobcats…really? SMH

  • KillerGymRat

    Trying to hang in there ever since the Cats went up 12 after AB airballed a wide open jumper…but this is just painful to watch. There's no energy. No defense. And Charlotte looks like the better team. The much better team. Ouch.

  • Anthony

    Holy %&^%^!!
    I'm almost ashamed to be a Celts fan with this kind of bs effort. SMH

  • KillerGymRat

    Down 17 points…to the Bobcats…minus Sessions. WTF! I have to turn this off.

    I think this team really needs to learn how to take advantage of the easy games and actually let them be easy.

    Losing twice to the worst team in the league is just ridiculous and negates the big wins like Indy and Miami.

  • Art

    down by 15 going into the fourth quarter… Celtics have them just where they want them. Doc can't be happy about how they're playing in this one.

    I just don't understand why anyone would play down to an opponent and how both the first and second units can be so flat.

    No excuses for bad basketball.

  • Carl

    I saw this coming, I really did! It's pissing me off bad…I knew when they rested Pierce, we were gonna get our arse kicked by Bobcats

  • The Cardinal

    This is painfully embarrassing – I didn't think we were capable of looking any worse than we did in the two Detroit games and the Sacramento game in Sacramento, but I was wrong.

  • The Cardinal

    Well…we should be well rested next game.

  • Anthony

    No need for grades tonite, everyone including Doc deserves a F.

  • hydrofluoric

    Can I also just say that yeah, the Celtics have looked terrible, but give Charlotte credit for showing up to this game big time.

    • Anthony

      No matter how hard Charlotte played, Celts should NEVER lose by 26 to them.

      Last time Mullens looked like Dirk and this time Henderson looked like Kobe. Last time the excuse was the Celts were tired coming off a triple OT game. There shouldn't be any excuses this time, period.

  • Danny

    I think I just threw up after watching that pathetic pile of shit. There's no excuse to losing to the bobcats by 20. Zero none.

  • tbunny

    What a stinkbomb.

  • Danny

    When you can only manage 70 points against one of the worst defenses in NBA history your offense is officially broken.

  • Switcharoo

    Ouch, sounds like I missed a doozie. Should I even bother with looking at the NBA site or will it just make me feel dirty and sad.

  • The Cardinal

    I hope when we go into our next film session that Doc will replay video of all the laughs and smiles on the faces of Charlotte players in the 4th quarter. This one should piss every coach and player on the team off.

    • wayne

      The only problem is that "How can Doc and this bunch go back and watch this video with a straight face?"
      At some irrepressible point laughter is gonna have to erupt in the film room watching this crap which we were all treated to tonight.
      It was like something from Ringling Bros.and Barnum Bailey circus out there tonite…the way that they let a scrub team on a 10-game losing streak mop the floor with them. And gave Henderson his highest pt total of his entire career, en route to accepting his award tonight for League MVP. C'mon, man! Even Doc is gonna find it hard to keep a straight face watching this replay.

  • Phil725

    At least now I have a go to piece of evidence for my theory that Pierce is the key to everything the Celtics do…

    I've said before that wins and losses don't really matter since you just wanna stay out of 8th, but you still want to improve over these last 20 games, and you definitely can't develop serious bad habits, and that's exactly what the offense is doing of late. The team's love with the long 2 has always been a problem, but it's been an epidemic of late. I'd rather Bradley not cross over the half court line than take 15 long 2s a game or whatever he's been taking. The Cs need to start getting better shots, or no amount of defense will save them.

    • Danny

      yeah the longs 2s have got to stop. If you cant get points in the paint against the bobcats. You're in trouble.

  • Mark

    I said the last few games the team is reverting back to the way they played early in the season. Pull up whatever stat you want but the eyes don't lie. Whatever motivated them after Rondo went down is gone.

  • Josh_5

    Look, I understand this game was a dogshit game, but some people here need to back away from the ledge. Our only facilitator (Pierce) was out on the same night KG threw up a 2-10. This shit happens and ya the effort was bad but this is one of those games that's like your ex-girlfriend's sweater. You just burn it, forget it, and move on. I still like what this team brings (when motivated).