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Bobcats Destroy Chinese Basketball Association All-Stars: Bobcats 100, Celtics 74

Paul Pierce took the night off, and the rest of his teammates decided to do the same thing without telling Doc Rivers before the game. Gerald Henderson had a career-high 35 points, Josh McRoberts played like an All-Star and all I know is that I wouldn’t want to be on that plane ride back to Boston tonight. Grades on the way….and they won’t be pretty.

  • check12check

    The thing that pisses me off about this team is when they no-show for games that should be a sure thing. The sequence where i expect to see them win against a team that would struggle against good high school teams only to check the score and flip balls for a few minutes gets old. Especially when we are in the second half of this season, and they are in need of jockeying for a higher playoff spot. I hope Doc makes these very big men feel 5 inches tall on the plane ride home.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Don't even bother grading this game. What a joke. Shavlik Randolph should have stayed in China. How bad are the players in the CBA that he averaged 32 a game over 36 minutes?

    • check12check

      haha so bad, and moreover, it's the bigs that are truly terrible. I live in Beijing, so i watch some CBA. most US college teams could be the CBA champs. general formula for a CBA team, 1 guy who can dribble and do nothing else, 3 spot shooters, and a big guy (4 will be chinese and they have one black guy mixed in there somewhere). Also, make sure none of them can play D so each team can look sorta competent.

      • CelticsBIG3


        • check12check

          seriously. stephon marburry (a guy who a few years ago couldn't even get minutes for the celtics despite the need for a backup pg) is arguably the biggest star in the CBA and he lights teams up. This is an older Starburry than we ever saw, and those years certainly didn't make him faster…

          • CelticsBIG3

            This is also the same guy who made a video of himself eating Vaseline with tears streaming down his face.

  • check12check

    on a second note. this is the second strait ABYSMAL shooting night for KG. Does he need some rest or something? i haven't been able to watch either game (it's hard for me. I live and work in Beijing).

  • Josh_5

    I agree with BIG3. Seriously B-Robb, don't even bother with grades. The next article on here should be the game 64 preview: Celtics vs Raptors.

    • CelticsBIG3

      A writer over on CelticsLife.com called Shavlik Randolph a "decent back up big". Whatever he is smoking keep it away from me, lol.

  • Danny

    That was disgusting. There literally is no excuse for that loss. Turn in your NBA cards you just lost to the bobcats by 26. When you can only manage 74 points against one of the worst defenses you'll ever see your offense is officially broken.

    • idywild

      Yeah, that is what I found astounding. The points allowed to such a low offensive team and the point scored on such a low defensive team? I mean they are the worst in the league for a reason. No excuses. A D-1 college team could have put up a better effort!

  • KillerGymRat

    This loss point to the same glaring problems that I saw in the OKC loss which is why I made a big deal about that one and wasn't willing to write it off as just being a tough game to win. The offense somehow has gotten really stagnent again and guys are being asked to go beyond their skill level to get us buckets.

    I don't see giving PP rest as part of the problem. The problem is this team can't get easy baskets and when the jumpers aren't falling, they look like a YMCA pickup game. We also don't have anyone who can attack the basket (yes including Jeff Green who only looks good when the D gets out of his way or doesn't switch or recover quick enough).

    The reason it was a blowout was the defense didn't show up either, so instead of a grind out low seventies game that we look like we have a chance to win, you see how terribly bad our offense is. This team also, for whatever reason, really struggles against quick scoring PGs. So the Kemba Walkers, Kyrie Irvings, and Westbrooks give us trouble. As apparently does Gerald Henderson. We made him look like an all-star.

    It's way earlier then I thought I would get to say it…but I bet you miss Rondo now.

    • check12check

      was it AB getting blown past by Kemba? I saw that happen A LOT during the OKC game. seriously had me worried. If AB can't stop his man, we become a sieve pretending to be a basketball team

      • KillerGymRat

        It was indeed. AB clearly has the foot speed to keep in front of guys like that, but I think he has to learn to back off a bit. He tries to smother them, and they're just too fast. One mistep and their at the rim.

        But this game the effort just wasn't there from anybody. Charlotte was getting any shot they wanted wide open and uncontested.

  • Anthony

    Yea, CH should just have a post so everyone can vent.

    I didn't watch the first half and still saw so much crap that is supposedly basketball.

    I hated the loss but the way they loss made it that much worse. Have some F^*&^*g pride and at least try to make a comeback. To make matters even worse, I'm about half way through the book "Second Wind" by Bill Russell, the greatest winner of all time.

    • Anthony

      Misery loves company. Spurs lose by 24 to TWolves. They had a 30pt loss just 2 games prior.

    • check12check

      I only saw highlights, but the team looked miserable. You don't win games with your head hung low. this team needs to get hungry real quick.

  • Danny

    Its one thing to allow Henderson 35. I mean I get it guys have career nights it happens. But to allow the whole team to go off like that and throw up such an awful offensive performance. A college team may not beat Charlotte but I bet a good one could score 80 in a 48 minute game.

  • High Rollers

    Just one of eight-two, but that was surely the definition of craptastic.

  • eastern scout

    contenders my ass got whooped

  • Vincent

    Best headline ever. You guys are the best. Even if the Cs tonight were the worst. Oh well, I'm off to China to sign a big contract and dominate the CBA.

  • NZNICK33

    I hope they are just getting these performances out of their collective systems before the playoffs begin.

  • John

    Unfortunately, this one is on Doc. Rest the stars against Miami and @OKC, not against the lesser teams. They need to get W's – doesn't matter against who. You play the odds, Doc! Terrible.