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Eastern Conference Scout: Celtics Have No Shot in Postseason


One of the great features of Marc Stein’s Weekend Dime pieces over at ESPN.com is his ability to get scouts and other front office personnel to open up on the record about certain teams and players. This week’s edition was one of the best collections yet of voicing scouts’ takes on a number of squads in the NBA, including an opinion on the new-look Celtics. Despite all the recent success they’ve accomplished in nearly the past 20 games now, one scout holds a very low ceiling for Boston’s playoff chances:

Eastern Conference scout on the ceiling for the Rajon Rondo-less Celtics:

“I’ll buy your [contention] that they’re playing happier without him, but when it comes down to the big games, you need a couple a-holes. And Rondo is the leading a-hole Boston has. He affects the game like nobody else.

“During the regular season, I agree, he plays for stats too much, but when it comes to the playoffs, he’s playing to win the game. He’s definitely a diva and he definitely has his issues, but who does Miami have to game-plan for if Rondo isn’t there? Paul Pierce is a warrior, but he’s only going to be able to play 15 top-level minutes out of 30. [Kevin Garnett] is a defensive specialist at this point in time. The totality of the Heat overtakes the totality of the Celtics when Rondo’s not there, but I still think he’s in Miami’s heads and the Celtics are in the Heat’s heads when the teams are at full strength.

“Without Rondo, Miami wins that series in five.”

In response to this assessment, Kevin Garnett already prepared a response after Friday night’s game to all the b***sh** critics out there.


  • Joe Smith

    Kg a “defensive specialist”? Unbelievable, has this scout seen kg play at all this year? He might he our best offensive option.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Which team is this guy a scout for? Surely one in the east that is afraid to play the Celtics.

  • Phil725

    Can we get a game thread instead of this extremely insightful analysis from an obviously very knowledgeable and plugged in source?

    Seriously, who cares what 'an east scout' thinks? If you look hard enough and lower your standards for analysis low enough, you can find people who think anything.

  • Phil725

    Guess I'll have to use this post to vent, but I really don't like the offense for the Cs so far. Someone really needs to explain the value of a shot attempt to Bradley. Dribbling on the 3pt line, then taking one step in and launching a 19 footer with half the shot clock left isn't a good possession.

    And the Celtics may as well go home right now if they keep turning it over like this.

  • eastern scout

    it is me
    you suck

  • fabzzz

    Well as much as I disagree with him calling kg a defensive specialist I do agree largely wit hthe sentiment here.

    Honestly, do you think this celtics team can beat the heat? And does it really make a difference if they win in 5 or 6?

  • Kafel

    Yes, I believe it. Because why not, everything is possible. In playoffs KG will play longer minutes so our defence will be better. And if our bench players will step up and play like they are capable of playing then yes, C's have a chance to eliminate Heat.

  • sethesq

    Gotta love the stupidly misleading headline. "No shot"? Looks to me like this "scout" simply made the pretty tame assesment that this Celtics team minus it's most dangerous player would likley lose in 5 games against the best team in the league. Oooooh.

    Of course we have a shot, and I don't see anywhere that he said otherwise. In fact he stated that at full strength this team is in Miani's head. His assesment of Rondo is also spot on. He is a diva who takes his game to another level under playoff lights. Please stop putting words in (annonymous!) peoples mouths for the sake of a flashy headline. It's annoying and childish.

    • Rav

      Yep. Generally, the journalistic quality on Celtics Hub is more than decent but this headline is quite sensationalist. Completely agree with your take – the scout says that the Celtics will have trouble taking more than one game off the Heat in a 5-game series, which implies that he/she believes such a series is plausible (under the current seeding situation, this would necessitate the Celtics advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals).

      A similar opinion, then, to that expressed by one Brian Robb in the following ESPN article: http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/page/5-on-5-130308


    We only need to rebound better, and we will have a good change of beating Miami anytime.

    Go celtics

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