Post-game Reactions

It came down to one, perfectly executed play for the C’s to dispatch the Two-Seeded Pacers and get a huge win on a SEGABABA.  After clamoring all season for something other than a Pierce Iso, the Celtics decided not to play for overtime and played to win instead.  There are lots of things from this game to talk about.  More to come later….

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  • IBleedGreen

    You're either lying to yourself or a moron if you still don't think this team is better without Rondo.

    • KillerGymRat

      Oh stop already. We get it. You HATE Rondo.

      Good for you.

  • asdf

    WHAT A WIN !

  • Jonathan

    they're not a better team, they're just hustling, which is something they didn't do when Rondo was playing.

  • Sophomore

    SEGABABA? Celtics SMASH!

  • High Rollers

    Jeff Green. Integral. Deal with it. Hoowa!

  • IBleedGreen

    The Perkins/Green trade is looking better than ever.

    • dslack

      People's issue with that trade had nothing to do with how things would look 2 or 3 years down the line. Sure, Green's a more talented player than Perkins. I don't think anyone every doubted that. The thing that upset a lot of people was that it seemed ludicrous for a title contender (Celtics had the 2nd best record in the NBA at the time of the trade) to trade its starting center for a bench player with only a few months left in the season. (Not to mention their starting center who was an integral member of the team, who had busted his ass to get back quickly from a torn ACL.) This was a completely unprecedented trade, and the Celtics fell short in the playoffs that year. They may well have fallen short in the playoffs even without making the trade, but for me the trade HAS to be evaluated in terms of the Celtics probability of winning a championship THAT year, not in terms of trying to pick up assets for several years later when KG would be 36 and Pierce 35.

      • Anthony

        Actually, a lot of Celts fans doubted JGreen's talents. He was a starter for OKC that went to the bench in the Celts' system. Also, they were 33-10 prior to Perk coming back from his injury. Perk only played 12 games and was re-injured by the time the trade was made. Not to take anything away from Perk but he wasn't that integral a part of the championship runs. Posey, House, TA, and Sheed were arguably more important than Perk.

        Lastly, the assumption from DA was that JO, Shaq and Semih would be enough to hold down the center position for the playoff run. We all know what happened with all three of those guys.

        • dslack

          There was no more Semih. DA jettisoned him. But yes, Danny assumed that the injured JO, the injured Shaq, and Nenad Krstic would be enough to hold down the fort.

          I'm not saying that the trade killed that title run. Like I said, the team's season might well have fallen short of a title that season even without that trade. They might have even done worse if they hadn't made that trade — who knows?

          What I'm saying is that when a team has the 2nd-best record in the NBA and its best players are in their mid-30s, the GM's responsibility is to maximize the team's chances of winning a title THAT year. If the Perkins/Green trade was made for any reason other than improving the team's chances of winning the title in 2011, then Danny was derelict in his duty.

          • The Cardinal

            How soon we forget – Perk was gonna walk after the season because Boston was not going to meet his salary demands, which they shouldn't have considering Perk was such a one-dimensional player. They chose to trade him for someone with who Danny had drafted at number 5 and was always high on, and here he was available again. Danny did exactly what a GM should do.

            At the time, there was a lot of noise claiming that the Perk trade "affected our chemistry" and that was the reason we lost in the finals. I said it then and I'll say it now…bull shoot! Remember during game 7 when we built the big first half lead? During the final quarter, the Celtics had the guys on the floor who would have been out there anyway had Perk still been a member of the team, and we simply couldn't score a basket during that 6 minute drought when we needed to do so. Thems the breaks and Perk certainly wouldn't have changed that.

            I simply don't believe we were one iota worse that season because of the Perk trade, but I know opinions (if this board is any indication) seem to be about evenly split on that.

          • hydrofluoric

            I don't think Perk was going to let the Lakers get 7 offensive rebounds in the fourth quarter alone. KG got one defensive rebound and the Celtics got 7 defensive rebounds overall. There's a reason Dannywent berserk and got Shaq, JO, Semih, and Luke Harangody all in ONE offseason.

            We probably weren't winning 18 that year regardless (Bulls and Mavs were too good that year) but we could have sent Lebron home crying a third time if we'd had a paint protector against Miami instead of Jeff Green doing absolutely nothing for 15-20 minutes a game.

      • emg

        nice to see dslack chipping in.

  • Total Fat

    Love the article title

  • chris m

    ,What a refreshing outcome tonight. The Celtics have had a handful of games on the road this year where they had stayed close only to sputter in the last two minutes. Now go scalp some Hawks Friday night.