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Paul Pierce Totally Impressed by Curry and that “Other Guy”

Last night was one of those rare moments where the running score and ultimate outcome were inconsistent with the drama that unfolded.  Save for a short second quarter run and sustained basket trading for most of the third, the Celtics had this game well in hand.  That reality, however, was completely ignored because of the week Steph Curry is having.  His mastery at MSG is already firmly entrenched in future Bay Area folklore.  Despite what the back of your mind knew to be true, your forehead was screaming things like

“54 points!”

“You’re playing zone with Steph Curry on the floor?!”

“Why is Jordan Crawford/Jason Terry/Anyone-Other-Than-Avery-Bradley on Curry?!”

In the end, the C’s didn’t have to worry about any of those things.  They were able to contain a tired Warriors team and prevent Curry from continuing to embarrass those in charge of All-Star alternate selections.  It wasn’t just Curry.  As Paul Pierce pointed out, the Warriors have a lot of guys that are hard not to notice (check it out starting at 2:43):

Pierce: “We talk a lot about Steph [Curry] but they have a lot of really good players…What’s that other guy’s name, I forget?

Brian Robb: “Thompson?”

Pierce: “Klay Thompson! He’s coming into this own as a two guard int his league, starting to establish a name for himself.”

Irony aside, Pierce is right.  The Warriors have a bunch of young, nice players which makes this win all the more impressive.

  • check12check

    in his head pierce is thinking "$&!t, i can't remember all these guys. I've been making NBA buckets since this kid was making fisher-price buckets."

    jokes aside the warriors do have some stellar young talent. I'd like to see them hold onto it and emerge as a real threat