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Reports: Kevin Garnett Refused To Waive No-Trade Clause in Clippers Deal


That’s loyalty folks. KG wasn’t lying these past few weeks.

  • Sophomore

    If it was loyalty to PP – to save Pierce from going to the ATL – then I understand it.

    If he thinks this team as constituted can win it all, I don't get it.

  • KillerGymRat

    It really says a lot about KG and his loyalty. The Clippers with Garnett would have had to be considered a favorite to make the western conference finals and have a serious chance to win it all.

    The man truly does bleed Green. And I for one love him for it.

    • Sophomore

      Why should he bleed Green? His job as a basketball player is to take pride in his craft and play hard wherever he is. As a human being he should be loyal to his friends and his family. Why does he have an obligation to the laundry – which he picked up ten years into his career? Why not bleed (Timberwolf) gray? And let's assume that he used his no-trade clause to block a trade that the team leadership (and a lot of the fans) considered a win-win: the team would be better positioned to retool, and he would be traded to a contender, to play with friends, near his home. Why is it "loyalty" to block that trade? I don't see it. I think he had other motives, to do with liking his situation and the people on the team he was around. Maybe some pride, but mostly just not wanting a change.

      • KillerGymRat

        You are of course entitled to your opinion, Sophomore. And I couldn't disagree with you more. Specifically on your presumptions of his motives.

        We really have no idea why the Clipper deal truly fell through. The C's may never have wanted it. The Clips may have feared it would blow their chemisty. It might have been KG. Who knows. And I doubt we ever will. I honestly don't care.

        KG has no obligation to anything, most especially his "laundry". Not sure why you are insinuating I said that. I didn't. But since you chose to vomit your thoughts on my post – here are mine: nobody in this league has an obligation to do anything in terms of loyalty. Ever since the mid-80s when the NBA's popularity exploded into a global phenomenon, it became a free for all cash grab and that goes from the players to the coaches to management and even ownership who now flip teams like houses. There is no loyalty anymore…

        …Which is why when somebody like KG who could be a welcome ring chaser at this point in his career comes along and says "I bleed greed". Then stands by his word and not only asks for a no-trade clause (it isn't easy to get), but rumor has it, he may have used it, or made it clear he could use it…then I commend that person. He doesn't need the Celtics. IMO we sure as hell need him.

        From what I know of KG he would have bled Timberwolf green/grey had they not traded him, but they did so he made a new home and I love him for that.

        And since when do fans ever get a vote in what their team does or doesn't do? Please give an example of any team in the history of the NBA that took a poll before making a roster decision.

  • james patrick

    KG makes me proud to be a Celtic. Proud that he's a Celtic for life. I'm tempted to get a #5 tattoo. He is EVERYTHING a Celtic stands for. SO HAPPY. Thank you KG!! Now lets go out there and prove all the doubters wrong!

  • Morpheus

    K – Mart signed already. I hope Danny realises we need a big like last month.

  • High Rollers

    Ultimate. Professional.

  • High Rollers

    It’s like, are you kidding me. PP, his brother, his equal, his court BFF. RR, his protective and protected brother. and protege. Doc, his desired regime. Malibu is for the offseason.

    • jman

      ExfOractly. A lot of people want kg and pierce traded to get the younger pieces to hopefully not end in oblivion. Lol. All afraid of the 90's again. This guy comes along and brings back the glamour of the game and you want to shitcan him because he's nearing the end. Allowing him and pierce to retire here will show respect to the player and will show other players this team is worth coming to. Kg gives you 2 championships('10 was stolen), 4 ecf's and division titles every year. He brought the entertaining players like Wallace and shaq here. They wouldn't of come here without him here. He made the Celtics entaining to watch again. So we won't win a ring for a few years. It'll still be entertaining watching them end there time here and they deserve it. It's their life not yours. Would you hate your boss to shit can you to get a younger person to do your job.
      Hopefully though they'll diminish their role next year though. Lee, Bradley, green, with a true center and pf in the starting lineup will be good. Rondo's trade during thenoff-season will produce a good center hopefully.

      • hairdude

        Don't forget what he's done/doing for Sullinger as well!! Consummate professional, above and beyond!!

  • Chief

    @KillerGymRat, was gonna post but you nailed my sentiments exactly.
    Am stoked to see KG and PP remain celtics wouldn’t have felt right to see them traded.

  • sightline

    I think he has a career at Boston after he finishes playing. GM one day? Maybe. Assistant Coach? Maybe.
    Good news in some respects. The trade deadline was like a Mexican standoff. Ainge was telling the truth when he said that GM's were getting smarter. Or are they?
    I think the smarter GM's have been fleecing some of the not so smart ones for a while, and all teams are now in the mode of only trading to get better. Unfortunately for some teams it doesnt matter what they do (hmmm……Kings), things will probably get worse. The Celtics have a great culture, great leadership and great coaching staff. They have the advantage of being able to take unwanted/discarded players and molding them, influencing them, with the leadership they have.
    Im happy they kept the core, it will hurt them in the future. But the slide may have been far worse without that leadership and direction. Well played Danny.

  • Justin

    I Can't believe how a lot of ppl who claim they are Celtics fans but wanted KG Rondo and Pierce traded why in the hell would Ainge trade the heart and soul of this team Rondo is the future of the Celtics rather y'all wanna believe it or not Rondo will be the future of the C's but he has plenty of time to grown and get better and better as he does each year but if you see how the Celtics did in the 90s why would we go back to those losing days hell nobody may not expect us to make a lot of noise and have an early exit but I bleed green we will be the undercover suprise come playoff time I agree we should've added K Mart but we still can add a couple of big man but seriously there aren't many good big man available like seriously who is out there but we will be fine KG Pierce Rondo and Doc are Celtics and will always be.

  • blyum komarik

    i just made tattoo on my ass:
    Celtics going nowhere ,KG and Pierce are both old like hell
    they are cooked