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Celtics Trade Jason Collins and Leandro Barbosa For Jordan Crawford

The trade deadline has come and gone and the C’s have made one of the few deals of the day, as Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe was one of the many to report:

The Celtics have acquired the bench scorer they were looking for, trading the expiring contract of injured guard Leandro Barbosa and center Jason Collins to the Washington Wizards for shooting guard Jordan Crawford, according to NBA sources.

Crawford, 24, averaged 13.2 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 3.7 assists in 43 games for Washington this season. But he’s known as a streaky shooter and has experienced a major slump, having been benched for Washington’s last four games. The 6-foot-4-inch Crawford has two years left on his rookie contract after being selected 27th overall by Atlanta in 2010.

After the move the C’s now have four big men on the roster (including Fab Melo) as well as two open roster spots. With Terrence Williams just on a 10-day contract as well, Ainge has plenty of roster flexibility for the upcoming days to make a serious run at any player that becomes available on the free agent market.

Stay tuned for much more analysis on Crawford in the coming hours. For now though, sound off in the comments. What are your thoughts on the trade?

  • OKCeltic

    Come on DA, please tell us there's something else in the works!

  • CetlicMystique

    Why would be add Jason Collins to that deal if at first we were only moving Barbosa's contract for him? KG, Wilcox, Melo, and Bass are our only bigs, and we have 4 shooting gaurds now with Terry, Bradley, Lee, and Crawford and two open roster spots….This has to mean we are still working on a deal for a big right?!?!??! RIGHT?!??!..PLEASE??!?

    • Phil725

      The deal didn't work under the cap on a straight up swap for LB for Crawford (Cs were 30k over the 74m hard cap.) Since Washington apparently didn't want our rookie first round pick (sigh…) another minimum salary needed thrown into the deal. I'm a little surprised it was Collins and not Wilcox, but I guess that just shows you how Doc and Danny differ on that subject.

      • Celtic_07

        Well Wilcox couldn't be traded w/o his consent. That was tricky. He has protection under the current CBA under bird rights something2x. I'm not an expert and I just saw this in one of the forums.

        • Phil725

          You're right, I missed that little wrinkle. That probably explains it, since I don't see much reason for Wilcox to accept a trade to Washington. Guess the team really didn't have much of a choice on who to offer if Fab wasn't going to be involved. That's probably why the deal got done so far ahead of the deadline.

  • KillerGymRat

    If there is a rebounding defensive minded big (or 2) lurking somewhere I like it.

    But like I said on the earlier post – post season is all about dominating the paint and this move certainly doesn't help us where we need it most and if my math is correct ($1.7M vs $2.3M) we actually went further over the cap to do it.

    • CetlicMystique

      I agree completely. This deal makes no sense at all unless there is another move coming…

    • OKCeltic

      LB & JC were ~$2.5M, JC was ~$1.1M for this year. Next year is when JC gets $2.2M

      • KillerGymRat

        Thanks for the numbers, OKCeltic. Where did you get them?

        The one's I got where off ESPN's trade machine which had LB & JC both on 1yr 888,000 deals, with Crawford on a 2 yr deal paying $2.3. I'm sure not the most acurate source.

        • Phil725


          Shamsports is the best place to go for salary info. To jump around just go Salaries – Team Salaries – whatever team.

          • KillerGymRat

            Thanks, Phil725!

        • OKCeltic

          I got my numbers from HoopsHype.com, but Shamsports is a good place also as Phil said.

      • KillerGymRat

        Yeah, Shamsports numbers also say: $1.7 for LB & JC

        But confirms (the other) JC is only $1.2 this season (going up to $2.2 next).

        So we actually shaved $500,000 in cap overrage which I guess moves the deal further toward a marginal improvement.

        And ouch, no wonder nobody wants Green or Bass. Bass' deal pays him nearly $7M in the final year, while Green's deal escalates from $8.4 this season paying $9.5 in both 2014/15 and 2015/16. Yikes.

    • Vincent

      I think this trade made the Celtics insignificantly better. But, its not like anyone was going to give the Cs a quality player for free, so I can't argue with Danny's performance here. Let's get a decent big and roll into the playoffs as the 7 seed and take down the Knicks in Round 1. I'd consider that a successful season considering we lost Rondo, Sully, and Barbosa before the AS Break.

  • Phil725

    I like the Crawford addition; everyone was focused on replacing LB after his injury, and this is probably the closest match you could've found. I don't worry about his off court stuff or even some of his bonehead on court play because of the trusty Doc/KG dynamic. He's not great, but we're talking about a Nate Robinson type who may be able to put up some points on nights when others are slumping.

    They gave up more than I was hoping in Collins. I expected Crawford to come free, but he apparently cost 'anything besides Fab Melo'. I don't think it's too big of a loss, but then again, I've been begging for Wilcox to get more minutes for months now. The Cs were going to be super small no matter what they did, hell swapping Collins for Crawford probably improves their rebounding.

    Edit: I was being sarcastic, but Crawford's DRR this year is 10.2%, Collins' is 10.8%…

    • Sophomore

      Too bad about losing Collins. My most optimistic thought is that DA must have concluded that he can find comparable value on the scrap heap. He won't find a great big, but somebody of Collins' caliber? Maybe.

      • CelticsBIG3

        Perhaps Collins gets bought out and the Celtics get him back? Idk if they can do that within the same season.

        • Phil725

          Can't get Collins back because of the Zydrunas Illgauskas rule (I just wanted to abuse my spellcheck.) It's either one year or until the contract runs out/would've run out in a buyout situation, whichever comes first.

          Collins is pretty close to replacement level though. He was getting minutes because Doc trusted him to not screw up on defense. You can find someone else to replicate his minimal impact. Collins really wasn't very good for this team.

          • CelticsBIG3

            I agree, but he was impressive running defensive sets for us.

  • HansGruber

    Strap in, Celtics fans.We're heading back to the lottery. Hang on.

    • Sophomore

      Unfortunately, not soon enough. Rondo may be enough next year to keep us at the 8 seed in the east. I see a longer, slower slog through the mud.

  • W2.

    Hey, we need to score the ball. I am not sure what the numbers say, but I would guess that Collins on the floor or Wilcox on the floor is no major difference. Crawford has some upside. TWill has some upside. Collins…….less so. Hey Fab Melo can commit six fouls and make one out of two free throws. My hope is that we have an opportunity to develop Melo. Like Steamer last year, dude wouldn't have played without certain circumstances….so let's go Fab, TWill, and Jordan Crawford. I will miss Twin, not at all.

    • Phil725

      No major difference?! The Cs have an above league average 106.3 offensive rating with Wilcox on the floor, and a Wizards-esque 99.8 with Collins! That Wilcox mark is the highest on the team by far.

      …In interest of this being a pro-Wilcox post, I'll ignore the defensive numbers that are… not good 😛

  • dasein

    I like it. Bit of a knuckle head, but he can score the ball and the price was almost nothing. Don't get all this nashing of teeth over loosing Colins. This is Jason freaking Colins people. He is not, never has been, and never will be a difference maker. Danny can easily find someone to do 95% of what he does on the scrap heap.

  • Banner18

    Anybody know what Shawn Williams and Chris Johnson have been up to? Big body's to clog the paint would be suffice.

  • cjkasino

    WHO cares ppl stay complaining about money this and money that like its coming out of any if YOUR pockets …stop worrying about it and enjoy the ride….we now have the guy who dunked on lebron james punk crying azz… so I believe. ..that DA has something else brewing with a big in FA since he knows how bad we NEED a big or two…lets go C’s

  • NZNICK33

    How about giving Louis Amundsen a go? I think Indiana just released him and he’s one of those pesky, always-hustling, high-energy guys that the C’s never seem to have anymore.

    Mind you, there must be a reason the Pacers let him go. Still, one man’s rubbish…

  • dasein

    Only thing I'm bummed about is that it was Morey and not Danny who got to do the annual Kings fleece. T-Rob and Garcia's expiring- yes please! You're telling me the Celtics couldn't have done something better than Patterson for that?

    • Anthony

      Celts don't have any friendly contracts besides maybe AB or Sully.

      But I agree that was a great trade for Houston.

      • Anthony

        To add on to that, I was so sure sure that Houston would try to flip T-Rob plus whatever for J-Smoove and then try to pry Dwight from the Lakers in the summer. That's not a bad looking starting line-up – Lin, Harden, Parsons, JSmoove, Dwight.

  • skeeds

    As others said, the fact that Ainge made this trade, means at least one of 3 things:
    1. There's another trade involving a big that we don't know of.
    2. He was desperate for another SG because he's looking at trading another guard. (Wojnarowski reported something about Brandon Roy for C.Lee)
    3. Nothing else could be done, and he was forced to do this.

    Whatever it is, and no matter how useless Collins proved to be (very, very useless indeed), we cannot hope for a strong run with such a slim and small roster. I hope this isn't the case…

    • skeeds

      my bad, lost track of time (time difference where I'm at). Whatever Ainge had on his mind with this move, it ain't happening. On to the scrapheap search for bigs!!!

  • asdf

    and now the heat are frontrunners for k mart

  • Marcel

    K-Mart just got an 10-day contract from NYK

  • ghoulbuns

    Stupid trade. Barbosa would have been a major asset next year

    • Phil725

      They can sign Barbosa again next year if they want. His going rate will be the minimum since he'll be a 31 year old guard coming off a serious knee injury who will probably miss at least part of the season.

      That's a rather liberal definition of 'major asset'.

    • asdf

      i would say stupid comment

  • Shane

    Barbosa was a FA anyways. Turning an injured guard and a backup (to a backup) center into a serviceable 2 spot with potential seems like a gimme. Scrap heap bigs can easily do what Collins did. I'd look for DA to dip into the D-League again, ala the Steimer (Stiemer?) last year.

  • dgotshalk

    Practice depth to relieve Garnett and Pierce.
    After that you are talking about a 6'4 , 24 year old who has played in the league for two years.
    He is more than worth a good look in practice and then this veteran bunch will decide.


    very disappointed for a min thought peirce for smith would of could of worked for C s smith,.1 27 peirce old then garnett for bledsoe and jordan another disappointment ! hard core celtics fan who knows whats ahead .put those players with rondo ,j green, c lee ,bradley, we would of had a good mix of run and gun plus some other peices .oh well ! guess D.A HAS SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE

  • antoni

    Danny Ainge, knows the true basket, is like chess, there are kings, bishops , horses, rooks, pawns
    you must preseve all for win the game