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Celtics pursuing Tyreke Evans….Who May Now Be Unavailable?

A relatively slow trade deadline today got a little bit of a kick earlier this morning when Marc Stein of ESPN.com heard rumblings of the C’s interest in Kings guard Tyreke Evans.

Unfortunately, with the C’s limited in attractive assets and Evans earning $5 million dollars in an expiring deal which would make salaries tough to match, these trade talks may have ended quickly.

Some even more direct words from Kings beat writer Jason Jones

A good thought by Ainge, who has been interested in acquiring Evans in recent years, but not enough to make anything match.

  • Phil725

    It's so hard to find deals that work for the Cs because they have so little to offer in the expiring contract department. Teams are willing to trade guys like Tyreke Evans for little actual value as long as it's for one year. No team wants to take back 3 years and 20m of Brandon Bass to make a deal work.

  • The Cardinal

    I think the best scenario for the Celtics would be to trade Fab and Barbosa's contract and a 2nd rounder for Jordan Crawford, keep Williams for depth at the wing, and pick up a waived big after today for the vet's minimum .

    The only other scenario I can see working would be using Lee as a trade chip but: 1) he's simply too valuable to the team with the lack of healthy bodies and inconsistent scoring from Bradley; and 2) ideally you would use him to bring back big, but I don't thing you'd get anyone better than some of the guys that will be available after the deadline.

    • Anthony

      What about trade CLee for Ed Davis and trade exceptions? Do the Crawford trade and keep TWill.
      Celts save money from both trade for whatever they plan in the next 2 hours or in the off -season.

  • The Cardinal

    Don't get me wrong – I love Ed Davis, but there is no way Memphis gives him up despite Lionel Hollins' initial hissy fit. He was the guy the Memphis GM really wanted. Hollins will go before Davis does.

    I haven't really kept up with amnesty stuff/guaranteed contracts/etc… for other teams, but I do believe some Maurice Speights and Drew Gooden types (if not the originals) will be available after the deadline. Given how one-dimensional our bigs are (KG the exception of course), almost any veteran big with some size will potenially be an immediate rotation player.

    • Anthony

      Don't know how highly Lionel thinks of Ed Davis but just looking at their roster, they're pretty thin in the backcourt. I can definitely see why they were interested in CLee.