Post-game Reactions

The exact terms of the deal are still being discussed, but there are now multiple reports out that the Celtics have traded for Wizards’ guard Jordan Crawford. With the C’s keeping Fab Melo, look for Leandro Barbosa and a 2nd round pick being included as part of the package. Dealing Barbosa would open up another roster spot and also open up a trade exception for Boston to use now, or later this year. Much more on the situation as it develops.

For more on the trade and Crawford though, You can join us for CelticsHub’s trade deadline chat  when you Click Here. We’ll start at 2pm ET sharp and go right up until the trade deadline at 3 (and probably beyond).


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • The Cardinal

    Thank you, thank thank you…the spread offense gets the boost it needed with the loss of Barbosa, and we get some maneuverability to sign another impact player and keep Williams, who I think may surprise us with his defense on some big guards and small forwards..

  • mugi

    well done ainge.

  • The Cardinal

    …and we get to keep JaVale McGee 2.0! If nothing else, Fab is worth some laughs right now and if he gets serious and accepts some one-on-one coaching over the summer, he may actual be capable of contributing next season..

    • Phil725

      The Wiz just willingly chose a player with a torn ACL who will never play for them over Fab. I think that says all you need to know about him…

      • The Cardinal

        True dat! But when you realize guys like Jason Collins and Ryan Hollins have managed to stay around just because of – hmmm, because of sumthin' sumthin'- one can only hope that lightning strikes and transforms the goofiness into something useful.

        Maybe the door frame had a radioactive spider on it that bit him…

      • OKCeltic

        I agree Phil, but I wouldn't totally discount that the Wiz would prefer to relieve themselves of a one-year contract rather than taking on a player with at least two years left at about the same price per year. Maybe they have other plans for the cash (no matter how small the amount) that frees up when LB comes off their books at the end of the year. I'd like to think of it that way rather than Melo not being worth a 31-yr-old guard with one wheel.

  • Morpheus

    I don't know, i mean don't get me wrong, Danny, brilliantly got away with theft here, but we just replaced a scoring guard with another scoring guard.

    Waiting for news on "Danny trades Melo, Bass, 1st for Josh Smith" to come out.

    • KillerGymRat

      We replaced an injured scoring guard out for the season with a healthy scoring guard.

      Definitely a plus.

      Atlanta has held on to Smith and is gambling big time.

  • Jen

    Jordan Crawford is terrible. Gross.

  • Mark

    Not a game changing move. A nice addition AND an asset for another trade. Play his value up Doc.

  • IBleedGreen

    If I were a Wizard fan, I would scream out loud: WTF!!!!

    • Rich

      Like with glee? Because Crawford is a freaking cancer on that team. He's really quite bad at his job.

    • Phil725

      No Wizard fan is sad to see Crawford go. He was demanding a trade and the last thing they need is toxic players in the locker room on a bad team. There's a reason they gave him away; they didn't want him. That doesn't mean he can't help the Cs, but not having to pay him 2.2m next year is a solid haul for the Wiz.

  • Danny

    Danny Ainge the swindler lol

  • KillerGymRat

    In other news: KG, PP and Rondo all remain in Green!!

    At least until summer.

  • CG12

    Crawford is a known chucker of the highest order. Not the worst thing in the world, since he will likely fill almost the exact role LB did – coming off the bench to get some buckets. There is no doubt he has skills. The questions are about his attitude and his mind.

  • KillerGymRat

    Just heard Jason Collins was part of the deal for Crawford…

    Suddenly I think it's a crap deal. Collins is a goon, but without him all we have is injury prone Wilcox and the thinnest front court in the NBA.

    If this is true there must be something big in Ainge's sights or this deal makes no sense.

    • Anthony

      That was my initial reaction too but maybe DA has something up his sleeves.

      Not that I'm unhappy with JC but why didn't DA go after Maynor if he wanted a true PG? Just a thought.

      • KillerGymRat

        I like Maynor better than JC. Unfortunately I think Maynor's salary (nearly twice JC's) put him out of our price range. But his deal is expiring, so it might have been doable.

    • Phil725

      More minutes for Wilcox!

      Ainge obviously doesn't think very highly of Collins, and may expect to replace him off the scrap heap or from a bought out player, I still would've rather sent out Fab though. It's a shame Ainge didn't pick anyone besides Fab at 22. It's near impossible to take a player in the first round that you can't give away eight months later.

      • OKCeltic

        Phil with the Wilcox man-crush. I love it! I want to see him get more minutes as well, but I also hope DA has something else brewing.

      • KillerGymRat

        For the record, I like Wilcox (though I liked Hollins better). I was never a fan of Collins, and I can see why Ainge isn't high on him as he only gets a rebound when the ball hits him in the face…and even then, sometimes he doesn't grab it. But he is a solid post defender, an area Wilcox struggles…and Melo is useless. He also had a minimum contract so unlike Bass and Green, he was actually paid what he was worth, while Melo makes nearly twice as much and will likely play D-league ball until being dealt elsewhere. And of course there was the genius employ of Darko. So all Danny's moves in the front court have been dissapointing.

        Post season is always more physical and I've never seen a team go deep in the playoffs without being able to effect the painted area on at least one end of the floor. With only KG and Wilcox we're in serious trouble…

        Again, unless Ainge has an Ace (or two) somewhere we don't know about.

        • Phil725

          The ideal team to look to is probably the Cs from last year. Bass was much less terrible then, but it's not like they had any more bodies than now; Stiemsma didn't even play in the postseason. I'd be shocked if they find an ace somewhere, but maybe there's a seven around that can eat up some regular season minutes. I don't think Collins was going to play much of a role in the postseason either way. Maybe against Indy and their slow, plodding centers, but most of the other east contenders would eat him alive.

          • KillerGymRat

            True. But last season we had a healthy Rondo, which is a huge difference. Say what you want about his D, he's an incredible rebounder for his position and he picks it up even more in the post season. He was putting up huge board numbers last season (15 rpgs in one game alone).

            Pierce is picking up some extra boards but nowhere near making up for RR's absence. So where do those rebounds come from? And more importantly who clogs the paint and bodies up against opposing bigs.

            I agree Collins would get eaten up. But KG isn't effective playing 40+ minutes, and there's always the chance of him getting in foul trouble. Wilcox is injury prone and a weak interior defender, and so we're at serious risk of having to play Bass or even Green at center for stretches.

            If you think Collins would get eaten alive? Watch Bass try and guard anyone down low. To move on in the post season we have to get through at least one or more of the following: New York, Indiana, Brooklyn and Chicago. All those teams have 7 foot centers who can score (HIbbert's having a bad year but still a threat) and we now have only KG to match up.

            Collins is a goon. But IMO a goon of an insurance policy on a team that really can't afford not to have one. Steisma didn't play, but if we needed him, he could have.

          • Phil725

            Yeah, I'm with you on Collins as an insurance policy. I had no complaints against him getting minutes before because he was still the best option in the role he was playing. I'm just looking at as a law of diminishing returns thing; if you were already punting rebounds and size inside, how much worse do you get by taking away Collins' 10 minutes a game, which would probably be less in the playoffs?

            The Cs have to win by shutting other teams down defensively and just scoring enough. I just don't see much of a loss defensively without Collins. He was only playing 10 minutes in the regular season, and KG will stretch out over 30 mpg in the postseason. The Cs don't play a 1 on 1 D. If you plan on beating the Cs inside, you have to go through KG and wherever the help is coming from. Easier said than done. There is no elite offensive center in the East, even if there are some good ones.

            They'll probably lose the rebounding battle on the way to the win or loss, but they would lose the rebounding battle with or without Collins.

        • Anthony

          Quite possible that DA is trying to force KG into retirement by overworking him with 40 mins a game.

          What are the available scraps at center left for the pickings?

    • CG12

      Collins was starting to grow on me. And, in any event, he was one of the few guys (the only guy?) on the C's roster who can legitimately guard the 5-spot. KG doesn't have the bulk and Wilcox doesn't have the savvy. So now we are thin at the big spots instead of the little spots. Yay! Ainge will bring in somebody who will be fine, but not the least bit exciting.

  • IBleedGreen

    There is no free lunch in America.

  • Robert

    I don't know about this trade. I'm not too enamored with getting a gunner with horrible shot selection, but there is some value in a guy who create his own shot on the second unit.

    As KillerGymRat said though, this makes a smaller team even smaller. Our list of guys over 6'10" are now: KG, Wilcox, Fab Melo.


  • check12check

    If we had a legit center already in place this trade is a no brainer. we get better talent, but i'm not sure this makes our team better. Is danny maybe thinking about getting a big from china? I'm skeptical. I don't follow the CBA (chinese basketball association) closely, but i live in Beijing and I watch a little. For the most part there are no bigs over here. Like BB could be a franchise center in China. Moreover, the US talent is primarily wings and guards, and the chinese "talent" isn't up to play at an NBA level. Not even to the D-league level