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Breaking Down The Jordan Crawford Trade and Celtics Non-Moves

It was a complicated day for the Celtics on what could have been the last day of the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce era in Boston. Instead, the C’s opted to go for the minor moves, dealing for another offensive guard in the form of Jordan Crawford to help in the backcourt. The former Wizard and Hawk comes to town with a lot of question marks though that need to be addressed.

Can he fit into this team right away? Who will he play with on the floor? And will he help the Celtics offense?

To break it all down I was joined by Rich Keefe from 98.5 The Sports Hub and as well as CelticsHub special contributor John Rodier for a three-man podcast to dissect the moves, as well as Danny Ainge’s decision to hold onto Paul Pierce and company today. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the play button below or by downloading the mp3 by clicking on the arrow.

  • KillerGymRat

    Heard that Kenyon Martin just signed a 10-day contract with NYK. I guess he really doesn't like the C's. I believe he refused an offer in the pre-season and he would definitely get a lot more run in Green then he will in NY.

    Fingers crossed a solid big gets waived and find a gem. Slim pickings in these parts.

  • Bill

    We coulda picked up the birdman. I'm watching him play quite well for the heat right now and cursing them the entire time.

  • Jonathan

    Danny Ainge should go after Lou Amundon!

    • Phil725

      The Cs are eying DJ White for Collins' spot according to Marc Stein. I'm gonna be honest, I don't know anything about him, but the first result on the ESPN search for him is a game last year where he scored 17 for the Bobcats to beat the Cs to pretty much put them at their low point for the year (right before AB saviored all over the place.) So there's that…

  • Youkilledkenny9

    Great conversation!

  • Portceltic

    I think if anything, this trade deadline showed that Danny does indeed value legacy in the same context as Red did.

    Garnett gave him a hometown discount; he returned the favor with a no trade clause. Then he offered Ray a similar deal, but it wasn't enough. Then he made a decision to load up on side to side, perimeter defense in order to compete with Miami. So he sacrificed size in order to play small ball. This might have worked out better if Darko had stuck around, or if Sully didn't get hurt, or if Melo was capable of stepping out of the incubator.

    He is not, and the trade for Crawford shows there is no value in Melo. Certainly Danny would have preferred to trade Melo over Jason Collins and a deadweight expiring contract. Washington preferred that deadweight contract and deadweight Jason Collins to Melo, as well.

    As for Crawford, he's shown no ability to run an offense. Unless he's lighting up the floor he won't be able to stay on it long because he can't defend as a SG.

    Strictly a business move not a basketball move. It might get the C's under the luxury tax, or open more space under the hard cap.

    At this point Danny is telling Doc get in the playoffs. Telling Wyc, make some money, lets get into the second round and start fresh next year because without Rondo its far fetched to think we can make a serious run this year.

    • The Cardinal

      We don't need Crawford to run the offense, we just need him to bring his threat of scoring to open up the offense like Barbosa did. Ball movement and scoring trumps the idea of running an offense for this team.