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Ainge Frustrated With Rondo Trade Talks Going Public

It’s a new day and age in trade deadline media right now and Danny Ainge appears not to be thrilled about that. After undoubtably weighing his options in the past couple weeks whether to send away long-time veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett away from the C’s, Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald, as plugged in of a guy as anyone, has Ainge becoming upset when reports of his gauging the market for Rondo became public:

Ainge was anything but calm when presented late Tuesday night in Denver with reports to the Herald from multiple league sources that Rajon Rondo is being “shopped aggressively.” It had already been known the Celts approached the Lakers about Dwight Howard, mentioning Rondo in the process.

Now, before anyone gets the idea the Celtics are simply trying to rid themselves of their All-Star point guard, it needs to be pointed out that each and every source added the club was asking far too high a price for Rondo. That means the C’s were looking for an uneven deal. that if someone is willing to make Ainge an offer he can’t refuse, he won’t. (And that is true now even with him making assurances to some involved parties that Rondo will not be traded.)

But the Celtics leader was upset that the allegedly private conversations had been revealed.

“Hogwash,” was his initial response. “You know what? I don’t comment on any trade rumors at all. It doesn’t do me any good to make any comments at all.”For now, Ainge appears to be in a waiting period, waiting for other teams like the Clippers to get back to him or change their mind about a KG offer.

Even if the Clippers change their stance, they would still have to get Garnett to waive his no-trade clause. But those close to the matter out here think the club’s proximity to his Malibu home and the presence of good friend Chauncey Billups would make that more likely.

The bottom line is that, for all the talk with different clubs, the Celtics, having made their cases, were awaiting a break in the gridlock with the deadline just hours away.

Nearly five hours away now. Stay tuned.

  • CelticsBIG3

    The home stretch. Please don't trade PP or KG.

  • The Cardinal

    If the team is still seeking back court help, there are rumors the Wizards are looking to move Jordan Crawford. I'm partial to guys who can come off the bench and flat-out light up and inspire others to be aggressive without being so darn deferential to PP and KG, so I would love to see him on this team (or someone with that same scorer's mentality).

    • Phil725

      Totally agreed on Jordan Crawford. He's a very limited player with major flaws to his game… but you could also have him for close to nothing, and he brings an explosive scoring dimension that the team lost when Barbosa went down. He would be the perfect guy to add guard scoring and depth this year with no long term cost. On the subject…

      Chris_Broussard Chris Broussard
      With Fab Melo as the bait, Celtics looking to add perimeter scoring. Wizards' Jordan Crawford available @ on their radar
      16 minutes ago

      Yes, I'm risking earning CelticsBIG3's ire by citing Broussard, but I like this rumor 😛

  • the Double P

    I have a feeling these "shopping rondo aggressively" remarks were coming from the world wide leader reporter broussard.

    That guys reports everything, and anything, most often it seems whether factual or not. So much so I rarely put any stock into what he says.

  • KillerGymRat

    Ainge is a used car salesmen. If I were a Celtic, unless I had a no-trade clause like Garnett…I would rent and definitely not buy my house and keep my suitcase handy. Nobody is safe with him.